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Best Premium Tumblr Themes and Templates

Its user-friendly interface and visually appealing themes make Tumblr one of the more popular blogging platforms for design-oriented people. But just because you’re design oriented, it doesn’t mean that you need programming expertise and have to spend hours creating your own Tumblr theme. There are many premium Tumblr themes out there for a variety of uses. These themes make it easy for you to find and customize a theme based on your unique needs. So if you need to use your Tumblog for your portfolio, online magazine, or even just for your personal blog, you may want to look at the following popular Tumblr themes:

Playground Tumblr Theme
#10 The Playground

The Playground is a fully customizable Tumblr theme that renders text beautifully. Because it renders elegant typography, The Playground is also useful for writers and other bloggers who prefer long written content. But this doesn’t mean that The Playground isn’t useful for other types of Tumblr users. It also aesthetically renders images and videos, in case you need to post a variety of content formats regularly. Though it is visually appealing in itself, The Playground is fully customizable, which is great for tech-savvy Tumblr users who want to tweak the CSS of the theme.

– Upload logo and background images

– Easily change fonts

– Google Analytics enabled

– Fully-customizable CSS

– Twitter and Disqus integration

Domericano - Minimal Tumblr Blog and Portfolio Theme
#9 Domericano

Domericano is a beautiful, image-friendly Tumblr theme that’s ideal for bloggers who mostly post images and videos in Tumblr. These include photobloggers, fashion bloggers, and those who post images about architecture, design, art, and other visual topics. It allows for endless scroll in case readers are completely mesmerized by your content and they want an easy way to dig deeper into your old posts. But you can also use the pagination feature as an alternative, if you don’t want readers to automatically scroll down on your content. Want to engage them in discussion? Don’t worry – this theme is Disqus enabled if you want greater interaction with your readers. All in all Domericano is a solid theme for visually-inclined bloggers.

– Easy to use colorpicker to change colors

– Customize your logo and background easily

– Use pagination or endless scroll for archive viewing

– Disqus enabled

– Google Analytics integration

Time Goes Back - Tumblr Portfolio Theme
#8 Time Goes Back

Time Goes Back is a simple, minimalist theme that mixes sophistication with functionality. It highlights the images in your post, making it a great Tumblr portfolio theme rather than a blog. You also have the option to add different slogans to your homepage, which is a great way to introduce yourself and the kind of work you do. Given that the design is minimalistic, professional designers and developers can easily tweak the theme based on what they want their portfolio to look like. The fully sliced and layered theme PSD also comes with the package, so you can make all the graphics changes you want. It provides an easy way to get your Tumblr portfolio up and running, even if you haven’t had the time to manually customize it yet. All these features make Time Goes Back a great theme for designers, illustrators, photographers, and website publishers to showcase their latest and greatest work. Finally, if you need any help with your customization, the theme includes full documentation and support.

– Simple and clean design

– 3 customizable pages

– Grid-based design

– Wufoo integration

– Includes fully sliced PSD

Tumbl News - Tumblr Theme Template
#7 Tumbl News

Want to publish a news site within Tumblr? Then Tumbl news might just be your theme. Its clean lines and monochromatic colors make it appear professional and sleek. Don’t like the monochromatic look? The built-in colorpicker lets you change your theme colors. You can also customize the main images, such as your header logo and your background. The layout works well regardless of the types of posts you use. Tumbl News also works well when embedding TED videos – something that’s hard for non-techie users to pull off in Tumblr. This feature is handy if TED publishes a lot of videos relevant to your topic. So if you want to create your own news site, and you want to do it using Tumblr’s simple-to-use backend, then give Tumbl News a try.

– Easily change your theme colors

– Add logo and customize your background

– Modify your sidebar to add items like Tumblr “Likes”, Flickr, and ads

– Disqus commenting capability

– Support for TED videos

Sakura T. - Tumblr Theme
#6 Sakura t.

