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Opencart Themes: 20 of the Best Just For You

OpenCart is an open source shopping cart software that makes it easy to set up an ecommerce site and begin selling your product. That’s only the beginning, though. Next comes choosing the best OpenCart template to attractively showcase your product. Presentation is a big part of selling effectively; an unwieldy or difficult to navigate theme can have your customers clicking off and going elsewhere. When you are setting up your store, take the time to consider what type of presentation will attract the customers you are looking for, and find a good theme to do that. To get started, here are 20 of the best themes for Opencart available from Theme Squirrel. Most are highly customizable, so you can be sure that the one you choose is a perfect fit for your particular online store.
Fashion OpenCart Template

1. Fashion Template

The Fashion OpenCart template places product front and center. Customers find it simple to switch from viewing apparel, jewelry, shoes or other fashion items with just a simple click. There is ample room to showcase a specific product in the big picture, while you’re also able to highlight additional items in the smaller rotating pictures below. This ecommerce theme offers a variety of customization levels and ways to both highlight and promote your products.

* Cloud zoom lets customers zoom in on specific products and, in some cases, even allows the product to be viewed from different angles.
* Sidebar or no sidebar. It’s your choice whether you have a sidebar for a menu of sorts or a simple one-column page.
* Customization is easy with expertly-commented CSS and HTML files.
* Able to handle multiple stores and languages.
* Compatible with all the latest browser versions and updated OpenCart software.

WorldofTooys - Responsive OpenCart Theme
2. World Of Tooys Responsive OpenCart Theme

The World Of Tooys Responsive OpenCart Theme, with its almost endless color choices and clean design, is ideal for an online children’s store. Choose from the default color schemes or create your own for a unique look for your particular store. A slideshow in your main picture window makes it possible for you to showcase a few different items, without your customers ever having to leave your homepage. Then again, the smaller product shots entice your visitors into other areas of the site, by presenting them with attractive photos, incentives to sign up, or anything else that you feel should go there. This OpenCart template does a lot of the work for you, leaving you to do what you do best — selling product.

* Easy to refine site searches. When your customers are looking for a particular item to purchase, it’s best to provide them with a way to go right to it.
* Customizable slideshow speed. You don’t want the speed to be so slow that the customer loses interest, but nor do you want it so fast that it causes anxiety. This theme allows you to test different speeds on a beta group to find the best one.
* Customizable background images allow you to easily brand this OpenCart template as your own.
* Clicking to choose the product size and how many products are displayed at one time.
* Compatible with multiple languages.

r.gen - modern store design
3. R.Gen – OpenCart Modern Store Design

With R.Gen’s OpenCart Modern Store Design template, customization becomes an art. Your store can look sleek and expensive, fun and flirty, or something perfect for the entire family. The three home page slideshow options keep design and functionality at the forefront and allow you to create an online shopping theme that pops. Default themes come with dark and light options which let you set the tone right away for your ecommerce operation. Those features are only the beginning. This OpenCart theme also features:

* Advanced theme settings, making almost everything about the template instantly and easily customizable.
* Allowances for custom CSS input, so that those with the know how can create an even more unique and advanced site.
* Options to upload custom background and other images.
* Full compatibility with the latest OpenCart releases.
* The Cloud Zoom plugin, to allow your customers the ability to zoom in on products that catch their interest.
* Customizable footer information with areas for listing all your social media sharing points.

AlphaShop - eCommerce Theme
4. Alpha Shop

The Alpha Shop theme appears simple, but contains enough features to make customizing it for your media business a quick process. With music, movies and images available on so many platforms, you’ll want a theme that can handle it all, and Alpha Shop aims to be just that theme. Create clear thumbnails for any size product; pore over the amazing number of colors and button options available, and enjoy the multiple currency support for your customers across the world. Alpha Shop also takes it a step further, with these features:

* Compatible with all major PC and Mac browsers.
* An animated pre-loader for images.
* An all automatic sitemap generator with HTML output.
* 35 pre-styled inner pages, all customizable.
* A responsive design that accommodates iPad and iPhone widths.
* Google Analytics and SEO ready.

