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20 New Premium WordPress Themes for Blogging

Both new and established bloggers are always on the lookout for the latest premium WordPress themes. Though the web is abundant with free WordPress themes, many of these are not secure and do not have the features needed for anyone to easily customize them. This is why, in most cases, it’s best to invest in an affordable but feature-rich premium WordPress theme. Here are among the 20 newest premium WordPress themes in the market:

TypoBlog - Blogging for Fun

#1 – TypoBlog

TypoBlog is a light, minimalist, typography-inclined WordPress theme by Silviu Andrei. Because of the emphasis on clear, readable text, this theme is ideal for blogs with long written posts. There is also clear hierarchy among the headings, page and post titles, and body text. The theme header allows for a small logo and, in keeping with the typography theme, the header also contains a few lines of customizable introductory text. Other features include a full-width template, customizable colors and background, and you can move the sidebar from left to right. While you can also change the existing fonts, this probably isn’t necessary given that the existing font settings are already ideal for online reading. Given these features, TypoBlog is most useful for professional writers, online prose magazines, or for personal bloggers who prefer written posts.

– Customizable colors and background

– Includes a full-width template

– 2-column, with the option to have the sidebar on the left or right

Triangle Magazine - WordPress Magazine Theme

#2 – Triangle Magazine

Triangle Magazine is a responsive magazine-style WordPress premium theme with a lot of advanced features. Created by Lion Design, one of its most notable features is its own page builder, which lets users layout custom pages containing different elements such as text, tabs, different post modules, video and photo galleries, and many more. Triangle Magazine also has its own built-in product review system allowing contributors to rate products, with the review score displayed prominently on each review’s thumbnail. Since it is a magazine theme, it has a solid image gallery which allows you to have pages for a generic gallery, or to display images based on category. As it name states, Triangle Magazine is great for online magazines, but it’s also great for other image-heavy uses such as fashion, design, photography, and celebrity blogs.

– Responsive design

– Built-in page builder for easy layout customization

– Product review and scoring system

– Image and video galleries

Adapt - Responsive WordPress Theme

#3 – Adapt

Created by, Adapt is a clean, full-featured premium theme. Since it’s responsive, Adapt keeps your blog’s design pleasing to the eye even when viewed in tablets and mobile devices. Its many customizable features make it a great pick for designers, photographers, and other visual artists who want to have an elegant showcase of their work via a blog, but don’t want to spend hours creating their own theme. It’s still fully customizable, with a theme options panel that allows you to modify the colors and elements for the theme in general. Adapt also includes extra post editor options for different text styles, the addition of buttons, dividers, contact forms, and other page elements.

– Responsive

– Customizable widget areas for homepage, sidebar, posts, and pages

– Four post templates included (standard, image, gallery, and video)

– Homepage slider

My Blog - WordPress Template

#4 – My Blog

If you’re looking for a theme for your personal blog, then take a look at My Blog. This theme is great for personal blogging because it has a very simple options panel for quick customization, and the design is fun and informal. It gets the basics right, allowing users to make easy logo and favicon changes, add social sharing buttons, and create their own contact form. Those who are new to WordPress and intend to use it for their personal blog may appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of My Blog.

– Search engine optimized

– Includes 3 custom widgets: About Me, Flickr photo box, and a Twitter widget

– Built-in contact form with optional Google Maps integration (no need to install additional plugins)

Made - Responsive Review:Magazine Theme

#5 – Made

Made is a magazine-style theme with a robust built-in review system. This makes the theme ideal for reviewing movies, music, video games, travel accommodations, books, gadgets, and other products. There are four different rating systems you can use, such as numbers (1 to 10), letter grades (A to F), percentages, and star ratings. Despite the full-featured review system, you can still use Made for non-review posts and sites. Made is also a responsive theme, which makes your blog look good in both HD displays and mobile devices. The design is also fully customizable, and includes unlimited color choices, various backgrounds and textures, and custom widget panels.

