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Best Email Templates on ThemeForest for 2012

Any business with an online presence will greatly benefit from an marketing campaign, which requires a great email templates. First, it’s a great way to keep your regular customers updated. Second, your email marketing subscription list also serves as a list of leads you can use to market your products or services. Since you want your email marketing campaigns to bring in new customers, it’s important to make your campaigns well-designed, attractive, and user-friendly. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time to set up an effective email template. You can use the following professionally-designed email templates:

Stominata - Versatile Email Template

#1 – Stominata

Stominata is a clean, modern email template set containing over 120 email templates to choose from. The templates come in 12 different themes, and the included PSD files can help you customize the templates even further. Stominata’s formal, lean appearance makes it a suitable option for businesses, or professionals such as lawyers, accountants, or consultants. This is especially true, if they have have blogs or regularly-updated content on their website.

– Supports majority of email clients

– Includes 12 themes to choose from

– Over 120 email templates for a variety of campaign purposes- PSD files included with the download

– Clean, modern design

Magic Mail - HTML Email Template
#2 – Magic Mail

Looking for a minimalist, grid-based email template with lots of whitespace? Then look no further than Magic Mail. There are 7 layouts, each with 7 different color variations – giving you 49 email themes in total. It’s a great choice if you just need a basic template without too many features. And, if you do decide to modify it later, the detailed comments in the HTML files and the layered PSD files make it easy for you to customize it to your heart’s content. This makes Magic Mail useful for a wide range of users, such as small businesses that just want to set it up and go, or creative professionals who want to experiment with more advanced customization.

– Includes 49 different email templates

– Unique banners, footers, and sidebars to choose from

– Built-in advertising block, if needed

– Valid HTML with detailed comments for easy customization

– Layered Photoshop Elements (PSD) file included

Message Newsletter Template
#3 – Message Newsletter

Message Newsletter is a minimalist email template for MailChimp and most email campaign management services. It lets users place large text as a main message or greeting above the fold of the email. This makes it a useful theme if you want to instantly grab your readers’ attention for each email update you release. It also allows you to post text blocks of “teaser” content linking back to your blog or website. The template also contains built-in social sharing icons. Apart from displaying typical content, Message Newsletter also makes it easy for you to display pricing tables of your products or services. This makes it especially useful for companies providing product packages or subscription plans.

– 60 HTML templates included, with 10 possible color variations- 6 different layouts

– Easily build your own layout with its modular functionality

– Works well with most email clients

– Complete PSD file included

Metro - Email Newsletter Template Builder
#4 – Metro

Want to customize your email templates without fiddling with tedious HTML code? If you do, then give Metro a try. It includes 9 pre-built sample layouts, but it has a modular template builder that helps you change the layout of your newsletter without worrying about how to code it. This allows for over a hundred possible combinations among your design elements – it’s almost as if you can create dozens of templates out of just this one. Among these possible templates, you can create layouts ideal for an image gallery or portfolio. This means that if you’re planning to showcase any visual or graphics work, then Metro is the right template for you.

– Built-in modular template builder for easy layout customization

– Complete, fully-layered PSD files included (for Photoshop)

– Complete, fully-layered PNG files included (for Fireworks)

– Compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

– 9 pre-built sample layouts, and 12 color combinations

Eternal - HTML Email Template
#5 – Eternal Emailer

One of the features that stands out in Eternal Emailer is the variety of text styles you can use within a template. This makes sense, since email is a predominantly text-based medium. Among the styles supported are news items, headers, subheaders, quotations, product prices, and slogans. Apart from having varied text styles, Eternal Emailer also allows varied layout configurations with its modular layout. Judging from the balanced grids in the layout and the elegant graphics and typography, Eternal Emailer is most useful for businesses that want to make a professional first impression.

– Contains 121 HTML templates with 11 color schemes

– Fully-featured modular layout for easy customization

– 25 modules included

– 12 existing prebuilt layouts

– Tried and tested in major email clients, both online and desktop

Etravel Emailer
#6 – Etravel Email

Etravel is a lean, minimalist email template that offers 3 different layout structures, 5 color combinations, and 2 backgrounds to choose from. The emphasis on large photos makes this template ideal for travel-related businesses, such as travel agencies, resorts, or destinations.