MiTienda - OpenCart Theme
5. MiTienda Theme

MiTienda is a sleek, clean design that lets the product do the attracting. Perfect for business sites that specialize in tech, this simple design is straight and to the point. Customers can easily see what is available, where the sales are, and with the easy-to-read menu options, they will have no trouble finding the area they are interested in. The MiTienda theme doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, which makes it perfect for a ecommerce site owner who wants to just set up and go.

* The footer contains areas for your social media buttons, to ensure that your customers can share anywhere.
* A drop-down menu saves space and allows more room for product display.
* Customize with your own footer and header logo.
* Description box under featured items lets you highlight specials.

Elantra - Premium OpenCart Theme
6. Elantra – Premium Responsive Theme for Open Cart

Elantra is configured to take advantage of all the open source customization that OpenCart makes available. From colors to design, this streamlined theme can look spare and sleek, or packed with features — it’s up to you. You also have the satisfaction, with a responsive design, of knowing that your ecommerce business will be easily viewed not only on many browsers, but on iPad, iPhone and in other applications. This template not only allows you to customize your business site to suit your personality and the needs of your customers, but it also comes with these other features:

* A Twitter Bootstrap framework that makes communicating with your customers and letting them know about your products a seamless operation.
* Lists and grid layouts for your product categories.
* A fully-configurable product detail page, where you can list related products and organize tabs with further information.
* Support for multiple columns.
* Javascript created features.

MyShop - OpenCart Template
7. MyShop

This premium theme gets you connected right out of the box, so to speak. Fully social media enabled, it makes communication and social interaction part of the shopping experience. Those familiar with ecommerce operations welcome the ability to connect with their favorite stores and, sometimes, even become advertisements in themselves. MyShop works with any sort of product, but it’s strength is in showcasing apparel, shoes and accessories. The MyShop OpenCart template is a light-hearted theme that takes the business of presentation seriously.

* 12 pre-made skins ready to go, each customizable.
* Cloud Zoom and Colorbox plugins, so that your customers can get the best views of your products.
* SEO ready.
* A products video plugin that allows your customers to see the products in action.
* CSS colors plugin — you pick one color and the plugin does the rest, choosing compatible colors for your theme.

Fortuna - Elegant OpenCart Theme
8. Fortuna

The Fortuna theme breathes class and elegance. The clean lines and subdued fonts create a rich atmosphere, while also allowing for customization and personalizing of your site. This theme is perfect for adding a high-class gloss to your ecommerce jewelry or watch site, while giving your customers a feeling of familiarity at the same time. With a responsive layout, Fortuna, displays well on the screens of desktop and laptop computers, as well as different hand-held devices. Shoppers will enjoy the convenience of selecting items right from their smart phones or pads and being able to view the full array of items on offer.

* Compatibility with all major browsers is built in to this theme.
* Designed to be fully-customizable, while retaining its clean and elegant lines.
* Twitter Bootstrap framework included.
* An enhanced OpenCart layout makes maintenance easier and more user-friendly.
* The Categories Accordion ensures that you can keep track of all your categories, and keep them in order.
* SEO and social media optimized to let you stay in touch with your customers across the globe.

Amstaf - Premium OpenCart Theme
9. Amstaf

The modern design of the Amstaf ecommerce theme lends itself well to a variety of product choices. With a little tweaking, your design can reflect your business, whether that business is selling cars, real estate, or earrings. The easily readable top menu saves customers from having to search for the areas they are interested in, while the large display slideshow has room to showcase any item. The Amstaf template comes with easy installation, as well as full customer support should you have problems.

* Support for multiple languages.
* Cufon Fonts available.
* Full documentation so that you are never lost in installing or running the program.
* Full support should you have questions or concerns.
* Hover effects for your menus and chosen theme sections.

Elite Shop
10. Elite Shop

Bold and begging to be noticed, the Elite Shop OpenCart template sets your online business apart from the crowd. No demure wallflower, this theme says you have something you want your visitors to see and entices them to take the time to see it. With a vast number of color choices available, you can go with the bold or tone down the look with a few muted colors, while still keeping the excitement of the overall theme. This ecommerce shop theme is good for any number of different product choices — it’s all in your presentation, and how Elite Shop helps you set up your display.