– Built-in review features with different rating systems (numbers, letter grades, stars, and percentages)

– Unlimited rating criteria, with the score automatically computed as a result

– Customizable colors depending on the rating (red for low ratings, green for high ratings)

– Custom widget panels, menus, and ad spots

– Excellent customer support

Nova - Professional and Flexible WordPress Theme

#6 – Nova

At first glance, it’s easy to see that Nova is an ideal theme for businesses, professionals, or creative agencies. Its layout lets businesses present an elegant portfolio, display testimonials, and list various service options. You don’t have to worry about this theme looking generic, either. Nova has unlimited color options and over 200 patterns, backgrounds, and textures to help you make the theme as unique as possible. This means that designers and agencies can also use this theme for their clients, without worrying that their WordPress sites will look the same.

– Make your version of Nova unique with the unlimited color combinations, 13 pre-made skins, and 267 additional patterns, backgrounds, and textures.

– Various display options for your portfolio

– Free version upgrade

– Handy shortcode editor

– Grid-based design

– Search engine optimized

– Google Maps integration

FitnessMag - Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

#7 – FitnessMag

FitnessMag is a simple, responsive, easy-to-navigate magazine theme. Though designer AJ Clarke created this theme with online fitness magazines in mind, the theme can be used for almost any niche. The design is also simple enough that it works for personal and professional blogs, too. So if you want a flexible theme that has the basics covered, then FitnessMag may be right for you.

– Responsive design

– Customizeable header colors

– 3 different menu locations to choose from

– Social icons included

– Widgetized Flickr and video elements

Photik - Responsive Portfolio and Blog WordPress Template

#8 – Photik

Photographers, designers, and illustrators may like the Photik WordPress theme. Its minimalistic, appealing design easily draws the eye towards your visual posts. Navigation is easy, and the typography is clear. The theme is responsive, so you don’t have to worry about how your images may look on smaller devices. So if you’re a creative professional who wants to showcase a photography portfolio, or if you just like to post images, Photik is right for you.

– Responsive, mobile-friendly design

– Built-in Google Fonts- Easily add custom CSS without going to the Theme Editor

– Bonus Included: A free copy of the Visual Composer plugin, which allows users to create complex layouts via drag and drop.

– Unlimited layouts and colors

– Beautiful liquid image slider

– Custom elements are included, such as tabs, sliders, calls-to-action, and text blocks

Socialike Responsive WordPress Blog and Social Pages

#9 – Socialike

Socialike is a responsive WordPress theme that seems to replicate some of Tumblr’s functionality and design sensibilities. Just like a Tumblr blog, Socialike distinguishes a variety of post formats such as audio, video, quotes, link, image, and aside. But this doesn’t mean that Socialike is for personal use only. Its versatile gallery pages also make it useful as a portfolio website for professionals and businesses that need to display images of their work. Also, the theme is called “Socialike” for a reason – it easy loads your social media content onto your blog’s pages. This makes it easy for users to integrate their latest social media interactions into their blog.

– Responsive layout

– Easily load social media content onto your pages

– Image gallery can have 5, 4, or 3 columns

– Unlimited color options and 27 backgrounds to choose from

– Unlimited sidebars

– Built-in HTML 5 audio player

Deadline - Responsive Premium WordPress Magazine Theme

#10 – Deadline

Deadline is a responsive news/magazine theme that looks good on almost any device. Its clean, professional design makes it ideal for sophisticated online publications such as news sites and magazines. Its versatile theme options let you control the look and feel of your site, as well as help you manage ads and integrate your social media feeds. Even embedded videos and photos look great in this theme. The homepage is also fully widget-enabled, allowing you to drag and drop the different website elements you want to include in your homepage. Want to keep your readers engaged in the site? You don’t need to install additional plugins, since you have the built-in option to display related posts. Deadline is an affordable, professional-looking option for anyone who wants to run their own online news or magazine site.

– Homepage is fully-widgeted

– Responsive layout

– 13 different widget areas

– Localization support

– Various ad widgets

– Use custom backgrounds and headers

Tauno - Magazine Theme

#11 – Tauno

Tauno is a casual WordPress theme intended for online magazines or multimedia blogs. It has a built-in contact form, so there’s no need to install additional plugins for that. You also have the option to include a beautiful post slider in the homepage for your featured posts. Tauno also includes unique active widgets intended for multimedia posts, such as video posts, featured videos, and image galleries. This means that if you’ll be publishing a lot of audio, video, and images, then Tauno may just be the premium WordPress theme for you.

