Point of View - Blogger Template

Best Premium Blogger Themes and Templates

Sandal Jepit - Premium Blogger Theme

1. Sandal Jepit

If you are using a blog to show off your portfolio, you will want one with a theme that does not distract from your work. Sandal Jepit is a Blogger template that that has a simple clutter-free style to accent your work rather than outshine it. The clean look of this template is geared towards artists and photographers who want to display their artwork, but it is flexible enough to be used for any type of blog. You will get a Fancybox for showing off your images and a widget area that can hold more than 14 widgets. Sandal Jepit is up-to-date and can support threaded comments and other recently-implemented Blogger features. Your visitors get multiple options for navigation and may share your content via any of a number of social media sites. The template has unlimited options when it comes to customization as well, so that you can use the color or image of your choice to serve as a background to your content.

Point of View - Blogger Template

2. Point of View

This template is designed by Biyanpasau, who also designed Sandal Jepit. Both templates have clean, minimalist styles and make excellent use of jQuery to make websites more functional and giving them a contemporary feel. Point of View gives content a professional, tidy look and allows visitors to focus on content rather than its framework, which is the point of a portfolio blog. Users also get a Fancybox with the Point of View premium Blogger template, which allows them to display artwork and text cleanly without distracting from it. There is a simple slider for image content included as well. The template is very user friendly and installation is simple, even for those with little technical knowledge.

3. Sinjai

Users of this template get a clean, classy interface which allows their pictures to shine on their own merits. There is a jQuery automatic zoom feature that visitors to the blog can use to get a better look at pictures without actually clicking on them. The template is restrained in its use of effects and so offers a quiet and elegant platform for photographs. The Sinjai Blogger template also comes with a gadget bar for convenience and to make it even more clean-looking; there is also support for static pages. The background colors are also endlessly customizable, offering you unlimited options. The Fancybox script is also included as a tool for efficiently displaying images.

4. Golden Grace

This theme was designed by Alvaris and provides users with a professional-looking environment that is as useful for publishing text as it is for displaying images. The minimalist lines of the Golden Grace Blogger template are guaranteed to effectively show your work without diverting attention from it. Users are provided with the ability to modify Golden Grace by adding their own unique header or logo. The template comes with a section that has social network icons to which you can add even more icons if you choose, and other sections to which affiliate banners may be added. If you have a Photostream on Flickr, the Golden Grace template allows you to display it via a gadget and it also lets you draw attention to a particular post by featuring it on the front page.

Elegumus Blogger Business Theme

5. Elegemus Business Theme Package

Note the word “business” in the title of this template. The sharp lines and overall neatness of this theme add a professional cleanness to the first impressions of Elegemus. It is subdued enough to let your content shine, but also original enough to be remembered. Users get a dark and a light version from which to choose and it comes with a helpful video for those who want instructions on how to get their site up and running. This theme comes with a number of unique features that you will not be able to find in other templates; among them are highlighted comments and the ability to prominently display any content that you think should be front and center. Comment highlighting allows you to easily follow a comment-thread and the ability to feature certain content can drive readers to what you think is most important. Navigating through a blog with the Elegemus template is easy as it comes with a tabbed area in the sidebar and visitors can also find their way around via the template’s own search form.

Buy Themes - Gallery Template for Blogger

6. Buy Themes

As the template’s name tells you, Buy Themes allows you to set up a thumbnail gallery for selling premium Blogger themes using Blogger as your platform. The gallery can be used to display themes that you have for sale, or any other product you may want to sell. This dark two-column template has clean lines and a minimalist look that lets your content stand out. It includes a helpful thumbs up/down rating system so that your visitors can determine the quality of the artwork (or whatever you are displaying) before buying. If you want another way to monetize your website, you can use the 125×125 boxes for Adsense ads or any other affiliate program that you wish to use. The logo on the Buy Themes Blogger template can be easily edited without any need to mess with HTML, and adding new menu content is as simple as uploading an image and adding a link.

7. Infograbbit

Looking for a job? A website might be the best tool for getting your resume noticed. Infograbbit is specifically designed to showcase resumes and to help people promote themselves. You get multiple options for displaying your qualifications and personality to a potential employer. Employers see tons of traditional resumes daily, but Infograbbit allows you to stand out from the pack by including your professional data in the form of Infographics. These graphics have been used in print media for years and are useful for communicating information in ways that make it easy for the reader to fully understand a lot of data at a glance. They make for easy reading and comprehension by using images and graphs in combination with text. The Infograbbit premium Blogger theme gives you a timeline that can show a hiring manager where you have been employed before, and it also generates a QR code of your blog’s title. Want to give employers a taste of what you can do? Infograbbit can show thumbnails of content in your portfolio and it has social bookmarking icons so that you can easily share your work, too.

Underland Template - Blogger

8. Underland

Simplicity is the key with Underland. This template allows you to publish your portfolio in a simple, tidy structure that is not likely to outshine your work. It comes with social networking functionality so that you can easily promote your content using Twitter, Flickr and other similar sites. You can display new comments left by your visitors in the sidebar as well, and there are links for them to subscribe to the site so that they can see your new content as soon as it is published. Another useful feature for visitors is that it has a function to show them your similar posts, thus keeping them on your website. The links in the sidebar are highlighted as you move your mouse over them, which aids navigation and gives the Underland Blogger template a professional, slick look. The earth-colored tones and straightforward layout will provide the perfect simple backdrop for both visual media and text.

Blogger Theme

9. Planet Play

This unique two-column blogger template is a fun, whimsical framework in which you can display your content and is for bloggers who want their site to be instantly memorable. It is suitable for use with either text or image content. The Planet Play Blogger template has a number of quirky graphical touches that can provide your site with a lighthearted feel, including a unique RSS icon in the shape of a flying saucer. There is also an attention-getting textbox with a lime green arrow so that visitors can put in their email address and receive notifications when you have new content on your site. The template also has its own unique set of icons for each type of post. The background, header and logo are all customizable if you want to put your own unique stamp on it. With Planet Play you get thorough documentation telling you how to modify the template’s elements to your liking. It is an XML template, which allows for fast and easy installation to Blogger.

10. Lotus

If you need three columns to display your content, then Lotus is for you. Unlike many other templates, Lotus was written specifically for Blogger and has many unique features that you will not find anywhere else. The Lotus Blogger template has a helpful navigation bar above its header, which is one of the ways visitors can find their way around your site. It also comes with a code for displaying your Flickr Photostream and there is a spot for you to monetize your site with affiliate ads. On its surface it is a simple, uncluttered template that you can modify to suit your tastes, but it also comes with multiple tools for promotion to better serve as a platform for your work. There is a text file included that has instructions on how to install and use it.