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25 Cool WordPress Fullscreen Themes for 2012

Check out some of the best full screen WordPress themes of 2012, but if you don’t find anything here you like, especially for your ecommerce site, you can always use the services of a professional website design company.

Typo - Tumblog WordPress Theme
1. Typo

Typo is a stylish tumblog-style WordPress theme that comes with its own audio player and which is designed to allow the display of a variety of media types. The design is uncluttered and simple and provides you with the option of sharing your work using its social media ribbon which includes Twitter, Flickr and Facebook buttons. The Typo WordPress theme comes with multiple post formats for your photos, text and videos among other types. It is easy to customize, and its clean look ensures that the content is what stands out. It is perfect for a personal blog, but may also be used on the website of a designer or retailer to show off a portfolio or inventory.

* Multiple post formats
* Resize images automatically
* Built-in player for self-hosted audio files

Frontline - Responsive Agency WP Theme
2. Frontline

You are in business to make money, and making money on the Internet is mainly about getting your content to the top of the search engine rankings. You want your content to get crawled and indexed and the feature-packed Frontline WordPress theme has been designed with this in mind. Sure, one of the benefits of WordPress is that you can install plugins to handle SEO. The problem is that some of them may not work well with your theme. Frontline has its SEO features built in so there is no need to use any other tools to get SEO benefits. Insert your logo or change your background without being an expert. Frontline’s backstretch image slider allows you to customize backgrounds for each page. As for sidebars, you get to add as many as you like or take them away altogether to give a fullscreen no-distractions look to your site. Frontline’s ease of customization and simple layout makes it the perfect WordPress theme for a business that wants to push its website text and graphical content to the forefront with no distractions. It has all the functionality a large corporation may want for their website, and may be adapted to any industry.

* Multiple styles
* Background uploader
* Unlimited sidebars
* Optimized for search engines

Q - Premium WordPress Theme
3. Q – Premium WordPress Theme

Designed especially for websites with content that focuses on technology, the Q WordPress theme has a sleek, bold look that caters to the modern internet user. It is responsive and even features a slider that works with touchscreens. Users can customize using the four skins that come as a part of the package and choose a font from among the 50 font options that are also included. Other options include a theme options panel that makes customizing easy, and unlimited sidebars. Q is best suited for technology-focused websites that still want a full size WordPress theme to represent.

* Multiple skins
* Favicon uploader
* AJAX contact form
* Google Maps integration

Gretchen - Flexible WordPress Theme
4. Gretchen

The strengths of the Gretchen WordPress theme lie in the variety of ways that you are able to customize your website and the tools you get to do it. You get a four column layout that allows you to decide which posts are shown. Want to add video? Gretchen is optimized for that, and is also fully responsive, allowing users of all types of devices to view your content regardless of screen-size. Gretchen comes with a full-width slider that you can disable if you want, and you also have an choice of background colors that you can pick using the built in color-picker. You get to upload your custom favicon and logo, and set the color of the navigation bar. This WordPress theme mingles an ease of customization with a stylish elegance to create a versatile theme suitable for any business that places an emphasis on first impressions. This theme could be used to create a website for everything from a professional photographer to an upscale spa or boutique store.

* Logo uploader
* Favicon uploader
* Social media integration

Incidental - High Class Photography WP Theme
5. Incidental

Professional photographers may find their ideal WP theme in Incidental, a theme that was designed specifically to serve as a showcase for photography. To that end, users get the option of either laying out their website as a gallery or as a single column. The theme comes with nine background overlays, which offer additional ways to customize the look of your website, as well as a page-builder feature that gives you full control of how your site looks. How easy is it to customize? As easy as dragging and dropping the elements you want into position. The look of Incidental is stylish and modern, allowing it to serve as the perfect accent to your photographs. Since Incidental is designed with SEO in mind, search engine users should have no trouble finding their way to your site. This theme also comes with social links in the sidebar to allow your visitors to easily share your content.

* More than 450 fonts
* Font uploader
* Help videos
* Drag and drop functionality for Sliders and videos

Spark - Responsive One-Page HTML5 WP Theme
6. Spark

The Spark WordPress template uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create a flexible and professional-looking theme for a business website. The theme’s ability to resize itself perfectly for any screen size and the speed with which it loads are among the benefits you can expect. Despite the fact that it is geared towards working on more advanced browsers, it also works perfectly on older browsers as well. The clean cut look and the slider that fits in perfectly with the rest of the theme make Spark an easy to implement tool for displaying your content regardless of your industry. The theme may be used for technology-related companies or a web-services website.

