Best New Tumblr Templates and Premium Themes

10. Heterotelic

Heterotelic is simplistic, but one of the best Tumblr themes that can be used for both business and personal use. Business owners will love this straightforward design that includes two columns and a neutral color scheme. Other main features of this theme include an image slider banner, social networking icons and a like button that was inspired by Facebook. The social networking aspect of this theme allows visitors to share their favorite posts on their Facebook or Twitter and draw new fans to your business page. As the owner of the page, you can utilize the ingenious Google Analytics integration and read the statistics for your website at the end of each day. If you would rather use this theme for your personal blog, then there are a few features that you will love as well including, tag cloud and changeable color schemes. You might also like how easy it is to change all of the options included in this theme. Tumblr’s easy to use interface allows for this theme to be customized to fit your own personal style.

9. Focus – A Minimalistic Tumblr Theme

Focus is the perfect premium Tumblr theme for an organizer. It is extremely minimalistic and can adapt to any of your needs. This one column Tumbler theme is formatted to look great on any device and at any size. It presents your blog content in a simple way that is effective and organized. This theme is perfect for creative businesses to advertise their portfolios and update their fans on their lives and on their work. It features high resolution images in Lightbox galleries and customizable colors and texts on every post. This theme also features a Google Analytics integration for the owner. With this feature, you can easily check your website’s statistics on a daily, weekly or monthly time period. This is a great feature for business use and for advertising. The author of this Tumblr theme is also super supportive and is happy to answer any questions that might arise during installation.

8. Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

Photographers, artists and all creative souls unite and download this theme. If you are a looking for a phenomenal Tumblr theme to display your portfolio, then Pop Gallery is the theme for you. It has a very clean design that incorporates multiple galleries and distinctive thumbnails to really wow your fans. You can easily get your creative juices flowing as you download and customize this theme. The many features of this theme include circular thumbnails, personalized logos, index page and a customizable color scheme. It also incorporates PayPal so that you can easily sell your work and not have to send your visitors to a totally separate webpage in order to pay. Facebook and Deviant Art are also supported. This theme is truly for artists, and was created with creative souls in mind. You can easily customize this theme to fit your own artistic style, and grab fans from all over the Internet with your quirky and sleek design.

7. Timeline Tumblr Theme

Timeline is an elegant Tumblr theme that seems to have been inspired by the new Facebook Timeline format. It is a theme that incorporates your post dates into the theme of your blog. Visitors will view your blog posts as a timeline rather than as a list. It’s a great theme for personal blogs, especially for people who blog often. All types of Tumblr posts are supported with this theme, and it also includes a wide image slider, a like button and a tag cloud. The more often you post, the better this theme will become. It is a really cool theme for your fans because it allows them to view important dates and see what you posted on said dates. It also gives your viewers the ability to like your posts, reblog them and even share them on their own social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

6. Smug Tumblr Theme

Smug is a one column Tumblr theme that is perfect for anyone who is truly a minimalist at heart. This theme comes with custom color controls and color defaults. You can also change your background image with a few simple clicks of your mouse. The preview of the theme has incorporated a simple color scheme without a background image in order to really showcase the simplicity of the theme. However, with a bit of creativity, this theme can easily be turned into a colorful and artistic masterpiece. A few of the other features that are included are Google fonts and support pages. The author of this theme is able to answer any questions that might arise, and is always just an email away.

5. SimpliciTheme – Blog Template for Tumblr

If quick and simple are two things that you have been searching for in a theme, then this is the right theme for you. Guaranteed one minute installation is the first selling point for this premium Tumblr theme. The next, is the easy to customize interface and the multiple background options that you receive with this theme. It comes with five different background options that are all customizable and all perfect for a personal blog. If you really know your way around HTML coding, then you could probably use this theme for your business. Depending on what type of business you have, you could easily incorporate cool fonts and different column widths to add depth to this theme. Some of the cool features that would work beautifully on both personal and business blogs include PSD-file support, Disqus Commenting support and extremely organized HTML coding. Another great feature of this theme is that it comes with a great support system. The author of the theme includes email contact forms, twitters links and many more modes of communication that you can utilize if you have any questions about any part of this theme.

4. Neat Tumbr Theme

Since its opening, photographers have flocked to this theme as a way to display their portfolios and attract viewers to their work. It is a classy theme that incorporates neutral color schemes and cleans lines. This theme was truly designed for photo blogs. It is a fully responsive theme that adapts to any screen size and any device easily and flawlessly. The coolest feature of this theme is its unique scrolling experience that will wow your visitors. At first glance, your website will appear to be an ebook. As your visitors click their mouse, the page will scroll down and take them into the depths of your blog. As a photographer, you could easily use the first couple of posts on your blog as your biography page and as text posts to introduce your photos. Then, as your visitors click the bottom of the page, your ebook type blog will scroll down and your visitors will be met with your photos. They can continue to click at the bottom of the page and scroll through your entire portfolio in minutes. When they are ready to return to the top, all they have to do is click the top of the page, and the page will scroll back up. Other cool features of this blog include the choice between a horizontal or vertical layout, infinite scroll and a really easy set up.

3. Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme

The Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme is appropriately named. Its super responsive and works perfectly on every type of device and on any screen size. It is a great theme for any type of Tumbleblog, but works especially well with photography blogs. Whether you are a photographer who wants to promote your business, or you are simply a connoisseur of photography and want to showcase galleries that you curate yourself, this theme is a perfect match. Its appearance is sleek and clean, and with over 20 web fonts and multiple color schemes this theme can easily be customized to fit your needs. Some of its other features include social networking buttons, Flickr photostream bar and Google Analytics.

2. Tumblair

Not only does this theme have a really cool name, but it also has some awesome features that make it one of the best Tumblr themes. This theme is a minimalistic theme that focuses more on the blog’s content. It comes with a default color scheme that is very light and airy, so it is perfect for the everyday blogger whose blog focuses more on the happier things in life. This theme also includes support for all types of Tumblr posts, a header and an available image slider on the front page of your blog.

1. Mason – A Masonry Inspired Tumblr Theme

Mason is theme that is focused solely on displaying your content. No matter what type of blog you have, this theme can be customized to fit your style of blogging. It’s an easy to use and easy to navigate blog for both you and your visitors alike. This is a super customizable theme that is also extremely responsive and will adapt to any screen size and look perfect on all types of devices. Other options include post and image replacement, Google Analytics Support and support for all Tumblr post types.

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