Elegantica - Responsive Business Drupal Theme

20 of the newest Drupal themes for 2012

Drupal is a platform that gives any business enterprise portal the ease of creating and maintaining their content management system. This complicated platform has become more user-friendly with the arrival of Drupal 7 version. Once you configure this software, you need to choose a template before you can get your website up and running. The choice of theme and layout is very important because customers form their first and lasting impression in the first few seconds of viewing your website.

best drupal themes of 2012While Drupal Themes are relatively new, the list is increasing by the day. There are several options currently available, each having its merits and uses. These themes do away with the hard work of building a corporate or community website and allow you to focus on content and core business. In many cases, the Drupal theme developers incorporate user requests, wherever possible, based on feedback. A good theme will be as beautiful to look at as it is enjoyable to set up and efficient to use. The themes available free of charge are quite attractive, while the premium templates are simply mind-blowing in appearance and functionality. Here is a good look at the distinctive features of 20 of the newest Drupal themes for 2012.

Spotlight - Minimal Drupal Theme
1. Spotlight

This Drupal theme that is compatible with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome). Its minimal design puts portfolios and projects in the spotlight, hence the name of the theme. This portfolio can hold unlimited images as well as videos. There is a panel of 9 colors for customizing various page elements, each standing out against a clean white backdrop.

*Content type for portfolio and for gallery

*Layered Photoshop Document (PSD) file enhances customization

*Well documented installation guidelines

*A contact form having validation

*WYSIWYG editor

*Multi-level drop-down menu

Planetta - Responsive Drupal Theme
2. Planetta

This is a Premium template ideal for businesses and studios. It allows the user to create powerful and elegant presentations and it works well on all the new portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Planetta is a Drupal 7 theme based on Bootstrap 2.0.3. It comes with a dark blue background with light blue highlighting and grey and white text; this simple color combination is very effective for a professional look.

*3 portfolio layout options (2, 3 and 4 columns)

*Google fonts and social icons

*Valid HTML

*Responsive layout which is tested on Android and iOS

*Portfolio can be filtered and sorted


Designmd 01 - Responsive Drupal 7 Theme
3. DesignMD-01

Its modern lines make it appealing to portfolio companies, photographers, private bloggers and any other creative users. Because of its responsive design, the same content can be used on all display devices. This Drupal 7 theme comes with a quick-start package. You can experiment with all sorts of combinations of color, background and font. The site offers ease of navigation, which is a big plus for a business. DesignMD-01 has a blog page with sorting enabled. The customer support is very reliable. Overall, this theme is simple to use yet packed with functionality.

*Dual versions of theme; light (white background) and dark (black background)

*Portfolio filtering tabs on the top-left and sorting on the top-right

*Width of 1200 pixels

*Quick-start package guide for beginners

*The PSD contains icons for social networking, icons services and the arrow slider only

Elegantica - Responsive Business Drupal Theme
4. Elegantica

The designers have gone for a “less is more” look with the Elegantica theme, lending a sophisticated touch to any business website that showcases a corporate personality, portfolio or products. The layout has a catchy placement of text and the images are recommended to be kept at full width and transparent for maximum effect. You can choose from 10 color options and the range of Google Web fonts, while buttons, columns, text elements and tabs can be easily customized. It also offers sorting functionality in the portfolio, unique animations and premium support to users. All this makes it ideal for a responsive business.

*Designed for latest Drupal 7.15

*Recent posts feature on the News page and Popular posts feature on the footer of every page

*CSS3 features and Animations

*Good documentation for user support

*Compatibility across all browsers

*Design optimized for SEO engines

Peak - Drupal Business Theme
5. Peak

This theme will give your online business a professional look. The base color scheme can be either black or white, each teamed with red, blue, orange, green and cherry; white offers a clean, fresh look while black is rich and elegant. Peak’s layout consists of 23 block regions that have an on/off switching functionality per page. This theme is compatible with the Drupal QuickTab module for merging similar blocks. A unique accordion news block makes a striking impression on the home page. There are two style options to showcase your images, namely, Kwicks and Nivo. Don’t be boggled by the complex features; it has a very simple set-up.