* Gzip for fast page-loading
* Secure contact form
* Easy customization

Timus - Responsive Business WordPress Theme
7. Timus

It is important for someone with little or no technical expertise to be able to easily modify a business website to reflect their brand is essential. The Timus WordPress theme is designed to allow just that, and provides you with an unlimited number of ways in which you can modify the skins of your site. The theme also comes with 20 pre-made skins that may be easily installed. Aside from that, Timus also features three different styles of slider and eight custom widgets. The widgets include one that displays your latest Tweets and another that shows off your latest blog posts. Timus also provides you with a newsletter widget that allows users to subscribe to your newsletter if you have one. The features and the classic corporate appearance make it perfect for use on the online hub for a large or medium-sized company, or for a creative professional’s portfolio. It is versatile enough that it could be as useful for an engineering firm as it is to a graphic design company.

* Multiple slider options
* Unlimited skin options
* More than 500 fonts
* Full featured control panel

Agility - Responsive HTML5 WordPress theme
8. Agility

Agility’s name reflects its responsiveness and ability to handle any screen size without losing anything or making it difficult for the visitor to view your content. The same view that a desktop user gets is also provided to a visitor on a smartphone. The Agility WordPress theme also offers video embedding from video-hosts like Youtube and Vimeo, but it also allows you to host your own videos. All of the video content is responsive as well, allowing users on mobile phones and tablets to view your clips as easily as desktop users. The theme may be easily modified by using any of the four page layout options, two blog-layout or three background options to come up with a suitable scheme. Agility is perfect for any enterprise with video media to display, ranging from a band or solo musician, to a real estate agent.

* Unlimited sliders
* Self-hosted video support
* Installation video
* Social icons included

Squared - Minimalist Creative WordPress Theme
9. Squared

If you are a graphic designer or professional photographer, you will want a website that can show off your work to dramatic effect without distracting from it. That is just what the Squared WordPress theme does. This theme uses AJAX to create a showcase in which your work leads the way. It comes with features such as a fullscreen paginated gallery that are easy to set up. You also get a control panel for the theme’s various options, making the task of customizing it a very easy one. To ensure that setup is as easy as possible, the Squared theme comes with thorough documentation.

* Theme control panel
* Hover effects
* Thorough documentation

0Pixel - Responsive WordPress Theme
10. 0pixel

The 0pixel is designed to work on any device your site’s visitors are using, it also provides endless color schemes and supports your video WordPress theme needs as well. Want a easy way for your visitors to share your work? The built-in Flickr and Twitter apps provide you with all the tools necessary to go viral. The colors of the theme can all be easily adjusted using the built-in color picker and you get documentation in the form of video files that will help you get 0pixel up and running quickly. 0pixel’s classic corporate look can easily be customized via a color picker and a theme options control panel. 0pixel may be modified to fit sites of any kind, but may work best to show off a portfolio.

* Social widgets
* Video documentation
* Theme control panel

YourCompany - Responsive WordPress Theme
11. YourCompany

From the ability to drag and drop slides using the slider’s control panel, to the fact that you can set your own background for each individual blog post, the YourCompany fullscreen theme is designed to make customization as easy as possible for its users. It features the Layerslider which is a jQuery slideshow that provides striking futuristic effects that will enthrall your visitors. You get to drag and drop items in the gallery and portfolio manager and upload your own logos and favicons as well. The color schemes you can use are unlimited thanks to the theme’s color picker, and you can easily toggle between a responsive or fixed layout according to your needs and preferences. It is designed to be visually striking and is ideal for businesses with a visually-oriented product. The theme is the perfect platform for showing off a professional photographer’s portfolio and may also be used display a travel company’s brochure.

* Drag and drop uploader
* Search engine optimized
* Customizable post backgrounds

Goode - Responsive Business WordPress Theme
12. Goode

With more than 500 fonts and 25 skins to choose from, you will not suffer from a lack of options with the Goode WordPress theme. The theme is designed specifically to show off portfolios and to give business websites an air of stylish elegance. To maximize the amount of traffic you have available, the Goode theme is not only responsive, but it also includes several social widgets including ones for Twitter and for Flicker. Want to start a newsletter? Included is a newsletter widget that allows visitors to subscribe by submitting their email address to receive email news from your site. Other features include background and logo uploaders, as well as five different types of sliders including Flex, Nivo and SlideJs. The subtle tastefulness of the Goode theme is suitable for visually oriented businesses, like decorators and high fashion retail stores but may also be used to enhance the text content of a real estate or property management website.