– Includes 30 templates in commented, valid HTML

– Customizations included: 5 color variations, 2 background variations per color, 3 different layouts per version

– Tested in both web and desktop email clients

– Both layered PSD and PNG files are included

– Each template has embedded CSS

Coolz Newsletter Template
#7 – Coolz Newsletter Template

Businesses looking for stylish, corporate email templates will find Coolz suitable for their needs. It includes 20 ready-made templates, so it’s easy to set up. If you do a lot of email marketing, Coolz is a beautiful way to showcase your products, business information, and business or product features. Some built-in specialized elements you can use are social sharing icons suited to the design, your business’ contact information and address, product shots, product pricing and description, and a clean feature list.

– 20 ready-made email templates

– 5 different color variations

– Compatible with major desktop and web email clients

– Contains vectorized PSD files for high resolution graphics that you can easily customize

– Built-in social sharing icons that go well with the design

Email Template
#8 – Email Template

Email Template sounds like an overly simplistic name for an email template, but don’t be fooled – this template offers a lot of possibilities. Its minimalist design allows you to list your latest products, including photos, product descriptions, pricing, and calls-to-action to buy or learn more. This makes the Email Template best suited for ecommerce or online store emails.

– Minimalist design for ecommerce

– 4 layouts and 3 color scheme variations give this a total of 12 different templates

– Layered PSD files included

– Valid HTML with full comments for easy editing- inline CSS styles

Focus Email Template
#9 – Focus Email Template

Focus is a clean, minimalist email template that helps you highlight the latest content on your blog. It allows you to post a large image header – which is great for branding or if you want to highlight one of your blog’s images. You can also add a text headline, followed by a description to let your subscribers know what your blog is about. Focus is ideal for bloggers, especially those who publish a lot of text-based content accompanied by pictures.

– Two color schemes to choose from: light and dark

– Campaign Monitor templates included

– Download includes PSD files

– Works with most email clients on the web and desktop

– Comprehensive HTML comments and full documentation make it easy to learn how to customize

Surprise MailChimp Email Template
#10 – Surprise E-mail Template

Surprise is, in fact, pleasantly surprising. When your subscribers open any emails from you which use this email theme, they are greeted by a highlighted call-to-action at the topmost area – useful for announcing your latest important news, discount codes, or blog posts. The slider also has a built in “Download Now” slider, in case you are selling downloads such as apps, ebooks, or whitepaper reports. These features make Surprise an ideal theme for tech-related businesses.

– 30 different templates with 6 color schemes and 4 structured layouts

– Includes a highlighted call-to-action

– Built-in CSS3 Slider

– Viewable in mobile devices

– Compatible with MailChimp

SiteMail - Email Theme
#11 – SiteMail

SiteMail is designed to look like a professionally designed website. With a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge, you can modify the theme and copy and paste various content blocks to mirror the layout of your business’ website. It includes essential business website elements that you can use on your emails, such as feature lists, price tables, and product announcements. Apart from the layout, you can change the template’s color variations. These features make SiteMail useful for businesses who want to email subscribers summarized version of their website’s contents.

– Useful modules for businesses, such as sign-up buttons, feature lists, price tables, and new product announcements

– Tried and tested on major email clients

– Valid, well-commented HTML

– 4 different color schemes

– 1 layout structure you can easily modify

AppMail - Email Template for Apps and Mobile Websites
#12 – AppMail

AppMail combines elegant code with beautifully balanced design. This email template is specifically made for developers who make apps for different platforms, such as Windows, Android, and Apple products. This is why the template contains branding icons, color, and other elements associated with the platforms mentioned above. It may also be useful for web design businesses and professionals who want to highlight their responsive web design work. AppMail is also compatible with MailChimp.

– Includes over 300 files

– Templates work really well on major email clients

– Different branding options for various app platforms, such as Android, Windows, iOS, iPad, etc.

