Chocolate - WP Responsive Photography Theme

25 cool WordPress photography themes for photographers in 2012

WordPress Photography Themes for 2012In this highly informative review we discuss 25 of the newest and most elegant WordPress photography themes for 2012. The incredible utility of these powerful and attractive themes are perfect for templates related to photography portfolios and also make an ideal photojournalist publishing theme. These WordPress themes are generally easy to set up and equally easy to maintain. As the premier free open source website and blogging platform, WordPress is without a doubt the most useful and most popular content management system available today.

A frame by frame review of the best WordPress photography themes for photographers in 2012

Photographers seeking a top quality attractive looking web presence will delight in the newest WordPress photography themes. These themes are designed with the photographer in mind and cater to that specific target audience. Each theme is well designed and well thought out, offering an effective way for photojournalists and photographers alike to showcase their creative work. Web designers and developers working on photography related websites and blogs will truly appreciate the ease of use and quality of design that these themes offer. Templates for photography portfolios and photojournalist publishing themes are an excellent way for photography professionals to get noticed in their industry. Let’s now look at some of these incredibly stunning WordPress themes for photography:

Vitrux - Responsive Fullscreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme
1. Vitrux

Photographers seeking a powerful and highly responsive WordPress theme for photography will find Vitrux to be a perfect complement to their photographic art and professional work. The theme features a well laid out portfolio homepage as well as a full-screen slider homepage option. In addition, this powerful WordPress theme for photographers also features a full screen video homepage option and is highly responsive and reactive to mobile devices. Key features of this theme include a sidebar generator, Ajax style contact form, PSD files, powerful short code generator including over 30 short codes, fully SEO optimized functionality, complete YouTube and Vimeo support, unlimited colors, and excellent integration for social media such as Twitter. Photographers will be quite happy with Vitrux.

Ghost - WP Fullscreen Video and Audio Theme
2. Ghost

Discover a WordPress theme that photojournalists and photographers alike will be highly impressed with. Discover the WordPress theme known as Ghost. This fully functional and highly responsive WordPress theme features full-screen support, YouTube integration, fresh and unique looking scrollbar, optimization for iPhone and mobile devices, 12 column design, color picker, hundreds of Google fonts, Google map integration, shared icons, deep links support, several post formats, full audio control with advanced style playlists, as well as HTML5 and CSS3 integration and social media plug-ins. This WordPress template is extremely useful for photographers and features powerful video components that bring a photographic portfolio to life in real time.

Fashion - Premium WP Responsive Photography Theme
3. Fashion

Fashion is high-quality and responsive portfolio type theme offered by WordPress for those in the photography industry. This theme offers an elegant and professional look and feel that will set a photographer’s work apart from others in a beautiful and attractive way. The WordPress theme known as Fashion features a number of excellent features including jQuery integration, unique custom JavaScript, full documentation, flexible slider, PSD files, full Google map integration, JavaScript that incorporates fancy box image zoom, fully mobile-ready for a number of mobile devices including iPad and iPhone, As well as offering full-screen options. Website and blog designers will truly appreciate this photography specific theme that is both attractive and functional.

Artemis - Photography Gallery Portfolio Theme
4. Artemis

Get ready for a photography gallery portfolio theme that will draw attention from professionals and amateurs alike in the photography industry. The clever design of Artemis features custom skin manager, over a dozen page templates, hundreds of Google fonts, full language translation integration, unique password protection, dozens of galleries, as well as social media integration. This is one of the best WordPress themes for photography to come down the road in quite some time. The theme wisely uses color variations and color tone to create a stunningly attractive photography website or blog that is sure to turn heads. Web designers and developers will truly enjoy working with this creative and fully functional WordPress theme.

Juca - Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Template
5. Juca

Juca It is a unique portfolio theme that features a theme customizer and full-screen portfolio. Photographers searching for templates for photography portfolios will be amazed at what they find in the theme known as Juca. Key features of this highly responsive WordPress theme include unlimited Google fonts, bold style topography, full theme customizer, the ability to load images in bulk, responsive theme options panel, white screen functionality, FX type slider, as well as a host of blog style formats. Juca is a true showstopper with incredible functionality and highly attractive design elements. Those seeking a great photojournalist publishing theme will have found what they have been looking for with Juca.

