20 top selling WordPress themes

From its very beginning until nowadays Internet is continuously growing and much more than that, in the last several years this growth was faster and faster. That led to a migration of almost anything that surrounds us into online.
No matter what you’re looking for, you will most likely find it online. There are many beautiful things in life that must be kept outside Internet, but I’m one of those who thinks that this invention influenced our lives for better.
From many things that Internet changed for good and forever was the business environment. New jobs appeared, new ways of selling, new rich people… For all of us that we are trying to reach the peak, there are many things to learn. If we pay attention we may see that success has some patterns. Into web designers’ community there are many friendly and helpful people, but still the competition is harsh. No matter the amount of opportunities there are more people staying in line to take advantage of them. I think all of us know what web design is about: skills, hard work, continuously preparation, communicating with clients. Although the patterns are well known by anyone in this area, there are some who really turn the opportunities in their favor.
Since WordPress was released until the very moment you are reading this, there were people, web designers that saw the opportunity. Selling WordPress themes is only one of the many activities that may bring you success. We showcased from time to time amazing creations, but I suggest you to take a look at the very best. Is not an easy job to compare creations in which subjective opinions may occur, but at least from any point of view we may call them that way, the best- because they are top selling WordPress themes. That being said, let’s take some insides.


It is a custom to save the best for the last. This time I chose to start with the best for a better illustration of how a theme should look like. Avada is the perfect pick for any kind of website. It gathers all the must have criteria: it’s responsive, retina ready, it has many cool sliders, many customization options; all in all, it is a complete template which offers more than one website for buyer. No wonder is #1 selling WordPress theme.


I take a look from time to time to the client’s comments on a theme. I must say that this is not the best criteria to evaluate someone’s work, but it can provide some useful information. For uDesign the clients emphasize an important aspect – the support. uDesign convinced me that next to the quality of their work (a fully responsive website, SEO optimized, unlimited customization options) is something very important in any business and in particular this business – satisfying the clients’ needs.


Karma is coming with a more playful approach. There is no harm to be that way when creating a theme; what matters more is to find the proper usage for such a theme.


Striking got my attention for its photo sliders. I think it is ideal for any business that uses many pictures or even for a personal presentation website. I encourage you to take a look; it might suit you.


If Striking doesn’t satisfy your demands regarding the portfolio you have to present, than Enfold is the answer. It can be used in many ways but for such a purpose like a portfolio is just perfect.

King Size

I rarely make statements regarding the best or the worse theme as each of them has its uniqueness. When it comes about King Size I have to do it though. It is the best photo theme that I’ve seen it so far. Don’t take it for granted, check it!


Moderinze is an appropriate name for this theme. It shows a good mixture of classy, simple and modern. All in all, it’s a WooCommerce based template that would make a great website no matter the usage of it.


inFocus is offering in fact not one but three themes. It’s a real bargain because all three are fully customizable, fully responsive, in fact we get three themes paying just for one. It seems to me a serious reason to take a look.


Sometimes less is more. Core fully uses the meaning of this saying. And what is more important, its minimalistic design doesn’t lack any important feature. It is just perfect for websites entirely focused on portfolios.


Dandelion is very suitable for creative agencies that want to let the user to focus only on the items uploaded. This theme is very discrete and simple, it’s impossible to distract the user.


MayaShop have a design very similar to the precedent theme; it’s simple and unobtrusive. Altogether, this theme is destined for e-commerce activities. In spite of its simplicity, the user have all the conditions to make the desired purchases.


Kallyas is another fine example of a complete WordPress theme. The bad news is that adding this theme to your WordPress powered website will take longer than usual because it’s extremely difficult to select only few webpages to add. No doubt that this theme is one of the best!


This theme is another example of how should look a multipurpose WordPress theme: unlimited customization options, tons of attractive sliders, high quality images, responsive layout and all these are combined with good aesthetics.


The classic is new with BigBang. If you need a website where to constantly add new information, if you want to make your website more interactive, the classic blog is a perfect solution and that bring our attention to BigBang.


Salient is another theme that comes loaded with all the ingredients of a good website. Definitely, this theme is extremely complex and modern and I strongly believe that the words can’t describe this masterwork.


Inovado offers all the features necessary for a multipurpose website while keeping a simple aspect. That, I say, makes it a good choice for e-Commerce area.


If you are in real estate business or in automotive, this theme is especially built for that purpose. I’m sure you’ll find it both useful and entertaining. It gives a totally new face to your business.


Sahifa was intended to be a news, magazine and blog template. It is a real hit if you ask me. Beautifully designed and well structured, it can be any magazine’s website or, why not, of a more complex personal blog.


Invictus is another WordPress theme suited for portfolios. It’s specially created for the needs of ones than need to present images or videos. It’s image and video full screen, but it’s 100% responsive so you shouldn’t worry about the potential problems when it’s rendered using mobile devices.

Yin Yang

Yin & Yang is a minimalistic theme which provides to anyone interested in presenting the work a dynamic and easy to use, easy to access website. The simplicity is strongly emphasized by the black and white format and by the extensive use of negative space.

As I stated in the beginning of this post, the Internet is constantly growing. Its fast growth and development can change in many ways the world as we know it. Based on this idea and on the works presented here I hope I gave you a few more useful ideas about how a WordPress theme should look like. No matter if you intend to purchase or to create one (let’s hope that it will get soon in this list) it’s surely useful to have been admiring the best.