20 themes, templates and plugins for a creative agency website

Internet is no longer a place for information exchange, even though this was the initial purpose of the Internet creators. Nowadays, the online environment is turning, more and more, into a realm of entrepreneurs. Altogether, the Internet is an unlimited informational resource and all of us are free to use it. The huge Internet growing positively affects our daily life and we should be thankful to the ones that realized this fact: the web designers.
The websites wouldn’t look so beautiful unless the web designers worked hard to satisfy the client’s requirements. People constantly need more and better websites, which means that the designers work under huge pressure, almost on a daily basis. The competition amongst web designers is pretty harsh and it determines that only the best to survive in this field.
A capital reference for any designer or creative agency is the portfolio. It’s a website or a social media account where only the best works created are showcased. In fact, a portfolio is the identity card of the designer/creative agency. No doubt, a single modest item added into the portfolio has the potential to “convince” people to search for other solutions.
If you want to create a portfolio or the actual one doesn’t look good then we have good news for you. We created a list of 20 themes, templates and plugins that may be used for a portfolio. Each item from this list was carefully analyzed; therefore here is the crème de la crème!


One single page websites are very appreciated by the average Internet users, so having a portfolio based on this idea sounds as a good solution. Vesa is a great WordPress theme, Bootstrap based, retina ready that is very customizable. It’s suitable for modern creative agencies and personally, I think that is one of the most attractive theme released this year. What do you think? Am I right?


Strap is a WordPress theme designed for creative agencies, too. This theme is very nice and funny, therefore it’s recommended using it only if the core values of the agencies don’t require a more formal approach. Even though the theme is funny, it doesn’t mean that the team that developed it isn’t serious. They fully deserve our prides because the theme is very complex and good looking.


Lion is a WordPress theme that comes in seven different skins and I’m sure that its features will convince anyone that it is a very reliable solution for a good portfolio: drag & drop builder, normal or one page format, vertical or horizontal header, full width or boxed design, many cool sliders etc.


A good portfolio should let the user focus on the items showcased rather than impress with its various effects and animations. The ones that embrace these ideas must look closer to Brackets – a WordPress theme that is discrete and simple.


Studio9 is the prototype of a good looking complete portfolio. The cool flat design reveals the modern approach of the team while the “About us” page creates a more personal relationship with the potential customers.


Metroid is a very simple Metro style based WordPress theme. It’s more suitable for freelance web designers because it’s extremely simple and it looks very similar to a v-card. In spite of its simplicity, any potential customer may have a clear idea about the skills of the designers in just few seconds.


One is a very modern and elegant website template. In addition to a good looking layout, there are other features as HTML5 video sliders and full screen players, Google Maps API support, Font-awesome icons that made it stand apart from other templates.


Xstream is another modern website template. Its customization options are endless, the creators presenting five different versions of this template. The landing page is Metro inspired and it definitely gets a good mark at the originality chapter.


Superme is a website template created for the ones that don’t have web design skills or/and don’t have too much time to create and maintain their portfolio. The landing page is a huge grid of images featuring the previous works. Simple, but effective, isn’t it?

Jolly Folio

This website template impressed me due to the smart use of negative space and the big, bold and readable typography. The template may be used for multiple purposes, but it’s the most suitable for creative agencies.


Jana is an example of good design. This template is made of the “classic” components of a portfolio, so you may think that it has nothing special. Altogether, if you choose to see the life preview, you will be amazed by the design aesthetics. In conclusion, I added it here!


Eshra is an Adobe Muse template that is more suitable for freelancers that are passionate about photography. The black and white color combination creates a special atmosphere that will impress the customers. It comes in three versions: Static, Fullscreen Video and Fullscreen Slider Background and all of them look pretty good.

Portfolio Muse

Portfolio Muse is a very standard, but pleasant portfolio that seems more suitable for individual freelancers. The flat design and the parallax effect create a modern and dynamic approach while the simplicity of the template will create the idea of a pragmatic and efficient freelancer. Under these circumstances, it’s almost sure that the clients will contact the respective freelancer.


A good modality of impressing the potential customers is the use of an attractive slider. CCSlider is a really stunning plugin that provides the user with a huge array of sliding options. You may check the demo to see the effects and I am sure that you will be fascinated by it!

Cube Slider

Cube Slider is a plugin that creates a 3D sliding effect. By installing this plugin you will add a plus of dynamism and originality to the website. Let’s hope that the customers will resist to the sliding temptations and will focus on the items exposed.

Contact Form

Let’s suppose that the works showcased in the portfolio convinced the potential customers to ask for your services. Don’t you think it would be a pity if they changed their mind due to a poor contact form? It won’t ever happen if you install this plugin; it creates a beautiful contact form that is connected with Google Maps.

Premium SEO Pack

No matter how visually appealing a portfolio is or how well done are the projects exhibited, without being on the first positions in the search of the clients everything is in vain. SEO Pack is a complete plugin that will help in making your portfolio way “friendlier” with the spiders of the search engines.

SEO Studio

SEO Study is another plugin that helps the users to obtain a better search engine positioning. It contains 32 tools for better optimization as Estimate PageRank, Analyze Links, Website Speed Test, and Check Headers so it’s obvious that it’s a powerful plugin that shouldn’t be missed.


In order to let people know the latest offers & news, it’s a good idea, from time to time, to send them an email. A newsletter plugin may resolve this fact and MyMail is one of the best solutions. It has tons of options, including a complete analyze of the newsletters sent.

Social Media Tabs

Finally, the last item from this list is a plugin that will help the portfolio owners to have a solid social media presence. It’s one of the most complete plugins that is very customizable and no doubt, it manages to satisfy everyone’s tastes.
If you want to create a stunning portfolio, I hope that these themes, templates and plugins will be useful for you. It will be great to know if any of the above items helped you in creating a new one or if they have improved your existing portfolio.