*Dramatic color schemes to choose from

*Accordion news block on home page

*Three-level superfish menu

*23 block regions; similar blocks can be merged with Drupal QuickTab

*User log-in facility

*Detailed documentation, including introduction to Drupal for the beginner user

Spotlight - Responsive Drupal 7 eCommerce Theme
6. Spotlight

Any ecommerce application using Drupal Core 7.15 should take advantage of the responsive Spotlight theme, which is fully customizable and flexible on a computer or any mobile device. It is much more than just a theme; it provides a solid base for an online store. You can offer category-wise filtering on the product gallery; users can rate your products and then the site will display the most popular ones. In fact, complete product inventory management can be carried out smoothly, saving you the cost and trouble of outsourcing this aspect of the online business. Scrolling feature can be used for eye-catching announcements like an upcoming big sale. The footer of each page can be customized as well. Like other Drupal themes, it has many color options, but what makes it unique is the reverse transparency where icons also use the theme color. Keep experimenting with various options of layout and appearance to add novelty for your regular viewers. There is a provision for your customers to enter their contact details if they wish to subscribe to your newsletter. Among all these frills, the most important advantage of Spotlight is its fast response time and optimal performance.

*User-friendly admin panel for switching front-end style quickly and easily

*Many color options, with reverse transparency for icons

*Works with any Google font

*Slideshow on the home page with 3 layout options (left-aligned, right-aligned, full width)

*Filtering for product gallery; items visible as a list or a grid

*Easy integration with social media

Bigshop - Responsive Drupal eCommerce Theme
7. BigShop

The sophisticated Drupal CMS is highly enhanced with this premium e-commerce theme. The website layout adapts well to any device used for viewing; optimized versions are available for the iPhone and iPad. Order management is one of its key features. An API for payment methods is also included, using various gateways. Tax and VAT calculations and rules for pricing discounts are important to any business; BigShop supports all these functionality and makes it perfect for the online store of any company.

*Advanced e-commerce functionality (Order management, Discount pricing rules, Tax calculation)

*Dynamic product displays

*Easy slider management

*Easy theme options

*Layered Photoshop Document files enable customization

Humble - Drupal 7 theme
8. Humble

This is a premium theme that is equally attractive to an expert or novice Drupal user; it is targeted at commercial and personal websites as well as intranet projects. It is compatible with advanced versions of Drupal. The layout is fixed in general, but the user can pick from 3 templates. Portfolio items can be filtered through. Humble also has custom blocks for Flickr and Twitter.

*Clean CSS coding; user can customize webpage layouts without any coding knowledge

*Choice of 3 templates (Left sidebar, Right sidebar, Full width)

*Unique Polaroid slider allows uploading of images along with title and description

*Great connectivity to various social networks

VivoCreativo - Responsive Drupal Theme
9. VivoCreativo

Presenting a Drupal theme that is ideal for a photography portfolio as well as business website. It meets the needs of any application that needs to present a collection of works or products with sophistication and needs to be 100% ready for all mobile devices. Menus are presented in a drop-down fashion and portfolio items can be sorted. The layout of VivCreativo is designed keeping SEO in mind, thereby helping your business to rank high on search pages.

*Automatic responsiveness on mobile devices

*Based on a 960 grid system

*Drop-down menus for easy navigation

*Uses 2 fonts (Open Sans and Georgia) and IconSweets2 package

*Google map and contact form included

Vivid - Drupal Template
10. Vivid

Welcome to a multi-purpose theme that offers a modern look to online businesses and personal blogs. There is an intuitive visual user interface with lots of options for those who enjoy playing around. The layout of each node page can be individually set as full width, two columns or three columns. It also has ready-made features for threaded comments, avatars and client/reader testimonials. Enhance the appeal of your website by using the Vivid Drupal theme.

*25 unique built-in skins

*Over 50 shortcodes for customizing various elements on the webpages

*3 slider options

*Choice of narrow and wide layouts

*Free stock images and icons included with the package

Mistix - Creative Drupal Theme
11. Mistix

This minimal Drupal theme offers 8 color options and layout choices of 2 to 5 uniform columns per page as well as two-third/one-third and three-fourth/one-fourth combinations. There is a block for recent posts on the News page. The Portfolio page is designed to allow sorting and paging. Give deeper meaning and creative appeal to your website with Mistix.