Expression - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme
6. Expression

Here is a WordPress theme that photographers will truly love. Expression is a WordPress photography template that is highly responsive and features a number of unique sliders. The theme is perfectly suited for photography professionals and those who create with photo images. The theme features a powerful portfolio functionality that is ideal for displaying photographic work. The theme is extremely customizable and features a unique design element known as Pexeto Panel. The theme includes a variety of features including easy slider navigation, social media sharing, partial loading via slider, as well as fully customizable image sizes and an overall highly responsive design. Photo enthusiasts will come to love this fully responsive and fully functional website and blog template.

Storm - WordPress fullscreen background image theme
7. Storm

There is a storm brewing among WordPress themes and it is a powerful photographic theme known simply as Storm. Those who appreciate full-screen background themes will truly enjoy this WordPress theme that is taking the Internet by storm. Features include dozens of short codes, several widgets, ease of use, audio player functionality, a number of gallery and portfolio styles, YouTube integration, a variety of page styles, image overlays, video overlays, as well as audio background music and cross browser compatibility. Serious photographers and photography professionals across all sectors of the photography industry will truly enjoy this highly useful and extremely nice looking WordPress theme for those addicted to photographic arts and camera lenses.

JPhotolio - Responsive WordPress Photography Theme
8. JPhotolio

Photographers and videographers who specialize in wedding photography and wedding related photographic services will respect the power and versatility of JPhotolio. As perhaps one of the best WordPress themes for photography, JPhotolio is a highly responsive theme that has a perfect interface for wedding photographers. Web designers and creators will be able to easily develop a stunningly attractive and highly useful wedding photography site. The theme allows for virtually an unlimited sized portfolio, as well as full integration with the highly useful Google direction, and provides for professional and also highly useful e-mail notification. Those in the wedding photography business will be pleased to welcome JPhotolio into their overall web presence.

Spaceship - Minimalist WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme
9. SpaceShip

Here is a trendy and cool WordPress theme that provides a minimalist photography portfolio look. Those in the professional photography field will be right at home with this highly responsive WordPress theme designed for highly creative professionals. The theme features a number of functionalities including short codes, custom backgrounds, advanced options, U2 integration, as well as advanced style appearance options. The main tenet of SpaceShip is that its design is heavily a minimalist approach driven by the idea of web design. Photographers and those with highly creative tendencies will enjoy SpaceShip as the WordPress theme of choice when working with photographic images.

Picasso - Responsive Photography Theme for WordPress
10. Picasso

If elegance and beauty are your prime drivers in designing a truly attractive website then Picasso may indeed be the WordPress theme for your photographic needs. This theme is highly responsive and features such tools as lightbox scripts, and a number of gallery layouts, several blog variations, as well several pre-defined unique skins. Considered a extremely elegant photojournalist publishing theme, Picasso will set any photographers work apart from the rest. Other key features include full gallery management, complete mobile platform integration, full documentation, full Google font capability, custom widgets, and advanced type meta-panel, highly effective short code generator, as well as a custom logo option. If elegance is your style then certainly check out Picasso.

Pegasus - Photography Portofolio WP Theme
11. Pegasus

Website owners, web designers and web developers seeking an uncluttered and minimalistic looking photography portfolio theme will revel in the beauty of Pegasus. This extremely responsive WordPress theme for photography is ideal for those who wish to showcase their work and style. The theme is fully functional and easily manipulated in all aspects of design. Key features of this excellent theme for photo enthusiasts includes full mobile platform integration, several pre-defined color schemes, a variety of portfolio options, several social media widgets, as well as a powerful and useful theme type option panel. When searching templates for photography portfolios, web designers should give Pegasus a serious and detailed look.

Shutterbug - Responsive WordPress Photography Theme
12. ShutterBug

Here is an extremely creative and nice looking WordPress theme for camera shutter addicts that is highly responsive and easy to use. The theme is extremely versatile and allows for photography professionals to develop a web presence that stands out in the crowd. The theme provides for a digital attache type of functionality that allows for complete accountability of a photographer’s valued photographs. Key features include a variety of page templates, layered PSDs, full documentation, a variety of gallery layouts, stacked image options, a gallery style slideshow functionality, as well as several custom widgets. ShutterBug is without a doubt one of the best WordPress themes for photography. Discover ShutterBug today and see how wonderful a photography website can truly look.

Fashion9 - Responsive WordPress Photography Template
13. Fashion9

Camera lens loving professionals who crave a modern looking web presence that is highly functional and extremely responsive will certainly like what they see in Fashion9. This WordPress theme for photographic professionals is easily customizable and offers a variety of color options. In addition, Fashion9 offers several powerful features such as table list layout, customizable social media icons, WordPress codes, style and script functionality, fully customizable fields, several admin type theme options, dozens of short codes, full cross browser compatibility, several PSD files, dozens of background patterns, as well as meta-keywords and descriptions designed for optimum SEO functionality. Fashion9 is fully compatible with most mobile platforms, and is truly a photojournalist publishing theme that commands the attention of professionals in the photo industry. Web designers and developers will stand up and take notice of websites and blogs designed with the advantage of the Fashion9 theme.

