20 wonderful WordPress themes for photographers’ portfolios

An image makes more than 1000 words. This statement proved itself to be true for many times. No matter how precise spoken or written words can be, an image “speaks” directly to the viewer.
There are areas which are even more challenging when is about creating images.
Photography is one of the examples. The art of painting delighted people from the oldest ages across entire history. Even nowadays the painters are highly appreciated. But there came a moment in history when capturing an image wasn’t a subjective issue anymore.
Later on the new art of photography evolved becoming more and more complex. We have nowadays art galleries for painting, for photography or better than we could have been imagined years ago galleries for painting and photography combined.
But today came earlier than expected. The speed of evolution caught everything in its whirlpool and changed the world. Nowadays, no matter the area of interest you are in you need to have at least a decent online presence. The requirements are set even higher for those who need by nature of their work to expose themselves and their creation.
Creating portfolios was necessary from the first freelancer. The need to present work in order to get appreciation and later a new job became mandatory in online environment.
When creating this particular type of theme, designers are easily conquered. The task of creating portfolios for photographers is both challenging and satisfying. The design must rise to the artwork’s level presented but still must emphasize it.
An image makes more than 1000 words was the statement I started with. That’s why I invite you to watch, admire and analyze a few WordPress themes for photographers’ portfolios.


SQA is the type of portfolio that everyone should start with. The many choices for presenting the photos make this theme very suitable for any designer that needs to create a portfolio or even for a photographer. Very important to mention… it gathers the technical requirements that any theme should have; it’s retina ready and fully responsive.


Bleecker theme is perfect for those photographers who want to present a classy look. Mobile touch optimized, retina ready and fully responsive it connects classy with modern for an amazing portfolio theme.


Santino is the complete choice for any photographer. It contains many features that will delight the viewers but most of all the galleries and the effects are stunning. It certainly adds value to any portfolio.


Minimal, responsive, with fullscreen slideshows, videos and woocommerce ready, Darkroom suites perfectly for the common saying “less is more”. According to many customization options provided, Darkroom is literary more.


Phototastic is another theme suitable for a photography portfolio. Any option you’ll have for the homepage you will be delight the viewers form the very beginning. You will delight them even further with many gallery choices you’ll have.


Leepho is all about the photos. With only a few options for gallery display it still emphasizes what is really important – the photography.


Oyster comes with unlimited capabilities being yet easy editable. It comes with so many customization options that you can say it is itself a portfolio. Creating a portfolio will be an easy task with this theme and satisfying as well. Any photographer willing to use it will be amazed by many choices will have to present his/her work.


FullScreen is a beautifully responsive photography / creative portfolio theme. With rather a minimal design it is built around the idea of simply presenting photos as they are, with not many other features included – a brave idea that surely pays off.


Azura is built on the same idea as FullScreen but to another level. It offers so many customization options for galleries that can’t be missed by any photographer.


Blend is a fullscreen photography theme which is designed to focus on displaying photos. The fullscreen slider can be nothing but success when is about photos.


Objective is a one-page portfolio and photography theme with fullscreen slider. It’s such a beautiful constructed theme that you won’t even notice the minimalist design. It sure looks very complex when you take advantage of many customization options.


Jkreativ is not especially designed for photographers’ portfolios but it is a more than complete theme. Ultra multipurpose is the description of the creators and it sure acts according its description. A theme that gathers more themes couldn’t miss our list.

Pure Photo

Pure Photo was created as a multipurpose theme but it suites especially for professional photographers, designers, video designers and studios. It has everything a photographer might need for a professional presentation of his/her work.


Kubb is a flat and responsive theme with a clean design which will be a great solution for any portfolio. The many choices for portfolios will surely attract the photographers.


BRMSL shows from the very beginning that was especially designed for presenting photos. With this idea in mind, designers’ work couldn’t be above perfection so it stays simply perfect.


Photogenic is another theme created for showcasing photos. As it was especially designed for such a purpose, the result couldn’t be other than amazing. The social plugin for Instagram helps also amateur photographers to showcase their photos.


Devendo is another flat portfolio theme that will delight by itself the viewer and then by the multiple ways of emphasizing the art showcased. Any theme that offers more for the price of a single theme surely deserves any customer attention. The photographers will certainly have an eye for this.


A portfolio, even a good one, needs a good presentation. An expert in visual arts, as a photographer is, will sure appreciate the Photex theme. Built for one purpose only, seems a very good option for any portfolio.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman theme comes like many other multipurpose themes with the great advantage of having other features included. If beyond photos showcased, the owner needs other features to complete his/her portfolio, The Gentleman theme is a perfect option.



You might have noticed that fullscreen themes are my weakness. Grafika is not an exception. It keeps the standards to a high level for showcasing photos, which make it another theme that couldn’t be missed form our collection.

An image makes more than 1000 words but still feel free to express your opinions on this post. If you have other themes suited for photographers’ portfolios that you want to bring to everybody’s attention, let us know. Also feel free to share this post with your friends.