*CSS3 features and animations

*Choose from 8 colors

*Variety of choice for column layout on pages

*2 sliders; each slide can be captioned

*Wide range of Google web fonts

Panekah - Responsive Drupal 7 Theme
12. Panekah

This responsive theme is 100% ready to be viewed optimally on any mobile device. It comes with a choice of 10 fresh and vibrant skin colors. The slider on the home page can be configured in a roundabout or diapo form, both prominently showcasing your images to the user. The portfolio can be filtered. The Blog page shows useful information like published date within a circle on the left, and tags most read posts and recent comments on the right of the post content. The About us page has testimonials, FAQs with search facility and pricing tables, thus giving a user-friendly presentation to your readers. There is a quick contact form at the bottom, along with interfacing links to all the popular social media.

*10 color options available

*Uses HTML5 and CSS3

*Responsive layout and 100% mobile-ready

*Integrated fontface

Little Khan - Responsive Drupal Template
13. Little Khan

The layout has a slider at the bottom for your top products or any images you wish to highlight. Customization of headings, highlight and link elements are available. An attractive blog layout shows the number of comments against the summary of each post, with a “read more” button to expand the content. The footer includes the main menu, a block for the latest tweets, a Flickr gallery and important contact information. Little Khan offers a clean and modern design and gives your viewers everything in one glance.

*Compatible with Drupal 7.15

*Clean and modern design, using 960 grid system

*Easy customization through liquid layout and layered PSDs

Solaris - Drupal 6 Theme
14. Solaris

Solaris uses a fresh, white background with sun-yellow as the highlighting color; these contrasting colors along with minimalistic lines give it a striking appearance. You can set your company’s background and client testimonials on the home page. There is a slider to display your latest work and products, including a sorting functionality. In the Portfolio section, you can include descriptions for each product. On the blog, you can tab through Comments, Popular and Tags. Basic contact details are placed in an eye-catching location right at the top-left, as well as icons to link to social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Vimeo and Dribble on the top-right. It uses a fixed layout, with well-documented help guidelines.

*Easy configuration of theme options

*Layout uses 2 columns

*Drop-down menus

*Retina Display Icon set and Social network Icon pack included

Glossy - Moden Drupal Theme
15. Glossy

This all-purpose Drupal 7-powered theme combines the flexibility of Drupal and the simplicity of WordPress. Using its myriad elements, you can have an up-and-running website with power-packed functionality in a matter of minutes. It is equally easy to change the layout to give your website a new design. It works on a grid system on a 960 pixel fixed width, with built-in column layouts of 12, 16 and 24 that can be selected individually for each node page. You can go for 1 or 2 sidebars or do away with them completely. Portfolio can be viewed as sorted list, single view or slideshow. You have a choice of over 12 useful views such as About Author and Related Projects, 20 amazing skins and 5 content sliders. There is a subscription system in place for your newsletter. Thumbnail generation and resizing of images is automated to save on storage size. Switching between layouts does not need any coding knowledge. Glossy is optimized for websites expecting high traffic and it meets all the business needs.

*Valid HTML5 and CSS3

*Four layout options

*960 grid system


*Integrated WYSIWYG editor

*Theme layout is fixed and fluid

*20 skins and unlimited font options

*5 sliders (3D, Nivo, Orbit, Anything and Flex)

*Over 50 shortcodes (Buttons, Columns, Box Styles, Image Styles, Views and other formatting)

*Styled calendar user interface

*Visual style and font switcher

*Extensive documentation

Hibernate - Premium Drupal Theme
16. Hibernate

Hibernate is a premium template for personal websites that works on Drupal 6 and is compatible with all the major browsers. The 960 grid system layout uses 3 columns. There is a slideshow with featured node type; sign in functionality is also included. Portfolio layout can be selected between 1 and4 columns, with filtering.

