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How to know if your Child is being bullied online?

Cyber bullying is a major issue faced by teenagers these days. There is a lot of awareness among people regarding online connectivity and cyber bullying is the biggest factor in creating unsafe environment for children. Spying on your children is not bad because it enables you to know about them. It is feasible to get all the information about them and get evidences on their activities.


Some factors to consider for comprehending if your child is being bullied online:

  • If the child is spending less time with friends and becoming away from social life
  • Scratches, cuts or bruises on the body without any explanation
  • Afraid to go to school or getting away from studies
  • Damaged clothes or books
  • Shabby appearance after returning from school
  • Complaining about physical ailments like headache, stomach ache etc
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low self esteem and anxious behavior
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Troubled sleep or nightmares
  • Child is appearing sad, teary, depressed, aggressive or moody

These are the common factors to keep in mind for parents and they need to become aware of these things to make their children safe and protected.

mSpy is the most used mobile spy software for Iphone and Android tracking which parents can use for their children to detect every activity with full details. Time, date and other details are well revealed in these call, message and web logs. You can get all you need to know about your children and save them from the troubles they face in their lives.


mSpy is user friendly and you can install within a few minutes on your child’s mobile. The software doesn’t show up its presence and hence, it is feasible to install it without telling your children. It can be highly useful in developing a strong bond between parents and children. Checking your child’s mobile often doesn’t really help. It won’t help you in knowing the real activities of your child. Instead, they can cheat you with a wrong impression of their personality.

Spying on your children doesn’t mean that you are not having confidence on them. It actually depicts that you really care about them and don’t want them to go on the wrong track in their life. mSpy is the best software for this purpose and it is available at appropriate cost. You can get all you need to know about your children within a single click.

Get mSpy and save your kids from cyber bullying.

Why Businesses Are Opting for Responsive Web Designs for their Website

If you are running a business, you must be hearing a lot about responsive web designs lately. But what is a responsive web design and why is it so important for businesses online?


With technological advancements, and through the introduction of smartphones and tablets, more and more audiences prefer browsing from their handy devices. These devices make checking emails and performing searches convenient and easier, compared to laptops and PCs. According to a survey in the UK by Ofcom, tablet was the most popular device used by people to surf on the internet and around 30% of the people voted for tablet as their ideal device for online shopping.


What does Responsive web design do?

Responsive web design helps in making your website easily accessible through cellphones and multiple screens. With such a designing strategy in place, websites easily adjust to the size of the screen of the user and make it more user-friendly. According to the report released by Smart Insights, around 50% of the people make use of tablets and smartphones for the purpose of searching; whereas in the UK, 57% of the people daily use the internet from their cellphones.

From April 2015 onwards, Google has also started ranking websites on the basis of their mobile-friendliness. This addition has drastically impacted online businesses and their ranking on search results. Here is how your business can benefit from a responsive web design:


Greater Audiences

The surveys mentioned above show that a lot people use a lot of different devices to access the internet. However, as the number of tablets and cellphone users are increasing worldwide, the importance of responsive web design is also increasing. It will facilitate in reaching out to wider audiences which will eventually work in favor of your business and elevate sales.

Increase in Conversion Rates

Conversion rates get a boost when the visitors of your website become buyers. When the user gets an outclass experience and consistency while surfing on your website, it will have a useful impact on the conversion rates. As they get familiar with the working of the website, they will visit more often and eventually buy something too. Difficulties in functioning, consistency, and performance are often eradicated with the use of a responsive design.

Search Engine Visibility

Websites that have responsive designs can easily and efficiently be managed with one set of hypertext link. This means that you don’t need to manage separate SEO strategies for all the devices such as; desktops, laptops, tablets, or cellphones. This will also save your time and money as all of them require a single SEO strategy. A responsive design will enhance your ranking on search engines with fewer resources by applying the strategies on just a single site.

With all these added benefits, responsive designing saves cost for maintenance and development. It is the demand of the time, as the future predicts an increase in the use of mobile devices and tablets. Companies such as WSI are hired by businesses to make responsive web designs for their websites, as it helps businesses prosper by reaching out to potential customers in a better manner.