* jQuery thumbnail captions so your customers get the full picture with just a mouseover.
* Change your fonts using the included font tutorial.
* Preload your images with the animated preloader.
* 35 fully-customizable inner pages get you off to a quick start.
* The automatic sitemap generator keeps your sitemap up-to-date and your visitors from getting lost.
* SEO friendly with the ability to use different meta descriptions for each individual product.

Moshi - Responsive OpenCart Template
11. Moshi

Moshi is a fun, clean and modern OpenCart online business theme. Shoppers are presented with clear, attractively placed images, with areas for pricing and perhaps a small product notation right on the home page. This e-commerce template prides itself on its ease of use and installation and is perfect for the business owner who wants to quickly set up shop and start selling. Though the theme lends itself more to an apparel shop, with the right customization it would be perfect for almost any product.

* The responsive web design of this theme means that you don’t need to create separate designs for mobile or tablet/pad viewing.
* SEO optimized for getting started in promoting your site right away.
* Moshi is a theme that does not require replacing certain system files.
* This theme is compatible with the latest OpenCart releases and all major browsers.

Easycart - Clean and Responsive OpenCart Theme
12. Easycart

Easycart wants to help you target all markets and do it in an easy, clean style. This theme is geared toward users of all devices from the word go, which leaves you to concentrate on what is most important to you. Displaying your product, ensuring that customers can navigate your site easily, and making the most of their ecommerce experience. This clean design helps with all of that.

* Custom footer lets you highlight your social media contacts, your about page, or whatever you feel is important for your customers to know.
* Use the one column page, or add a sidebar for further navigation.
* The Easycart theme is compatible with all major browsers.

Banda - Modern Shop
13. Banda

Banda is a modern ecommerce template, unique and stunning in its simplicity. The feature picture stands out, catching the eye and drawing it to where you want it to go. The design doesn’t neglect the smaller product pictures, though, as it brings attention to them with labeling along the top of the products themselves. Banda is a solid theme that allows for customization and branding of your online store, while keeping its minimalist, elegant frame.

* Description of the product when the mouse is hovered over it.
* Multiple language support.
* Takes about three minutes to install.
* Full support and documentation offered.

Mi-Mi Store - OpenCart Premium Theme
14. Mi-Mi Store

Mi-Mi Store is a playful OpenCart shopping theme and is perfect for those who are selling children’s products. It’s fully customizable and has clean lines that are easy to work with. The home page has plenty of room for multiple items, so that you can highlight one out of each section or a few favorites, if you wish. Because this is a responsive design, there is no need for further programming to create a mobile site. It’s all done for you already, and the site adjusts automatically to display properly on a variety of devices.

* Uses the 980 container grid as the design base.
* Has flexible layouts, with choices of one, two or three columns.
* Offers a “scroll to top” button, a convenience for shoppers at the bottom of the page.
* Lists and grids for product category layouts.
* SEO friendly design.

Bree - OpenCart Template
15. Bree

The Bree ecommerce template for OpenCart hopes to give your customers a strong, unforgettable shopping experience. The “Bree View” way of product display presents your visitors with an array of choices, taking full advantage of both technology and the alloted space. Add Flash effects with just a few clicks, and use the product animation capabilities to show your products in motion. This high-end OpenCart shopping template is also very user-friendly and extremely customizable.

* The integrated Cloud Zoom allows for technological product display.
* A fully automated related products menu does the work for you.
* The drop down menu for languages and currency adds convenience for your customers.
* The Bree theme is fully compatible with the latest browsers and OpenCart installations.
* Bree uses CSS3 styles and animations.

Oceanic Store - Responsive OpenCart Theme
16. Oceanic Store

Light and flexible, the Oceanic Store theme works well for OpenCart users who value simplicity. The design offers all the customization and compatibility of more involved themes, yet keeps its look clean and lean, letting the products do all the shining. The Oceanic Store is a good choice for sellers of many types of products, and its easy navigation makes it a delight for users.