* Multiple page templates
* Multiple blog layouts
* More than 500 fonts
* Multiple sliders

PROmotion - Responsive WordPress Theme
13. ProMotion

You want your website to give a good first impression of your business and that is what you get with the ProMotion WordPress theme. Not only is it fully responsive WP template, but it is also easy to customize, allowing you change all aspects of a website’s look and feel; you get drag and drop sliders and the ability to upload your own backgrounds. However, look and feel are not the only important parts of a website, you will also want to be able to get as much traffic as possible. This means having a site that is optimized for search engines. ProMotion also has this and it is all easy to set up; ProMotion comes with an illustrated guide for setup and configuration. The layout is classic and clean, giving visitors the distinct impression that your website is professionally designed and that you mean business. The ProMotion theme may be customized to suit a wide range of businesses, but seems especially suitable for an advertisers and others promoting a business or service.

* Font and background uploaders
* Extensive help documentation
* Optimized for search engines

Boxed - Full background Portfolio Theme
14. Boxed

Boxed is a sleek, modern WordPress theme with a visual emphasis. If you are in the business of fashion photography, tattoo artist, or any other kind of industry where you need to prominently display visual media, this is the theme for you. You get the choice of using a responsive or a fixed layout and you also get the option of using background sliders, or you may turn them off if you prefer a static background. Among the other features of the Boxed theme are the highlights, which you can set in any color you like and the homepage which can be set to a blog-style layout if you want.

* Customizable highlight colors
* Background sliders
* Thorough help documentation

Stilo - Responsive Portfolio WP template
15. Stilo

With Stilo you get a theme that you can control fully from a control panel. The panel allows you to upload your own custom favicon, your own backgrounds and you are also able to choose your own hover colors. With a few clicks you can completely alter the look of your website to something that better suits your business. Stilo comes with the SEO tools you will need to get your site to rank well in the search engine results, therefore there is no need to hunt down and install plugins that may or may not have the desired effects. Stilo is built to display galleries and portfolios and as such is suitable for a business that focuses on professional photography or on art but it may be used for a graphic designer’s site or any other site that might benefit from displaying picture galleries.

* Search engine optimization (SEO) engine with control panel
* Multiple page templates
* Multiple custom widgets
* Filterable portfolio

Respond - Premium WordPress Theme
16. Respond

With a responsive slider and integrated Lightbox, the respond WordPress theme is meant for the modern Internet user who wants more than just a plain old WordPress theme. Respond is dynamic and designed to place high priority on the mobile user. Aside from liberal CSS effects, respond also comes with social tools that allow visitors to share your content across the Internet. Among them is a Twitter feed widget and a designated area for social network icons. You also get to place as many widgets as you want on all of your blog posts and pages. Respond may be used for a technology focused website or for one promoting a graphic design business, but it is customizable enough to be used for any business that is aimed at a modern web-user.

* Includes Lightbox integration
* Unlimited widgets for blog posts and pages
* Multiple page templates
* Dropdown menus with multiple levels

FacePress - Community Content Sharing
17. FacePress

FacePress comes with a variety of tools that you can use to build your own community. The tools include those for a standard blog, but it also comes with a community-builder and also the ability to create unlimited custom posts. Aside from that, the Facepress WordPress theme is also easy to modify with unlimited colors for your background. Another unlimited aspect is the number of sidebars you can install. If you want to get your content shared on the social networks; widgets from Twitter and Flickr are included. FacePress is designed to make navigation easy for your visitors with its breadcrumbs and dropdown menus. Your users can log in via the theme’s own log-in form (not the WordPress default) and they can do so with their Facebook accounts. FacePress is ideal for a professional photographer or artist who wants to build a fan base while showing off their work.

* Responsive and fixed layout options
* Personal accounts pages
* Login and registration forms
* Post-rating system

Radius - Responsive WordPress Theme
18. Radius

Radius offers an uncluttered interface that shows off your content against an elegant background. The theme’s appearance is modern and its functionality is too. Radius comes with a responsive layout that is designed to be used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, and it makes it easy to sort and filter your portfolio on the backend as well. You can style and customize your website and share your content with the included social icons. The installation package comes with help files and video to make the task of installation that much easier. With its clean lines and minimalist look, Radius provides an excellent showcase for graphics and design websites.