*Customized node types (Blog, Featured, Portfolio)

*4 slider options (Nivo, cycle, 3D, flashmo) for home page

*Fusion Core features

*Integrations of Piecemaker and Views

Corporate X - Versatile Drupal 7 Theme
17. Corporate X

This is a multi-purpose theme built on the Drupal 7.12 version. Its 4-level layout makes it ideal for websites having flexible content. The editing interface is excellent; sample content is available for text and images, just like in the screenshots. Also, the interface shows red tags wherever the content to be edited is visible, making the job very easy. SEO best practices like semantically valid XHTML and CSS code are incorporated on every page, along with well-placed hierarchical headings. This allows easy indexing by search engines and your business will enjoy better listings on search results, thereby increasing exposure. Moreover, good customer support is guaranteed after purchasing the Corporate X Drupal theme. This is one of the best themes available today if you want to retain long-lasting customers on your business website.

*Fully responsive for mobile phones and tablet devices

*6 base color sets for theme layout

*WYSIWYG editor very similar to WordPress format

*Color picker for every part of the screen with 16 base elements and entire palette

*Content sharing with more than 300 resources

*27 jQuery slider effects with single click (fade as default option, toss, curtain, zoom, blinds and others)

*Ease of installation with just 5 straight clicks

*Column distribution choice as 1, 2, 3 or 6 on a base of 3 columns

*SEO-optimized layout and views

Cenus - Modern Minimalist Drupal Theme
18. Cenus

A smart, creative, out-of-the-box theme for commercial websites, Cenus has made everything easy, right from installation, content creation and editing, layout and functionality management. It is driven by jQuery, which is used in its animations and contact form. Color options for this theme are dark and light. The theme layout includes elements like tables, lists, columns. The blog page provides a simplistic view of the page with the post summary, date of post and number of viewers displayed. There are drop-down menus and sub-menus for customization. Overall, it achieves a minimalist and modern look.

*jQuery-driven Drupal 7 theme

*Unique circle image style

*PrettyPhoto gallery

*Detailed help files and Photoshop document files

Community - Drupal Community Theme
19. Community

Here is a theme that is designed specifically for community websites, offering all the required customization at a low cost. It has been used to successfully implement many of the top websites like: The Louvre, Zynga, Paypal developer community, and the FCC that have complex and varied functionality. Relevant features of this theme include a liquid layout, visual HTML editor with an attractive look and an impressive support board to solve customer issues.

*12 colors and 12 background patterns

*3 custom layouts (full width, two column and three-column page templates)

*Fixed and fluid theme layouts

*Themes available for major content types

*2 custom JQuery sliders

*Flexible blocks

*Single-click installation process

*Drop-down menu using CSS and JQuery

*Content type to create slideshow

*Page of contents can be viewed as PDF and are easy to print

*Social bookmarking features

Wellfolio - Minimalist Portfolio Template
20. Wellfolio

This Drupal theme is ideal for any website whose main focus is a glossy portfolio that stands out among its competitors. The level of interaction and design is kept to a minimum, making it more attractive to clients. Wellfolio uses custom jQuery animation. It appears simple and clean, but is rich in both functionality and features. There are so many possible combinations of layout elements that the final appearance of the website has endless options.

*3 pre-designed skin layouts (white, yellow and red)

*Custom jQuery animation

*Flexible CSS styling

*PrettyPhoto gallery; Support video and flash gallery

*Google map incorporated in Contact page


There are many exciting themes available to configure your CMS website. They offer a lot of customization in their layouts, while also keeping search engine optimization techniques in mind. Almost all of these newest Drupal themes for 2012 are designed to make the installation and layout switching process a breeze, along with a documented user guide and customer support that rates between good and excellent.

The toughest part for you will be to choose the theme. First, narrow down your options based on the functionality of your website. If you are creating a corporate website, you will want a professional and elegant look with minimal bells and whistles, with the main focus on the content. An online store will need the spotlight on its products and pricing data. You should go for a glossy, portfolio-centric theme if the website is meant to promote photography. With a personal blog, you have full creative license to represent your true personality. Then you need to visualize your content using the demos, screenshots and live previews available. Keep the trends of your target audience in mind when evaluating the customization of various features. Finally, take full advantage of the new Drupal themes for 2012 with increased functionality to present an exciting, user-friendly and informative website to your clients.