– MailChimp compatible files included

– HTML code is valid and successfully tested on Litmus

Shopping Mail
#13 – Shopping Mail

If you want to give your customers an easy, hassle-free way to buy your products from their email inbox, then look no further than Shopping Mail. This e-commerce email template helps you easily email your online store to your subscribers. There are 80 different templates that come with the download, as well as layered PSD files. It’s easily customizable, too, with full documentation to help you work out the details.

– 80 different email templates, with 8 layout structures and 10 color themes

– Professional e-commerce template

– Works with most email clients

– Photoshop PSD files included in the download

– Fully documented

Xenon - Clean and Minimal Newsletter
#14 – Xenon

Xenon is a high-quality email template designed by PremiumStuff. It’s minimalistic, and has ample whitespace that draws more attention to your content. There are 30 templates in all, but if you need more, the template is modular so you can easily copy and paste template elements with a bit of HTML knowledge. The overall design of the template and the features that go with it make Xenon a great email template for businesses. If you have any questions or concerns about the template, the developers at PremiumStuff are more than happy to provide email support when needed.

– 5 design layouts and 6 color themes, adding up to 30 templates in all

– Flexible design so you can add as many columns as you want

– Fully-commented, valid HTML code

– Different modules for ad blocks

– Tested to work on majority of email clients

Maily Newsletter
#15 – Maily Newsletter

The best thing about the Maily Newsletter template is that it’s modular – you can copy, paste, delete, and duplicate various content blocks to make the layout your own. Though there are 20 included templates, it’s this modular feature that makes the layout possibilities almost infinite. Some of the available modules you can use are e-commerce stores, feature lists, latest product showcases, pricing tables, and calls-to-action. All these elements make Maily an essential theme for any online business that sells either digital or physical products.

– 20 templates consisting of 5 color variations and 4 layouts

– Modular customization available, just copy and paste content blocks

– Comprehensive comments on the valid HTML files

– Full documentation

– Download contains layered PSD files

Ventura Email template
#16 – Ventura

Ventura is a professional, high-quality email template that is also functional on mobile displays. It may appear minimalist at first glance, but you’ll soon notice the quirky graphic details that add some depth and warmth to all that whitespace. It has a beautiful CSS3 slider that you can use to highlight your latest content, and there are 12 readymade templates included all in all. This makes ventura ideal for small businesses that want to show both professionalism and personality. The template also contains both Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons, allowing your subscribers to share your content on their favorite platforms without worrying about cluttering your design.

– Built-in elegant CSS3 slider to highlight products, photos, or latest content

– Contains 12 templates, 4 layout structures in 2 color combinations

– Detailed comments on HTML file

– Easily flexible and customizable layout

– Compatible with MailChimp

ShopLettr - Online Shop Newsletter
#17 – Shoplettr

Shoplettr is a high-quality, professionally designed theme that is ideal for e-commerce sites and other online shops. Its modular structure lets users easily copy and paste different content elements so that they don’t have to design a new template from scratch. Even if you know very little HTML, it’s still easy to modify the layout because of the clearly commented HTML code. But, if taking advantage of the modular structure of the theme isn’t your thing – you still have 42 ready-to-use templates. Shoplettr works with most browsers and desktop email clients.

– 42 HTML templates, with 6 color combinations and 7 layouts

– Modular structure for easy copy and paste of content blocks

– Works in all major browsers

– Fully layered PSD file is part of the download

– Clearly commented code

Fansial Email Newsletter Theme
#18 – Fansial

Fansial is a simple yet elegant HTML email template. It works great for creative agencies and professionals, since it has a portfolio section and a features list. At the bottom of the template is a clear call-to-action button, which reads “Get Your Free Quote” – but this button text can be changed to almost any other text, if you edit the button in Photoshop. But if you don’t have the time or patience to create any modifications, the existing templates can work well for you. If you provide professional creative services, Fansial may be right for you.

– 20 valid HTML templates, with 4 layouts and 5 color variations

– Layered PSD file included

– Supports majority of email clients

– “Get Your Free Quote” button at bottom of template

– Social sharing and bookmarking icons on the sidebar

Felis Newsletter Template
#19 – Felis

Felis is a clean HTML email template that is ideal for businesses, especially those with products or services that are relevant to aesthetics, such as an elegant furniture store, wedding photographer, interior designers, or clothing stores. This is because Felis is so good at highlighting the existing images in the templates. Even if none of the 49 templates suit you, it’s easy to take advantage of Felis’ modular structure – just copy and paste the content elements needed in the layout you want, and you’re good to go.