– Video post type

– Built-in contact form

– Post slider

– 6 active widgets for multimedia content

– Customizable theme options

– Frequently updated

Pressboard - Responsive Social Magazine Theme

#12 – Pressboard

Want to build a blog with a lot of user-submitted multimedia content? Then look no further than Pressboard. This responsive theme is easily accessible on mobile phones, tablets, and other hand-held devices. Even resolutions as low as 320×480 shows Pressboard’s content beautifully. Since this theme’s functions is intended for user submissions, your website users can create accounts, set their own custom homepage, mark their favorite posts, submit their own posts, and modify their profiles. It’s like running your very own Pinterest for your readers. This is best for blogs with a lot of images and video, and encourage user interaction, such as photography sites, architecture blogs, design blogs, and fashion blogs.

– AJAX-powered, so it loads fast while using minimal resources

– Responsive layout

– Enable readers to mark favorite posts- Easy user content submission

– Built-in Facebook comments

– Includes the WordPress theme, an HTML version (18 pages), and the PSD files

Project 10 - Magazine Theme

#13 – Project 10

Project 10 is an elegant magazine theme that’s been tested to work well across all web browsers. It has a full-featured control panel that lets you manage the theme’s layouts, animations, and other elements. Because of its hip, informal graphics and typography, it’s best for blogs or magazines about fashion, culture, and design. It features a top bar with a news crawl, making it easy to announce the latest posts and updates. The animated banner is also fully customizable, and you can add special effects such as fading, flying, and you can even control how often the banner pops up. Though it only comes in two different color styles, you can easily customize them.

– Unique, hip design

– Easy to modify from the options panel

– Customizable post banner/slider

– Built-in audio player with powerful functions

– Add custom sidebars per post or page

Conduit WordPress Template

#14 – Conduit

Designed by Matt Brett, Conduit is a responsive WordPress theme that looks great even on phones and tablets. It is also ready for retina devices like the iPhone and new MacBook Pro. You can add customized review posts via its built-in Google Rich Snippets functionality. You can also completely customize your homepage layout, because the homepage is fully widgetized. Because of this, you can easily make your Conduit installation as unique as if you designed it yourself. Additional page templates include full-width, reviews, and archives. Conduit also includes ad management for a variety of ad sizes, in case you plan to sell advertising on your blog or promote affiliate products. All these features make Conduit a great theme for movie, games, tv, fashion, and design review blogs.

– Fully dynamic widgetized homepage

– High-resolution display, ideal for retina display screens

– Easy font management with built-in Google Fonts

– Built-in ad management

– 15 social media buttons available at the footer

Compassion - Tumblog WordPress Theme

#15 – Compassion

Want to bring the design sensibilities of Tumblr into your WordPress-powered blog? Compassion might be the answer. You can mimic Tumblr’s blog post styles (standard, audio, quote, chat, etc.), as well as have the simple, clean design that Tumblr themes are known for. These components, including the wood and denim textures of the theme, make it great for personal blogging. This theme is also simple to customize, and users can switch the main sidebar from left to right, if needed. There are 5 included header images, but you can also upload your own. There’s also the added functionality of Google Maps, in case you want to show readers where you’ve been. Given these features, Compassion is great for personal blogging, especially if you’re a traveler who wants to combine the crisp post and design styles of Tumblr with the power of a WordPress blog.

– Responsive layout

– All Tumblr-type post formats available (standard, aside, audio, gallery, image, link, quote, status, Q&A, video)

– Google Maps integration, including within posts

– Built-in color picker

– Use the included Theme Hooks to customize the theme without editing its files

Next - Responsive WP Magazine Theme

#16 – Next Responsive WP Magazine

The Next Responsive WP Magazine theme is ideal for online magazines or news sites whose visitors like to read content on a variety of devices, such as tablets or mobile phones. It’s suitable for almost any niche or topic. The homepage is fully customizable, and you can easily drag and drop different modules to create the layout you want. Your magazine isn’t live yet? Don’t worry – Next has a built-in “under construction” page you can activate while you’re still working on the site’s layout and content. Since news sites and magazines often post several photos of a single event or topic, Next has photo slideshows you can embed within your posts or pages. It’s also easy to share posts with the included social sharing features. So if you want to publish your own online news or magazine site, just get the Next Responsive theme – there’s hardly any need to install additional plugins.