Though Sakura t. is based on an existing WordPress theme, it has the user-friendliness and design sensibilities of a Tumblog. It has two different color schemes (day and night), each of them customizable for unlimited colors. The theme also comes with a variety of backgrounds that you can use to make your Sakura t. theme your own. The theme also has a full-featured sidebar, letting you display a search bar, your blog description, the list of other Tumblogs you follow, as well as some social media widgets. Because it is feature-rich, the Sakura theme is for Tumblr users who need the functionality and additional features found in WordPress blogs. The design itself works for both personal and professional use.

– 2 different color skins (dark and light)

– Ready-to-use backgrounds

– Twitter and Flickr widget

– Social sharing functionality

– Cufon fonts enabled for your headers and navigation menu

Focus - Minimalistic Tumblr Theme
#5 Focus

Just as its name implies, the Focus theme helps bring your updates into focus. Its minimalist, clean design draws attention to your posts and your posts alone – your readers won’t get distracted by other unnecessary elements. But just because it’s minimalist, it doesn’t mean that the Focus theme is rigid. In fact, you can make almost any color changes you want, as well as use any specific logo or background images that suit your blog’s purpose. It also integrates with Google Analytics, and its responsive layout gives a tailored user view depending on the device they are using. This means that whether your readers view your Tumblog on their mobile device, laptop, or large screen display, you don’t have to worry about how your blog will look. These features make the Focus theme extremely flexible. You can use it for a professional blog, a personal blog, or any other type of blog that focuses on quality content.

– Easily customize colors, your blog logo, and background image- Lightbox for images and adaptive photosets

– Support for Flickr, Twitter, Dribble, and Disqus

– Responsive layout

– Google Analytics integration

POPCASE - Premium Tumblr Theme
#4 Popcase

This 3-column responsive Tumblr theme makes it easy to display image-heavy posts, such as photos, illustrations, graphics, and other visual aids. Videos look great on this theme as well. Though your images can be accompanied by articles, it’s the beautiful thumbnails and neat slider that makes Popcase a wonder to look at. Looking for a Tumblr theme that showcases your latest visual work? Then look no further than Popcase.

– Responsive design

– Disqus comments

– Social sharing icons included

– Supports interactive Tumblr functionality such as “Ask” and “Submit”

– Complete, layered PSD files included

Timeline Tumblr Theme
#3 Timeline

Timeline is a responsive Tumblr theme that gives you a clean, chronological layout for your latest updates. It looks modern and easy on the eyes – Facebook could take a cue from the neat design of this theme when implementing their timeline feature. The added social sharing functionality makes it easy for readers to bookmark and share your posts. These features make Timeline ideal for personal blogging, especially for those who use their Tumblog to chronicle their life.

– Responsive design

– Attractive carousel widgets

– Twitter feed and Facebook Like Box widgets

– Built-in social sharing buttons- Google Analytics integration

Squared Magazine - Tumblr News and Magazine Theme
#2 Squared Magazine

Make your Tumblog look like a professional publication with the Squared Magazine theme. Apart from the magazine-like layout, it has features commonly seen in most online magazines. The “Latest Articles” and “Related Posts” widget make your updates easy to navigate for readers who want to dig deeper. Given these features, Squared Magazine is a great theme if you want your Tumblog to be more like an online magazine with a variety of post formats, instead of just the typical short Tumblr updates.

– Social sharing buttons included

– Easy Java widget integration

– Disqus comments enabled

– Related Articles widget and Latest Article widget

– Built-in Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr widgets

Litefolio - Tumblr Portfolio Theme
#1 Litefolio

Looking for a Tumblr theme for your portfolio? Then look no further than Litefolio. Its clean, minimalist design includes a sleek Nivo jQuery image slider that draws attention to the images you post. But just because it’s a simple theme it doesn’t mean you can’t be expressive. There are over 30 customization options which can help you change the theme to suit your needs. Because it’s a portfolio theme, Litefolio is best for photographers, designers, illustrators, and other visual artists. It can also be useful for other professionals who need to display photographs of their work, such as interior designers, architects, or landscapers.

– 30+ theme customization options

– Twitter feed included

– Clean semantic HTML 5 markup

– Only text and photo post types are supported

– Includes a quick start guide

While there are a lot of free Tumblr themes, very few of them have the features and customization options available in the above premium Tumblr themes. So if you want to take your Tumblr blog to the next level, use any of the above themes and you’re good to go.

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