* Social icons
* Social media control panel
* Video help documentation

Exposure - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme
19. Exposure

Exposure’s fullscreen slider places an emphasis on images and photography, making a photographer’s artwork the star of the show. This makes it perfect for a professional photographer’s portfolio. Of course, this means that it could also be perfect for a fashion photographer or a clothing designer’s website as well. The Exposure WordPress theme is designed to put content first, but that does not mean that it is lacking in features. The many benefits you will get from this theme include responsiveness, and a one-of-a-kind audio player. If you want your content to go viral on the social networks, Exposure provides the tools for that to happen as well, and there is the ability to automatically convert your Tweets to posts on your blog.

* All Google fonts
* Customizable post formats
* Google analytics integration

Slate - WordPress Responsive Theme
20. Slate

The number of people surfing the internet on mobile devices has been growing steadily over the last few years. The surge started with the rise of the iPhone and has continued with the popularity of Android devices. The result is that it is important for a website owner to ensure that their site’s layout is easy to view on small screens. The Slate WordPress theme offers this, along with a variety of other features like multiple theme-styling options and social media tools. The theme places an emphasis on visual presentation and so may be used for an online catalog or even for a real estate website’s brochure.

* Neat, mobile-friendly design
* Video documentation
* Multiple color schemes

Square - Agency Freelancer WordPress Theme
21. Square

Square is optimized to bring the creative professional’s work to the forefront. It comes with a jQuery slider on the front page along with the ability to customize the highlights with a color-picker. The Square WordPress theme is also equipped with Google Maps on the contact page template which allows you to give precise direction to your visitors. Square is also easy to configure, allowing you to minimize your time spent setting it up. The theme is ideal for agencies, freelancers and anyone else whose business depends on displaying graphics on their website.

* Color picker for highlights
* Slider for featured images
* Social media icons

Size Mttrs - Responsive Portfolio Theme
22. Size Mttrs

Size Mttrs is a clean and modern graphics-focused WordPress theme that ensures that an artist’s work will be viewable on a variety of devices no matter what screen sizes they have. You get mosaic and full portfolio layouts along with a jQuery contact form and a layout that you can modify any way you want. You also get multiple page templates as well as a touchscreen-friendly slider and documentation to help you set it all up.

* Multiple skins
* Thorough documentation
* Responsive slider

Touch Mobile & Tablet
23. Touch Mobile & Tablet

For those who take mobile traffic seriously, there is the Touch Mobile WordPress theme which is designed to feel like an app on your tablet or Smartphone. The design is specifically to make for easy browsing on a mobile device. The fact that it looks like a native app does not limit the features, however; Touch is a complete WordPress theme that gives you an AJAX contact form as well as multiple color schemes. You can also easily integrate Google analytics to get details on the type of traffic you are getting. This theme is useful for those whose website has a focus on mobile users, such as makers of apps and other mobile-only tools.

* Easy customization
* Multiple page templates
* Multiple page templates

Agenci - Responsvie Creative WordPress Theme
24. Agenci

One of the problems website-owners often face is getting their theme to look just how they want it to look. This can be particularly problematic for users with limited technical knowledge. With Agenci, users get to drag and drop slides in the theme’s slider just like they would on their Smartphone or PC. They also get a theme options control panel that allows them to change the various elements of the theme to their own preferences and use the built-in SEO tools to get more traffic. This WordPress theme is responsive and able to work with mobile devices to show off your content without causing problems due to screen size. Aside from that, Agenci has a stylish but minimalist design suitable for design oriented websites like that of an advertising agency or graphic designer but may also be used with websites that have mostly text content.

* Customizable theme with control panel
* SEO control panel
* Multiple page templates
* Extensive documentation

Bapia - Responsive Business WordPress Theme
25. Bapia

The Bapia is a great WordPress fullscreen theme ready to show off your content perfectly on all screen-sizes, ensuring that your site will be will be able to take advantage of the current boom in mobile browsing. It will also work perfectly with any WordPress version from 3.4 and up. One of the big concerns for a business website is to be able to present a professional appearance while still being able to stand out from the pack, Bapia lets you do this by providing an endless number of skins and provides the ability to easily upload your own logo via its built-in logo uploader. Want new background graphics? Bapia has an uploader for that too. Additionally, any concerns you might have about getting your site to rank well in search engine results is taken care of with the built-in SEO features of this theme. Bapia’s classic, corporate look is suitable for businesses large and small, but its flexibility also allows it to be used for online brochures and any number of other commercial purposes.

* 10 included skins
* More than 500 fonts
* Multiple sliders
* Search Engine Optimized

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