Chocolate - WP Responsive Photography Theme
14. Chocolate

Chocolate It is certainly the flavor of the day when it comes to a highly responsive photography theme that will pique the interest of just about any photographer’s sweet tooth. When browsing templates for photography portfolios Chocolate should stand out as one of the most versatile and powerful WordPress themes for photographers found just about anywhere. Freshly updated with a long list of features including a unique 3-D style slideshow, video style homepage, full-screen slideshow functionality, several galleries, masonry style layout, several customization options, full documentation, as well as Woo Tumblog powered post formatting. This minimalist looking photography theme is ideal for photographers at all levels of expertise. One feature that really stands out in this powerful WordPress theme is the unique 3-D style slideshow that adds a level of depth to a photographer’s portfolio that cannot be found anywhere else. Try Chocolate today and see how sweet a photography website design can truly be.

Incidental - Best WordPress Photography Theme
15. Incidental

Photographers looking for a high-class or high society styled photography theme will be pleased to know that Incidental certainly fits that bill. Incidental provides full localization type support, effective search engine optimization features, fully flexible style gallery, drag and drop style page builder, several background overlays, as well as a number of useful short codes. Other features include a price table, social media sharing options, video style tutorials to assist in development, a logo and font uploaded, built in language translation, hundreds of fonts, unlimited colors, as well as a number of other key features. Photographers and photojournalists alike will enjoy the rich and pleasing look that Incidental is sure to provide. Check out Incidental and see how beautiful a photography website can actually be.

Direction - Photography Theme for WordPress
16. Direction

Direction is a quality photography theme for WordPress that is highly responsive and offers a number of unique and powerful tools and features for photographers and those in the photography industry. Some of the best features found in Direction include a highly useful background style slideshow, full WordPress compatibility for version 3.4, integration for Adobe fireworks type templates, a working style contact form functionality, as well as HTML 5 and CSS 3 functionality. Direction is a truly spectacular and dynamic looking WordPress theme designed for use by photography professionals in a wide range of applications. Direction works on a wide array of platforms including most mobile devices. Those looking for one of the best WordPress themes for photography should look no further than Direction.

JohnDoe - Responsive WP photography theme
17. JohnDoe

JohnDoe is a unique and highly responsive photography style WordPress theme that garners attention anywhere it goes. This powerful and dynamic WordPress theme targeted at photography specialists features full-screen design, wide ranging interactivity, several photo gallery type tools, a protected gallery, Ajax functionality, full documentation as well as WordPress 3.4 functionality. With a clean and simple look and feel, JohnDoe is perfect for photographic displays in that it allows for artistic work to be the center of attention of any website. A powerful audio player functionality allows for easy integration with photographs making for a unique and creative way of showcasing one’s photographic art. This creative and clever WordPress theme for photographers is ripe with modern technologies and perfectly suited for today’s modern photographer.

Snapcase - WordPress Photoblog Theme
18. Snapcase

Considered a rather clever design, Snapcase is a WordPress photoblog theme that will certainly win the crowd over. Snapcase has a number of key features including WordPress style photo blog, a number of resizable widgets, several JQuery special effects, full mobile device integration including Retina type display functionality, full documentation, custom widgets, custom content layouts, several background patterns with various options, light and dark toned color schemes, as well as full language translation functionality. Photography enthusiasts and professionals will discover that Snapcase is indeed a highly versatile and highly useful WordPress theme for photography related sites. When comparing templates for photography portfolios designers and developers should seriously consider the power and versatility of the WordPress theme known as Snapcase.

LastCover - Premium WordPress Photo Magazine Theme
19. LastCover

LastCover is a photo style magazine theme that features hundreds of short codes, unlimited colors, full language translation, fully customizable homepage, contact page featuring captcha, portfolio functionality for photo sets, WordPress menus with drop menu, several sidebars, theme widgets, as well as a host of other highly useful functionalities. This modern theme with a focus on a photo magazine look is perfectly compatible with a photographer’s needs and desires. The amateur photographer as well as the professional photographer will find great use in the theme known as LastCover. Photojournalists and photographers wishing to showcase their creative and artistic photographic work will truly enjoy this powerful WordPress theme.

