Libra - Minimal WordPress Theme

20 new cool WordPress blogging themes for 2012

One should take the time to research the newest and most popular themes available in order to find one that suits their needs. No matter what the intent of a theme, it should be easy to customize by any level blogger. Some themes are ideal for bloggers who plan to upload many photography, others themes work better for those who love to write. There are also WordPress blogging themes available to those who want to showcase their talents and promote their career. When choosing the correct theme, one needs to keep their end goal in mind. This will make choosing a theme easier because some are more conducive to writing while others work better with photography. However, thanks to the easily customized platforms of WordPress, one can create a blog however they desire. The following list represents the newest coolest themes available for WordPress that will help any blogger make their perfect website.

Hoarder - Responsive WordPress Blog Theme
1) Hoarder

Hoarder is ideal for people who like to “collect” things on the Internet. The magazine like layout allows bloggers to create a virtual memo board for all of the things they post and like. The grid aspect of the layout allows one to post any number of things the blogger sees fit. This can include pictures, videos, writing, and more. The visual aesthetics of this theme make it a must have for anyone that loves simple eclectic design.

* Optimized versions of this theme are available for mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

* There are at least three different versions of the home page that can be easily customized.

* Bloggers have the ability to add widgets linking to other social media sites. This will keep readers aware when one updates their blog.

* This WordPress theme is based on Zilla Framework.

Doppio - WP Magazine Theme
2) Doppio

Doppio is a professional looking magazine theme that is perfect for bloggers promoting ideas or projects. The Homepage Layout changer allows bloggers full access to an array of customizable options. The theme includes five pages that include the main blog, an archive, picture gallery, and an about us page. Each page included in theme can be customized in multiple ways. The home page of the Doppia also features a banner system that can be changed to fit the ideals of the blogger’s project.

* Doppia also includes the blog’s ability to be offered in multiple languages.

* There are four backgrounds and colors schemes available to choose from.

* The Sidebars of each page can be changed to suit the content or purpose of the particular page. This allows the design of the blog to be customized in every detail.

Ambition - WordPress Talent Theme
3) Ambition

Ambition is the theme that was made for bloggers who want to promote their talents and skills. This theme is particularly good for athletes, visual performers, artists, or DJs who need a way to show off their talents. There are many tabs on the Ambition WordPress theme that will help bloggers promote their brand. They include: events, achievements, audio, video, sponsors, galleries, contact details. The events section of Ambition can also feature video claps and maps. The many aspects of this blog provides talented individuals with the chance to give their virtual resume a home. Thus, this theme can help any one showcase their talent on their personal blog.

* This theme is compatible with mobile devices.

* There are many color schemes to choose from.

* Templates available for each page of the blog from the starting page to the contact list.

* Advertising management allows one to have complete control of the adds featured on blog.

* Ajax based comments allow visitors the ability to comment on things without the page reloading. This makes the blog easier to read and use.

Pixelove - Responsive WordPress Theme
4) Pixelove

Pixelove is a magazine theme that is just perfect for posting pictures. Photos will be featured in a high quality resolution option that will allow users the ability to view a blogger’s post in the best format possible. This theme is very simple to use, and it is easy to upload personalized content. This professional looking theme has gained attention for its sleek design and simple access from professionals and amateurs alike.

* Premium Pixels features six customizable widgets for each page.

* The theme also includes templates for each tab or page in the theme.

Raffinade - WordPress Tumblog Theme
5) Raffinade

Raffinade is a very clean lined theme with all the major bells and whistles one needs for a well regarded blog. The layout is simple and picture friendly. Thus, it is ideal for bloggers who like to post written work and much as they do pictures. Things can easily be uploaded and personalized with the click of a button. If one is searching for a blog theme that can do it all, then this is it! Bloggers just need to tailor the site to their own needs in order to turn out a great looking website.

* Supports all types of posts including audio and video.

* Features six customized widgets.

* Enable visitors the ability to share posts.

* Comments on posts are threaded.

First Impression - WordPress Responsive Template
6) First Impression

The First Impression blog theme will help visitors understand the visual goals of a blogger’s intention with ease. This particular theme was developed to help bloggers promote their work or ideas as whole in one fluid layout. It includes tabs for a bio, a blog, and the main portrait area. This theme works particularly well as the start page for websites. Thanks to the sliding image gallery on the main page, bloggers will give viewers an all access pass to their posts and works. Viewers will be also impressed with the simple layout of the blog. The First Impression Theme is a must for anyone who likes flashy details with an easy to use format.

* Blog tab can be used in conjunction with several social media websites.

