15 Android Apps for App Creators 2013

Creating Android apps can be very lucrative. They can be sold in app stores, offered on websites, given away to existing customers, offered as free gifts or options for loyal readers and more. But many web developpers, bloggers, and designers stay away from app building, believing it to be too complicated and requiring too much code. However, there are apps that can help create other custom apps. These offer ease-of-use, convenience, and easy WYSIWYG customization options. Even so, there are more than 450,000 different apps in Google Play alone, so finding those that work for developers can be challenging. The following list of 15 developer apps can help web administrators and developers create customized apps for their own needs.

Recipes App

1 – Recipes App

This app centers around food recipes, allowing developers to create their own custom apps using them. It is the perfect choice for either a chef or food lover site owner or app developer. There is no complicated coding to use or learn when creating apps with this tool. A user only requires a basic knowledge of the way Android development apps work to easily customize it for their own use. As requested by previous app users, there are now two existing versions of the Recipes App, one with AdMob and one without. The Admob version comes integrated with the famous Google Mobile ad Network, which advertises the app you create within other creator apps.

This app tool offers ease-of-use by simply allowing for the adding of custom recipes through the sqlite database using the SQLite Manager add-on for Mozilla. Additionally the app has search features so users can search for the recipes they need, and can be used on both a tablet and a Smartphone.

Android Webview

2 – Android Webview

An app that integrates a progress bar into the designers apps, but also adds Mp4 and 3gp video file usage in the apps created. Design features include attractive zoom-in and out touch buttons. This app directs users to rate an application, use a one touch button to call, or even open Facebook and Twitter applications. This is the tool that can build an Android Webview app in just 5 minutes.

Blog Gue

3- Blog Gue

Tweak blog RSS feed, blog Facebook pages, YouTube Channels and Twitter applications in applications created to market and improve the blog traffic. It offers ease-of-use, and only requires the insertion of appropriate URLs and custom images. The purpose in this app is to help blog visitors remain connected with the blogger content.

Full Android App Webview Template

4 – Full Android App Webview Template

Using a full android app Webview template means developers can create apps without needing to know how to use complex programming languages. Additionally this app allows users to host app files on a normal web hosting server, meaning content can change as frequently as needed.


5 – Socialize

Give apps the power of social viral marketing with Socialize. By integrating this app into other apps, a designer puts the custom app user to work. They can tweet, like, comment and share your apps content, bringing others to your app. Socialize allows users to get to their social networks faster and allows them access to all features. Both the developer and client user can interact with each other, upload pictures quickly and register your location with the click of a button. Upload links, offer likes, tweets, pics and comments just as if you were on your PC.

Create Your Android Map App

6 – Create Your Android Map App

Users needing to create Android maps for a business can find significant value in this app. Use Your Android Map to create your own location map. This is a template app that lets a user add custom features and needed data. Users have two versions available in this app; one with the integrated Admob and another without. Features of the app include; GPS support, multiple screen support, marker icons to mark location, dialog box features for map areas and more.

Kids Memory Game

7 – Kids Memory Game

Parents with kids under the age of 10 are often taking children in the car, the grocery store or in a department store, and need something educational to offer them while they wait. App makers can create custom kids memory games with this app to fulfill both the parent and child needs. Make memory game apps according to the criteria needed by the developer. AdMob is also integrated so any app made can start making money right away.

Soundboard & Ringtones

8 – Soundboard & Ringtones

Create movie ringtones, scary ringtones, personalized musical ringtone apps, all which can be added to blogs or websites and offered for sale or use. Additionally, any custom ringtone made is packed with AdMob, the mobile Google ad software supporting other apps, to allow developers to start making money immediately. Using the app only takes a few minutes. Once finished, add the apps to websites, and make money from them. App users will find easy customization options with no needed coding, a grid view and tab layout to help cut and sequence the sound media. Experience the uniform UI design and smooth scroll performance when using the Soundboard & Ringtones app, which makes the ringtone process more efficient.

Android Bottom tabs

9 – Android Bottom Tabs

Customize the standard Android Tabs according to the app needs. Make these more uniform by displaying the tabs in the custom app in the same manner on each of the Android platforms (the standard tabs tend to different across the various Android platforms). This app is easily installed and modified by selecting from the different options; meaning there is no need for coding abilities.

Ecommerce Shop

10 – E-commerce Shop

An app template for users with e-commerce websites that sell computer components. It offers simple instructions for building an API using PHP and MySQL. The app allows users to register, sign in and search and purchase products. When integrated with a site it loads 10 rows at a time and offers the user PayPal purchase options. Designers are offered security encryption of sha256. Developers are offered an easy SQL script that can be imported to the sits PhpMyAdmin for convenient mobile adaptation.

Dictionary App with Search

11 – Dictionary App with Search

Designers working with language based apps or websites, may be interested in the Dictionary App with search, which can be easily integrated into other mobile apps or used to create specific dictionaries and glossary apps. Its search feature offers convenience for users who need to access terms.

The Restaurant app

12 – The Restaurant App

An app you can customize to offer restaurant locations, menus, and reservation options. The UI design and features allow app developers to customize local restaurant and menu options for users. Additionally web and app developers can access app functionality from the admin web page, thereby customizing menu lists and reservation options.

Your Media Player

13 – Your Media Player

Create a radio mp3 player that offers mp3, ogg, m3u, and wav playlists. App designers can create their own playlists for users to listen to. Access and organize music for others to listen to from the app you create.

Picture Quiz

14 – Picture Quiz

Developers wanting to entertain their users will love Picture Quiz as it allows you to create an image quiz. The app maker doesn’t require programming skills. Just add your images and choose the category. The code will take care of itself. Create the vocabulary picture quiz, the president quiz, geography quiz, astronomy or any other visual subject quiz. Users working with the app will feel challenged with the countdown timer, integrated music and the Admob integration for immediate money making opportunities.

Android Photo Grid

15 – Android Photo Grid

This app allows developers to showcase an array of images. It offers a fresh, clean background and many categorical options. Additionally the app allows users to swipe and zoom into photos. It can be used ideally by photographers or bloggers who need to offer image gallery options in an innovative and artistic way. No specific coding or graphic skills are needed to integrate the app with a site. The photo grid automatically cache’s the preloaded images so the fit in the cell; meaning you don’t need to resize each and every image you use in the gallery.

Many application creators are not necessarily expert coders. Actually, many are only slightly familiar with coding, and instead opt to use applications to help create and customize their own applications for their websites

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