– Completely responsive elegant design

– Drag and drop layout modules for the homepage

– “Under construction” page functionality included

– Search engine optimized, with built-in social sharing

– Add slideshows within posts and pages

Fly - Lightweight WordPress Blog Theme

#17 – Fly

Fly is a simple, minimalist theme by Silviu Andrei. Because of this, it’s ideal for both personal and professional single-authored blogs. But don’t let its simplicity fool you – it’s easy to customize Fly via the options panel. There are unlimited color options, and you can switch the sidebar’s location from left to right. You can also change the transparency of different page elements, switch font sizes and styles, add your own logo, or even add a custom background to the site. There’s also an included image slider in case you want to feature some of your best blog posts. With these features, it’s clear that if you want to launch your own personal blog, or a blog on a specific niche topic, it’s worth considering Fly.

– Minimalist design

– Customizable colors and layout

– Image slider

– Photo gallery

– Several available shortcodes, no need to use HTML to style text

Juxter - Powerfully Elegant WordPress Theme

#18 – Juxter

Juxter is a powerful WordPress theme that comes with over 300 controls that can help you make it your own. You don’t need any programming experience to change the layout – just drag and drop different elements on your dashboard to construct the different page layouts you need. It also has elegant gallery and portfolio options, in case you want to showcase your images separately. If you want to change the typography, you can easily do that as well because Juxter has built-in Google Fonts integration, giving you access to over 500 different typefaces. Because of its versatility, Juxter is useful for online magazines, portfolios, and creative agencies. Professionals and businesses can even use it for their clients. Given its affordable price and the rich features, it’s clear that this high-quality professional theme is a steal, and should be part of a design business’ arsenal.

– Bundled layout manager lets you construct custom pages via drag and drop

– 4 different sliders available

– 9 modules you can use with the layout manager

– Optimized database

– Multiple image galleries

– Custom backgrounds and patterns

– Integrated Google Fonts

Viewport - Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

#19 – Viewport

Viewport is a clean, crisp professional WordPress theme intended for bloggers who publish multi-media posts. It’s highly supportive of images, videos, and audio. So if you’re a designer, photographer, artist, or any other multi-media creative, you might want to take Viewport for a test drive. It’s easy to see a fashion blogger, photographer, or illustrator using this theme. Apart from its multi-media support, Viewport is also responsive, so viewers using mobile phones, iPads, Android tablets, and HD displays will be able to view your content legibly. Though it’s easy for creative multi-media bloggers to use Viewport, with a little tweaking, businesses – especially marketing or advertising agencies – can use it as well.

– Responsive design

– Different post formats (standard, audio, video, image, and gallery)

– 3 Homepage templates to choose from

– 5 different custom widgets, such as a Twitter widget, Flickr, videos, popular posts, and ads

– Full localization

– Customize your admin login logo

– PSDs available for easy customization

Author WordPress Theme

#20 – Author

There’s a reason why this theme is named Author – it’s ideal for bloggers who like posting written updates. The typography is simply beautiful, making the theme useful for both professional and aspiring writers. They can use it both as a blog and a portfolio showcase of their written work. Because of the clean design and pleasing text rendering, blog visitors will be able to read the content without distraction. But this doesn’t mean that Author is for text-only updates – it includes several multi-media features such as scalable video embeds and scalable image galleries. Because of this, designers may like it too.

– Clean, minimalist responsive design

– Scalable video embeds for easy viewing

– Elegant, readable typography

– Setup videos and documentation available

– Twitter and Dribble widgets are included

– Beautiful drop-down menus

– Social media icons are included

– Full support and installation video available for extra help

Given all these high-quality premium WP themes, it will be very easy for anyone with a WordPress blog to find the theme that’s best suited to their needs. So why not test the above themes and see if any of them is exactly what you’re looking for?

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