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Best .NET plugins of 2012

Smart .NET Ajax Contact Form
1) Smart.NET Ajax Contact Form

Do you need a way of managing your contact forms? The Smart.NET Ajax contact form uses 1 file to validate the email process and then it sends the user form to the appropriate admin email address. This.NET plugin offers many features. For instance, it doesn’t require any page reloads for end users, and offers important anti-spam filtration. Users who do not complete the fields as necessary are sent an AJAX MessageBox stating the incomplete status. This tool offers administrators a “Thank You” or “Success” message when the form is filled out correctly. Additionally, it offers customization options for auto-reply email verifications for received mail.

Member Role Admin Tool
2) Member Role Admin Tool

Steer clear of repetitive commands like creating a members’ repository solution over and over again in any of your MVC3 web applications by using this.NET plugin. This tool manages all of the web application’s members and gives you custom options, allowing you to better manage the sign up and sign in process of end web users. Use this tool to administrate both main domains and sub-domains simultaneously and efficiently.This process is possible because of the tool’s integrated API, which you can use to retrieve information from the repository. This plugin offers secure sign in options by adding one attribute on a class with a role definition. a code that only allows your authenticated members to sign on. Once installed, the admin tool supports the sign on process for your web application allowing users to login just once to access all other sub-sign on applications. Settings are easy to implement as the tool only has two options:

– Allow All (excluding the following)

– Deny all (excluding the following)

When the plugin is placed on the website, members who try to access restricted sign on domains, receive a message, stating that this domain is unavailable to them.

ASP .NET MVC 3 App Template
3) ASP.NET MVC 3 App Template With Branding Features

The ASP.NET MVC 3 App Template offers an ASP.NET web building template with integrated branding options. It allows a developer to create a.NET compliance website in just a few minutes. The tool is based on the.NET Razor engine, and also contains tutorials, as well as helpers that allow new developert to learn and create styled containers for blocks, menus, buttons and content. Choose from among the 24 built-in layouts with valid CSS and XHTML. Even when choosing a particular template from the plugin, you retain control of your rendering and can easily override sections or areas of any page. For developers that are relatively new to ASP.NET coding, the tool offers full documentation, and video demonstrations that address website building needs or issues.

Simple User Account Management .NET
4) Simple User Account Management for .NET

Do you need user management organization? Implement a complete set of management tools with this ASP.NET plugin. Install this set of tools with a nugget package, and it’s ready to work with. By using this plugin you can avoid having to write or rewrite large amounts of basic code. The plugin features easy account management features like the ability to create, delete, and edit accounts, the ability to unlock or lock certain users and reset user passwords. It allows you to assign options and tasks to users. Best of all, it offers clear, concise code integration, keeping your load speeds fast and saving you coding time.

Easy QR Code Generator
5) Easy QR Code Generator

Add barcode options to your website applications with this.NET application. Include links, text, email addresses, phone number and more in the barcode information. Once added, this allows users to read barcode information from both mobile and PC devices. This offers your readers additional usability on your.NET website, and also offers cross-browser compatibility. Developers find the plugin easy to install, and when on a website, users enjoy the convenience of the easy to access information.

6) ImageHandler

Are you frustrated by the way your ASP.NET web applications handle images? Does working with photos and images require too many adaptations, resizing and more administrative work? Install the ImageHandler plugin and eliminate these issues. This easily installed tool allows you to manage images easily with the integrated WPF technology. The different tool options allow you to easily scale, crop, flip, rotate or change color tones with just a command or two. For those companies that worry about copyright images, this plugin offers important proprietary watermarks, round corners and even encryption to hide original images. Additionally, developers can maintain site speed by offering caching and auto resizing of all website images. The tool contains a core C#.NET coded application that allows you to easily manipulate images through WYSIWYG extensions. Additionally, the plugin comes with project ideas and demo sites.

Feed Back Form
7) Feedback Forms

Offer a feedback form with a few extra features by using this plugin. This.NET code offers an additional reCAPTCHA option, to keep the web system free from spam.

Dynamic Email Form with XML File
8) Dynamic Email Form from XML File

Users often find a need to create email contacts or forms from XML files. This plugin allows administrators to create these forms. It has an easy installation process, which only requires a few lines of code. Once installed, the forms can also be submitted to email with network credentials. Other options also allow the web developer to adapt CSS Class information to it.

Customer Support Request and Feedback Forms
9) Customer Support Request and Feedback Forms

As an e-commerce website administrator, you may need to offer customer support ticketing options and feedback forms for better customer service support, research and stat analysis. The Customer Support Request and Feedback Forms gives you the ASP.NET code to do this, without your needing to create the code yourself. The tools allow you to customize various support and feedback forms with easy drag and drop options. Find full support for all versions of ASP.NET. Additional features include data and email verification code and a ready to use Email Sender. You get clean, concise code that can be integrated on any page with this small

XML to Excel
10) XML to Excel

Export all of your XML or database information to Microsoft Excel for further handling, analysis and changes. This ASP.NET export plugin just uses one file, making it extremely easy to install. The tool is concise, clear and efficient, making for a more efficient web site. Important features include XML to Excel data export, MySQL to Excel export, and SQL Server to Excel export options.

Smart Social Share
11) Smart Social Share

A simple control that easily integrates with any ASP.NET web project. When installed, it automatically offers your page URL and title to any social networking website you choose. This means added SEO and visibility for your web pages, posts, images and more. Additionally, the tool shows your Twitter or Facebook status with buttons you can configure and customize. Additionally, it integrates with any version of the ASP.NET applications.

Smart Timer Newsletter
12) Smart Timer Newsletter

This is an ASP.NET plugin that sends out your newsletters or information in a delayed sequencing process. The purpose is to prevent the server from classifying the emailed news as spam. Installing the application is very simple; there is only one file to import, create and send. This plugin features AJAX integration, the ability to manage email options, TXT file import options, customized email addresses and subjects as well as content. Developers easily control the timer delay, and can integrate the newsletter plugin with HTML.

ASP .NET Newsletter Manager
13) Newsletter Manager

This tool helps developers manage their newsletter processes more efficiently. The various options allow you to create newsletters from templates, choose mail addresses to send news to, and offer important subscribe and unsubscribe control options.

Google Picasa Gallery Plugin
14) Google Picasa Gallery & API

Control Google Picasa albums with this plugin. Experienced.Net developers can use the code directly in a project or tweak the plugin to offer custom gallery options. Use the API to quickly integrate Picasa images on the website and make any changes just as quickly. The plugin only has three lines of clear code, but can be added to any ASP.NET web project. Once installed, you can use jQuery or FancyBox to display the Picasa albums on any of your web projects. Support is offered for all major browsers, and for both private and public albums. Developers who wish to customize their galleries further can use the included documentation to learn of the different custom code options.

License Generator
15) License Generator – 1 PC = 1 License

This is a.NET library that allows administrators to set a license system on the application. The plugin generates a license for one PC. In other words, if a user wants to use the license on another PC, the existing serial number doesn’t work. Developers can install the plugin easily and additional features allow you to make demo limitations by adding a simple reference for the dll, and by using the key:


Developers can expect this plugin to work with Net framework 3.0 or above. It is also integrated with VB.NET and C#