* Responsive theme that shows well across devices.
* The 250 Google web fonts give you a wide variety of choices when it comes to which font to use.
* Access to an unlimited number of top-level categories means that you can just keep creating them as you need them.
* Oceanic Store comes with a boxed and a full-width layout.
* This ecommerce theme is compatible across browsers, and with the latest OpenCart releases.

FancyCart - OpenCart Theme
17. FancyCart

FancyCart manages to use the allotted space to form a slick, clean design that allows you to comfortably showcase your products. Easy customization means you can take the basic design and make it uniquely yours, with just a few clicks. That FancyCart Open Cart business theme is a responsive design, that it is built to display well across many platforms and devices is just one of the added benefits.

* FancyCart offers easy installation and customization.
* Free shipping banners are included, as well as a slider for showcasing products.
* This theme utilizes Cloud Zoom, which allows customers to view products more closely.
* If you need help or have questions, FancyCart theme creators are happy to help.
* Integrated SEO optimization takes some of the site startup pressure off of you.

IziStore - Responsive OpenCart Template
18. IziStore

The bright and colorful IziStore OpenCart theme aims to leave shoppers feeling happy. The design makes good use of the space and colors, while various color and other choices let the business owner customize according to their own tastes. Full control over the slideshow and other settings lets you create the atmosphere that you wish for your site. IziStore is a responsive store theme that is suitable for just about any type of product.

* Responsive theme — displays well on iPads, iPhones and other devices.
* Easy customization allows you to change the color scheme and other things within minutes.
* An admin control panel keeps everything you need all in one place.
* Swap images by hovering over them on the home page.

SimpleCart - OpenCart 1.5 and beyond
19. SimpleCart

SimpleCart is ecommerce made easy. A sharp, spare design, fully customizable, sets the stage for your store. This design would perfectly showcase jewelry and other dazzling items, as it does not detract from their brilliance or beauty. Yet, it would also be perfect for products like cell phones and accessories, digital products, cameras and more. It’s a versatile theme that takes on the flavor of the items it displays.

* Customers can view a product description by hovering over the product.
* SimpleCart theme is compatible with all major browsers and OpenCart Releases.
* Menu buttons indicate which one is active at any moment.
* The site footer has room for the description of your store and products.

GlamShop - Modern OpenCart Theme
20. GlamShop

GlamShop dazzles with its modern, clean look and elegant design. Whether your product is haute couture or bicycles, this ecommerce theme makes it look rich, yet accessible. The advanced theme options allow business owners to customize their themes to suit both their products and their tastes and to keep the customer at the forefront of their efforts. Though the design keeps its elegance through all the changes, the various customization offerings enable site owners to make their sites unique.

* Theme options give you control over things, such as how many products per row are included and default product view.
* A free shipping module lets you run promotions from time to time.
* You can refine the search style, choosing the one best for your product line.
* GlamShop gives you the ability to assign a different color to each module, giving you even more control.

Setting up an ecommerce site is an adventure, and choosing the right theme makes it an enjoyable one. When you are looking at the themes in the preview mode, imagine it with your own products, colors and logos. It’s a good idea to try out at least a couple before deciding on which OpenCart ecommerce theme will be perfect for your store.

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  2. Jewellery Online Store is a Responsive OpenCart theme. It is very easy to install and customize. that features a clean and easy to understand HTML /CSS. Jewellery Online Store utilizes jQuery Library, CloudZoom, Flex Swipe Slider, and more to contribute to an enjoyable and functionally exhaustive user experience. Among other features Jewellery Online Store is also Responsive – the viewport adjusts automatically for all mobile devices, it is SEO friendly and Cross Browser compatible. Jewellery Online Store is an opencart_v1.5.4.1 version added as well!

    Product Cloud Zoom
    Touch Flexslider
    HTML5 & CSS3
    Social Link Module
    Category Accordion Menu
    Fully Customizable

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  4. Very good themes, but there is one that beats them all. It’s called MultiStore and it’s developed by iSenseLabs. The theme won the OpenCart January theme competition – also the guys offer the very best support

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