20 modern visually appealing Drupal themes

WordPress is the most famous and used content management system (CMS) and its position seems that won’t be endangered in the immediate future. The great advantage of WordPress is its universality and the fact that people accustomed to it. In fact, there are many other CMS that are as simple and user-friendly as WordPress is, but people don’t care about them. As long as a theme and some plugins may transform a basic WordPress website into any kind of projects, the lack of interest for other CMSs is normal.
Drupal is one of the best CMS, but only approximately 2.1% from the total of online presences are build using this solution. It’s very subjective to express a decent opinion if this percentage is small of big. It will be great to have your opinion about, so feel free to use the comment form to let us know your thoughts about Drupal.
The Drupal community is very active and in the last time the endeavors of the Drupal developers are more obvious. The latest themes created are really wonderful and we already exhibited here some of the most beautiful ones. The Drupal theme creators developed amazing themes from the latest post published here and it’s time to offer you a new set of amazing themes. Check them, enjoy and use these in the eventuality that you are interested in purchasing a Drupal theme.


Spring a Drupal theme that is suitable for portfolio projects. It’s retina ready and responsive, based on Bootstrap 3, the user may choose from 5 different homepages and he/she has unlimited options to customize the theme. One of the most attracting aspects of this theme are the social media buttons- big, bolded and well-designed.


Nevermind is a great Drupal theme that may be used for a large variety of projects. It is very modern, the cleanliness, the cool and readable typography and the dynamic page transitions being some of the features that contribute to the modern look of the template. The user may choose a boxed or a wide layout and there are many other options to tailor the theme according to the needs.


Retro is always cool and Bedfort is a great example to sustain this idea. This Drupal theme is very simple, but at the same time, very complete. It is aimed for portfolios or blogs, but its destination must be in accordance with the retro design. Despite its retro aspect, Bedfort is responsive and retina ready, so it may be enjoyed no matter the device used.


If you want a complex Drupal theme, then Shoot is really a solution. It comes with 20 different versions so there is nothing more to add…practically, it’s impossible not to be satisfied by at least a single version.


Mukam is another brilliant theme and its features speak for themselves: fully responsive, retina ready, 8 different headers, 8 top sections, 20 sliders, various animation effects and Google maps and video integration.


Cleanse is a pure flat Drupal theme that is suitable for portfolios. Beside the beauty of flat design, this theme was added here due to the nice colors and due to the smart use of white space.

Real Estast

This theme is perfect for real estate projects. The white background let the user fully focus on the images and contributes to express luxury and quality. The forms of the advanced filter convinced me that this theme is designed by a skilled team.

Flat Metro

Metro is another design approach much debated these days. Flat Metro is a Drupal theme that is Metro inspired, it’s extremely simple, but paradoxically, it’s multipurpose. Obviously, it may be fully customized so there is no worry that your website may look alike others.


Progressive is a very complex Drupal theme that contains more than 200 items. It has all the webpages for any kind of projects, including 404 webpage. What impressed me is that there isn’t just a single version of 404 webpage…the template has three solutions.


If you are searching for a Drupal theme suitable for a modern portfolio, then Stilo is for you. It’s simple and elegant, the generous white space let the viewer enjoy the items showcased and the nice sliding and page transitions create a very modern atmosphere.


It’s normal to add it in this list a theme that is minimalist. No matter the trends, a minimalist website would be always highly appreciated. Now, it’s the case of Minima- a minimalistic theme that offers many customization options.


Flatize is an e-commerce Drupal theme that almost sure will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. There is nothing to distract the viewers, but at the same time, the website is complete. Obviously, it may be easily customized and it has even a blog section.


Beige is another modern theme that is multipurpose. It’s built on Bootstrap framework, but you shouldn’t be afraid that there would be other websites looking alike to it because the developers of it really tried all their best. Beige would captivate anyone attention due to the slide effects and due to the bold buttons.


MDST is a very original Drupal theme that will amaze everyone with the unconventional menu. The submenus are situated at the extremities of the layout…how many websites did you visit having such a menu? Another original idea is the use of horizontal scrolling…definitely, the theme is developed taking into account the mobile users.


The ones that need a colorful and joyful online presence should visit PSDN, a great Drupal theme. It’s one of the purest flat constructions, so you have all the reason to check it and eventually to buy it!


This theme is in opposition with the previous one from the color perspective. Wunderkind is a one page website that is based on a mostly black and white combination. The theme contains 4 different homepages, 15 premade color skins, Font Awesome icons, extensive documentation and many other features that can’t be ignored.


Montage is a special theme because it brings a new type of layout into the market. I strongly recommend visiting this theme, the words are powerless in these cases. The alignment is totally new and the dynamic effects are cool; I may bet that none will become bored with such an online presence.


Elos is a Drupal theme that is a living example of what means good design, talent, and respect for clients. The theme is multipurpose, it has webpages for any kind of projects and all are beautifully designed.


This theme is suitable for portfolios and it’s specially created for a great mobile experience. It’s distinguishable due to the bold and big typography and the large sections of pure colors; of course, it’s flat inspired.


Fullscreen is a theme designed for showcasing photos and I think that is one of the best themes for photographers.
Drupal is a CMS that can’t be neglected and the above themes convinced you that it’s true this idea. It will be great to share the post with your friends and if you want to stay in touch with us, please follow us on Twitter or check our Facebook page!