20 must have WordPress plugins for your cool blog

Maintaining a blog, no matter the traffic received, isn’t only about writing and publishing articles. No doubt, the quality of the posts is capital, but a good looking design is also very important. It’s said that the small details make the big difference and this statement is valid regarding the existence of a blog. The competition is very harsh amongst bloggers and each aspect must be treated seriously in order to have a decent number of visitors.
WordPress is the leading platform for blogging and it seems that its supremacy will last, at least, in the near future. The WordPress developers created amazing themes and plugins that allow enhancing any type of website. Practically, a theme and some plugins may completely change the destination and the functionality of a website.
Ironically, the huge number of themes and plugins put in trouble the WordPress users because it’s impossible to make a decent selection of the most beautiful and efficient solutions. Fortunately, we are aware about this situation and as a result we have published articles exhibiting the best themes, templates or plugins.
In this post we searched for various plugins that may be useful for maintaining a blog. These plugins are ideal for different issues, from search engine optimisation to adding nice image sliders. Definitely, the developers created more than 20 plugins for blog owners so we might have missed your favourite one. Please let us know which your favourites are and we will take this into consideration for a new article!

Monetize Now

It’s not shameful to recognize that many blogs are created to bring an extra income to the owner. The monetization of a blog is a very complex and challenging task. Affiliate marketing is an attractive solution to monetize the blog and this plugin is the perfect solution for this activity. By installing it, the blog will become part of Envato Affiliate program and I guess that there is no need to mention what a huge brand Envato is.


The Internet users developed a special sense; they may scan a website extremely fast. In this context, grabbing the attention of the users is mostly an art. This plugin helps the bloggers to add various notification bars into the headers/footers. Of course, the notification bars are very customisable.

Ad Flap Pro

Another modality of obtaining the attention of the blog visitors is to use this interesting plugin, which is actually in charge with creating cool animated adverts. I really appreciate it because the messages aren’t obtrusive unlike other plugins that „intoxicate” the readers with huge pop up messages.

Mine Flip Book

Some people are still very much in love with the classic format of a book and hate the digital format. This plugin is created in order to satisfy all the tastes: it creates a „book” and it has a feature that people will love: the files may be flipped similarly to a classic manuscript. It’s a really interesting experience and it will surely make the blog stand apart from other competitors.


Almost every blogger adds various videos to his / her posts. Handling these is pretty difficult, but Looppress is a great plugin that makes this job simpler. If you are used to adding videos into your blog, then this plugin is ideal for you!

Fast Gallery

Handling the images is another challenging task for a blog owner. Fast Gallery is a plugin that helps very much the blogger to arrange the images into galleries. The huge advantage of this plugin is the fact that it’s extremely simple to use…you can configure a gallery in less than a minute!


Making people curious is another technique of obtaining traffic. This plugin is able to create a coming soon page with a very interesting countdown timer. The design is very pleasant and it’s very probable that it will make people interested in what is behind the countdown.


Forms are apparently not very important items, but an experienced blogger knows that these are vital for the success of the blog. If you want to create your own cool forms, then this plugin is exactly what you need. It creates tons of form versions and it’s impossible not to be satisfied with a variant. I fell in love with the modern design of the forms. If I were a user, I would definitely spend some time just to complete such a wonderful form.

Premium SEO Pack

A very interesting blog that isn’t search engine optimised is a lost project. Like it or not, the number of the visitors is very important; so a SEO plugin is mandatory for any blog. The market is full of various SEO plugins, but only a few of them are really useful. SEO Pack is one of these useful plugins and you shouldn’t miss it!

Smart SEO

The previous plugin is a very powerful one, but it might happen not to satisfy your tastes. Smart SEO is another solution that should be taken into account!

Keyword Finder

Finding the right keywords isn’t a very difficult task, but it takes valuable time that may be used for other more important activities. Keyword Finder is a plugin that should be used by the entire blogging community. As long as you post a title in the dashboard area, it will provide unlimited potential keywords; therefore your time is saved.

Uber Audio

Many bloggers are writing about music topics and a good and reliable audio plugin is golden for their blogs. Uber Audio may be a solution because it allows people to listen to music from the post, page or sidebar. The playlists may be very easily customised and there is no limit regarding the number of tracks that may added into a playlist.


A calendar is very important because it helps people get a constant flow of published articles. Calendarize is a great plugin that will simplify the work of an admin very much.

Banner Rotator

Nowadays, the developers created amazing sliders that simply delight the users. Altogether, it’s quite difficult to find a standing apart slider. Banner Rotator is an original and customisable slider that will surely impress any user.

Posts Slider

Posts Slider is another plugin that is created for adding sliders. The same as the previous one, it has many useful features and no doubt, it will add a high level of dynamism.

Share Locker

Social media can’t be ignored by a serious blogger. The different social media appreciations (likes, tweets, shares, pins) are taken into account for the ranking of a website. This plugin hides the content of a post until the users share/like/tweet the respective post.

Social Box

Social Box is another plugin almost mandatory for a modern blog. It allows the admin to add a social widget, which will let the visitors make an idea about the social media presence of the blog. Its sleek design will attract the eyes of the visitors; so you have all the reasons to use it.

About Me

People prefer to engage with the ones that provide them interesting information. Having an „About me” section is highly recommended for any blogger – in this way the curious readers may find out who is behind the blog. Luckily, we have this plugin that creates a widget displaying an „About me” section and the latest tweets.

M7 Accordion Menus

By installing this plugin, the admin has the possibility to create accordion menus in the widget area. As far as the admin is concerned, this is simple to install and use, while the users will have more possibilities to access the content- it’s a win-win situation and everyone should profit from it.

Tabs Widget

This plugin creates a widget consisting of a tabbed panel that displays various types of content, from tweets to recent posts. It’s a simple method of showcasing a lot of information without annoying the visitors.
I hope that these plugins will be really helpful for the bloggers. Anyway, it will be great to share your favourite ones (from this list or from WordPress Repository) with us.