Paragraph - Premium WordPress Theme
7) Paragraph

The Paragraph premium WordPress theme works perfectly for one who wants to promote their freelance work. The soft colors and sharp lines of its design make it eye catching without overwhelming the viewer. One can easily upload any type of file into their blog or gallery. There is also a special portfolio section of the website which can help bloggers showcase their best work. It does not matter what type of work the freelancer wants to promote; it can be anything from authored work to graphic design. Thus, Paragraph is ideal for anyone who needs to a place where potential clients can see the myriad of work that a freelancer can provide.

* The theme includes eight various templates for each page in the layout.

* Bloggers can choose from eight different sidebars and four widgets.

JRNL - Responsive WordPress Creative Theme

JRNL is a free flowing WordPress blog theme. This theme is ideal for people who love the freedom to create a professional looking blog within previously designed templates. It also includes a lightbox gallery and a portfolio. Thus, one can upload pictures, videos and work for viewers to see with ease. The theme can be tailored in minutes thanks to its specially designed format. The JRNL theme will work best for someone who is busy, but likes to be creative when the time permits.

* Saves blogger’s times with automatic text links.

* Incredible amount of color schemes to choose from.

* Includes Google Analytics, auto resized pictures and more.

Float - Responsive Blog Theme
9) Float

The Float theme for WordPress is simply designed with the amateur blogger in mind. It basically runs itself by helping bloggers choose their customization. There are many aspects that can be changed such as the main blog page or font color and size. There is no need for elaborate functions on this theme because some blogger’s prefer a Spartan like design. This is a responsive blog theme made for those who want a simple, but professional look to their blog.

* The blog includes five widgets.

* Easy to translate.

* It is also Short code responsive.

Gretchen - Flexible WordPress Template
10) Gretchen

Gretchen is a very stylish theme for bloggers who like a trendy and chic look for their blog. It can be customized to focus on pictures, written posts, video and more. There is an endless supply of backgrounds and color schemes available with Gretchen. One can also choose the number of posts they want featured on the front page. Thanks to the edgy style of this theme, blogs will look professional in contrast with much more simple designer themes.

* Ten templates and six widgets come included with theme package.

* Two portfolio themes included as well. if desired

* Social Media buttons available for instant upload.

Libra - Minimal WordPress Theme
11) Libra

The Libra WordPress theme is a flexible and easy to use. It is streamlined and classic thanks to its minimal look and unlimited color options. There is also a background library for bloggers to customize. This blog’s simple design will make any site look clean and professional. Bloggers who like bold color and simple layouts will love the Libra theme.

* A customizable sidebar can be used to add widgets.

My Blog - WordPress Blogging Theme
12) My Blog

My Blog was designed for those who love to show off their creative genius on their personal blog. This basic theme is easy to customize with three custom widgets. It was designed to engage the viewer with the content of the overall blog. Thus, it should keep viewers returning to the blog for more thanks to its fluid design. Bloggers will love that viewers can involve themselves with posts thanks to AJAX.

* The My Blog theme is SEO compatible.

* It features AJAX enabled comments.

Project 10 - WordPress Magazine Theme
13) Project 10

Project 10 is a magazine based WordPress theme designed for professional use. It includes an incredible amount of room for customization from shortcodes to widgets. There is also a banner system which can be used as seen fit. Bloggers can also easily reply to any comments left on page. Project 10 is perfect for bloggers that like a responsive theme design that will easily promote their work. All one has to do is choose Project 10 for a solid theme that can be tailored to the blog’s goal as it changes.

* Theme includes three choices for thumbnails posts.

* Theme includes customizable language options.

* Theme features 2 color choices and 500 fonts from Google Web.

Compassion - WordPress Tumblog Theme
14) Compassion

The Compassion for WordPress theme is unique because of its Tumblr like design. The main page of Compassion was designed with the colorful images of the Buddhist religion in mind (hence the name and purple and orange color scheme). This theme is great for travel blogs many reasons. For one, bloggers can use Google Maps that has been integrated into theme to help tag and map out posts. The purpose of this theme is to provide interesting visuals in a calming streamlined location. The theme also supports a variety of post enabled media such as audio, pictures and video. This is a great way for travelers to keep their viewers in the know on all of their travels. Viewers can live vicariously though the blogger with the interactive media they provide on the Compassion theme. Overall, it provides an outlet for those who provide compassion for the world through their work.

* Supports audio, video, pictures etc.

* Features a Slider gallery.

* Easy to Translate.

Fly - WordPress Blog Template
15) Fly

The WordPress theme, Fly, is very simple and easy to personalize. Widgets, sidebars, fonts, colors and more can be customized in an instant with this easy theme. This blog theme was made for people who like simplicity in design, but with many options to choose from. Thus, a blogger who may be afraid to experiment with their blog’s layout will love Fly. The Tumblr like format of the blog also makes it perfect for those who like to upload a few words or pictures at a time. This is not a blog theme for those who like to write novels or post millions of pictures all at once. Thus, Fly is better suited to those who like posting simple things on a simple theme.