Lensman - WordPress Creative Theme
20. Lensman

Lensman is a WordPress theme for photographers that will bring out the creative genius in just about anyone. This stylish and great looking WordPress theme features unlimited layouts, full video support, custom style widgets, customizable colors, full demo content, JQuery functionality, XML files, unique and useful theme options panel, full documentation, ultra-clean design, several attractive background patterns, as well as hundreds of Google fonts. This highly attractive theme that is portfolio oriented will allow designers and developers to create a photography website that will gain the attention of those in the photography industry. Anyone looking for an industry specific WordPress theme specifically targeted to photography will be sure to appreciate Lensman.

Crius - Creative Photographic WordPress Theme
21. Crius

Those seeking a modern looking photography type WordPress theme will be literally floored by the modern and intense style of Crius. This extremely creative and modern styled WordPress theme for photography is loaded with features including the KenBurns slideshow functionality, several gallery templates, hundreds of Google web fonts, contact form featuring captcha, video functionality that is self hosted, fully customizable page colors, as well as an advanced style gallery admin. Crius is a web site template by WordPress that allows photographers to truly express their creative art. Finding the best WordPress themes for photography just got easier with modern themes such as Crius.

Style - Premium WordPress Theme
22. Style

Style is a WordPress theme perfectly tailored towards photography professionals and indeed carries a tremendous amount of style in its structure. Style is rich with features including a gallery type design, light and dark color options, powerful content effect, full cross browser compatibility, as well as a fully functional Ajax contact form. Additional features include a background slider, highly functional universal design features, photo gallery layout, lightbox functionality, as well as full video support. With a fresh and with elegant topography-type minimalistic design, Style is a photography professionals best-kept secret. Discover style today and see what your professional web presence has been missing.

Attracto - Responsive WordPress Creative Theme
23. Attracto

Those seeking modern looking elegance and a highly responsive WordPress photography theme will appreciate the dynamic theme known as Attracto. This great-looking WordPress theme is highly responsive and includes features such as light and dark options, fully customizable colors, post style format support, customizable posts support, as well as video and audio that is self hosted. Additional features of Attracto include custom page templates, dozens of prepared backgrounds, JQuery integration, homepage flex slider, a carousel slider, dozens of short codes, blog layout with various options, as well as other useful and powerful functionality. Attracto is a WordPress photography theme that will certainly get a photographer’s work noticed online. Designers and developers alike should look into Attracto as a viable option for designing awesome looking photography websites and blogs.

Shutter - Elegant Photography WordPress Theme
24. Shutter

Website owners, designers and developers must ask the question if there could be a more appropriately named WordPress photography theme than the one known as Shutter. Perfectly titled and perfectly designed, this WordPress theme for photographic type websites is fully responsive and loaded with functionality. Designed for full-screen photography and built on a lightweight platform this theme is powerful and highly functional. Photography experts and photographic amateurs will find equal use in this dynamic and smartly styled WordPress theme for photography. Key features include android compatibility, lightbox functionality, full video support, complete demo content, next-generation gallery plug-ins, a fully branded bull admin panel, and a variety of sidebars. Those serious about their photographic works will truly enjoy Shutter.

Fenix - Fullscreen Video WordPress Theme
25. Fenix

Here is a cleverly designed WordPress photography theme that is fully compatible with full-screen video and image background features. Primary features of this powerful WordPress theme include language translation compatibility, a sidebar generator, full Google map integration, a variety of custom style widgets, contact form with Ajax compatibility, rich short code generator functionality, audio background integrated with image viewing, as well as a host of other powerful features. Fenix is a sharp looking and highly functional WordPress photography related theme that will draw attention of the industry’s most prolific photographers. Designers and developers alike will discover amazing functionality and incredible creative license in this extremely unique and highly responsive WordPress theme for photographic interests.


25 of the best WordPress themes for photography have been carefully outlined here and deserve a serious look by professional designers looking to create the next high-profile photographic website or blog. Website owners who are also professional photographers will truly gain from the incredible functionality and amazingly creative look of these templates for photography portfolios. One of the best ways to decide upon the most appropriate photojournalist publishing theme for a professional’s specific needs is to sample and compare some of the great looking themes that have been reviewed here. Regardless of whether the subject is wedding photography, entertainment photography, or a host of other photography subjects one thing is certain and that is a powerful and creative WordPress theme targeted towards photography will increase one’s overall exposure in the industry. These newest and most exciting WordPress themes for photography will allow professionals to truly stand out from the online photography crowd.