– Clean design with lots of whitespace

– 49 HTML templates based on 7 layouts and 7 colors

– Easily customizable modular layout

– Completely layered PSD files for easy graphics editing

– Supports most email clients online and on the desktop

Mechanism Email Newsletter
#20 – Mechanism

Mechanism is a beautiful template set containing 56 individual templates with a variety of layout structures, color combinations, and background textures. The design sensibilities of this template set make it ideal for small businesses that want to keep in touch with their customers. Another important feature of the theme is the animated CSS3 slider, which allows you to create a slideshow of 3 different images set on a timer. The templates are all HTML validated, and coded social sharing buttons are included.

– 56 HTML templates

– Animated CSS3 slider

– Built-in social sharing icons

– Includes comprehensive tutorial

– Works with MailChimp

Innovate - Email Newsletter Template
#21 – Innovate

Innovate is a minimalist email template that works well across both web and desktop email apps. It features a CSS3 slider and, if for some reason your subscriber’s computer doesn’t have the specs to view the slider, it displays a crisp static image instead. The 6 color variations and 4 layout structures give you 24 HTML templates total. Best of all, if you’re using MailChimp for your email campaigns, you can edit Innovate templates within MailChimp iteself.

– Apple-mail compatible CSS3 image slider

– 24 HTML email templates, with 6 colors and 4 unique layouts

– Compatible with most mobile devices

– Most email clients on the web and desktop are fully supported

– Flexible modular layout for easy customization

DressMade Email Theme
#22 – Dressmade

Dressmade is an elegant email template set, containing 80 individual, readymade templates which you can edit with a bit of HTML and CSS experience. The icons included are suitable for any online magazine with a predominantly female audience. As the name suggests, Dressmade is great if your blog or website is relevant to fashion or clothing. But, it can also be useful for other industries such as photography, visual art, and graphic design.

– 80 HTML email templates, containing 8 layouts and 10 possible color choices

– Validated code

– Compatible with several web-based and desktop-based email clients

– Photoshop PSD files included

– Full documentation

Catch Email Template
#23 – Catch

Catch is a completely validated HTML email template with many design possibilities. There are 8 color variations, 2 possible backgrounds (light and dark), and 7 layouts for users to choose from. This means the individual ready-to-use templates are 112 in total – but you can certainly make more if you have at least some beginner skills in HTML and CSS. Apart from editing the code itself, you can also edit the PSD files and tweak the graphics to your liking. The feature-rich layouts also come with social sharing functionality, allowing you to track the stats of how your email marketing efforts are performing in social media.

– 112 total email templates based on 8 color variations, 2 backgrounds, and 7 layout structures

– Comes with layered Photoshop PSD files

– Validated HTML code with complete comments

– Uses AddThis for fully functional social sharing buttons that allow you to track sharing statistics as well

– Modular customizable layout

Serene Email Theme
#24 – Serene

Janio Araujo, the designer of Serene, is proud about putting a lot of attention to detail when creating this set of email templates. The 3 background styles, 8 colors, and 5 possible layouts produce over a hundred individual templates that you can work with. But you don’t have to settle for these ready made templates – the modular functionality of Serene allows you to create a fully unique, customized layout. It’s also easy to integrate the templates with MailChimp and, should you find any difficulty, a bundled tutorial can assist you. The designer suggests using Serene for creative agencies, creative professionals, magazines, and work presentations.

– Includes the following design customizations: 3 background styles, 8 colors, and 5 layout options

– Valid HTML code for all templates, with inline CSS

– Layered PSD and PNG files are available for editing

– Modular layout elements

– Easy MailChimp integration

The above email templates provide ample choice for your email marketing needs, whether you are a personal blogger, small business, large corporation, or online store. By browsing through these options, it’s likely that you’ll find one that contains all the features and modules you want, while being easily customizable at the same time.

Which of these email templates are you interested in using? In your opinion, what makes them stand out?

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