* Tumblr like format.

* Features share buttons for viewers to promote website or posts.

Author - WordPress Blog Theme
16) Author

The Author theme, as the name suggests, was designed with the writer in mind. This responsive theme is very crisp and professional with straight lines and a large screen width. This allows it be easily read by viewers who will not need to scroll through a hundred lines of tiny text. The Author theme lets written work be found and read with simplicity. Thus, writers will love that their work can be processed easily. This allows viewers to feel fully engage with the writer’s work.

* Mobile device friendly.

* Theme includes page templates, and full portfolio support.

Pinword - Personal WordPress Blog Theme
17) Pinword

Pinword is a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme. Its complex and rich design will allow bloggers the ability to impress viewers with their content and visuals. The gallery and portfolio can easily be adapted the the needs of the blogger. This theme is ideal for those who like high contrast design that is easy to manipulate with various pictures, audio, or written work.

* The theme includes three color schemes.

* The banner system is easily customized.

* Includes language files to make it easy to read for foreign readers.

Retro - Premium WordPress Template
18) Retro Portfolio

This lovely vintage inspired theme is customizable and available in three colors. The details that went into designing Retro Portfolio are what make it stand out. This theme is perfect for a blogger who likes the lighter side of things and bygone eras. The only think not retro about this theme is how it performs. Bloggers can expect a full range of options that they can use to make this theme their own from the background color to the banner.

* Includes a unique page for the blog, gallery, and homepage.

* Features access to four unique widgets and language settings.

* Also includes a portfolio with multiple options for the thumbnail images.

Sentence - Premium WordPress Blog Theme
19) Sentence

The Sentence theme ideal for a variety of blogger pursuits such as writing or photography. This is a responsive theme; in short, this means that the blog automatically adjusts itself to the size of a viewer’s browser. The theme supports a portfolio and a blog that can be used for a myriad of purposes. For example, if one wants to upload their photography or images of their art work, then the portfolio is a place to keep them in order. The unique aspect of this theme is that is also includes fifteen “skins” that can be easily personalized. The Sentence WordPress theme is perfect for blogger’s who like predetermined looks or skins that can be easily modified to their own tastes. One just needs to pick which skin they want to create their blog’s ideal look.

* Avia Framework allows bloggers the ability to choose from an incredible amount of customized options from the layout to the font.

* SEO-friendly theme keeps blog relevant in the search engine searches.

* Full support included with the theme.

Ermark Urban Blog - Premium WordPress Theme
20) Ermark Urban Blog

The Ermark Urban Blog theme has been used on several blogging websites. However, it was recently introduced to WordPress in order for more bloggers to enjoy the ease and design of this theme. Bloggers can personalize the homepage with shortcodes. There allows users the ability to customize on the same page, thus, time is saved. This urban chic layout will help any blogger stay relevant and on top of their blog’s design.

* Colors are implemented immediately on the page during customization.

* Theme includes several default color schemes if one is overwhelmed the abundance of color choices.

* Also includes world clock and time zone preferences.

As one can see, there are many varied WordPress themes that can be chosen to create a unique blog page. Bloggers just need to keep in mind their requirements and design preferences for their page. They should also keep in mind the goal they wish to accomplish with their blog. For example, a professional wishing to show the world their work will need a completely different blog from one who likes to write about celebrity gossip. Thus, one’s theme should reflect the overall goal of the website.

Many themes are available in a multiple of ways for bloggers to see how it changes with each customization. Bloggers should also test the theme on several devices to make sure that their blog will be easily viewed from any sized browser. If not, then many potential viewers may not bother reading one’s blog because it is not accessible from a mobile device.

As long as one keeps these things in mind, then they will be able to find the perfect WordPress theme for their blog. It may take some time, but the end result will be worth it. A poorly designed blog that is hard to use can discourage people from visiting. Thus, a sleek and professional design can give a blog the edge it needs to compete.

A professional’s blog will need to be visually stimulating, and include a portfolio or gallery to show off their work. An amateur blogger’s page can be a little more fun and messy. Themes like Hoarder are perfect for the blogger who likes things to look varied and colorful. The professional is better off choosing a theme such as JRNL because it can be customized to emphasize their work. The reality of theme providing a quality page depends on how it is used. Bloggers always need to be aware of this in order to attract people to their blog in order to promote their work or content.

One should also keep price in mind too when choosing a theme. Some themes can be expensive for what is included in the price. On the other hand, many complex themes are quite a bargain due to the support and options included.

In conclusion, it does not matter what kind of theme is chosen so long as it is easy for the blogger to use and read. If it promotes one’s work on the blog to the highest degree possible, then that is all one should look for when picking a cool WordPress blogging themes. Thankfully, there are many new and cool themes for bloggers to choose from when creating their blog.