20 fully responsive stunning OpenCart themes

We must accept that the world is changing very fast. Probably, the economic crisis we have just passed worked as a catalyst for this shift. One of the most considerable changing was the modality of spending money. Nowadays, people, no matter that they are rich or poor think twice before making an important acquisition. As a consequence, the entrepreneurs prefer the light investments instead of risking money for great projects. A relatively interesting and profitable affair remains the online stores. This has the huge advantage that there is no rent or employees to pay. Some people are still reticent about, but more and more people buy products online.
No doubt, the high quality of the products in association with reasonable prices is the feature that attracts the potential clients, but still a good design has its role. If you want to launch a new online store you should know that the Internet is full of software solutions, best practices and secret tips to attract more customers. As we mentioned previously, WordPress is a universal solution for almost any type of website, but it has its competitors.
One of the most interesting WordPress competitors is OpenCart. It is an open source e-commerce solution that is simple to use, very customisable and assures the perfect ecosystem for managing an online store. It’s not very extensively used, but it has its market share that can’t be neglected.
We showcased here 20 visually appealing themes that should delight you and help in making a clearer idea about the potential of OpenCart. It will be great to share with us your preferred one; we are waiting for your comments!


If someone needs to say a single word about this theme, then it will be “unlimited”. Varna is an OpenCart theme that has unlimited color combinations, tabs, toggle modules, pricing tables. This theme comes in three versions and all of them are beautifully designed. I consider that I made you to check yourself this theme, isn’t it?


An online store for selling computers, smartphones or other technology related devices must be modern, fresh and attractive. No doubt, Shoppik is one of the best solutions for such a project. The layout is the work of a great designer because it’s achieved a perfect balance between content and white space. In this way there is the vital information available for the viewers, but it’s enough breath room not to annoy them.

Style Shop

Style Shop is a very elegant OpenCart theme that comes in three different versions. No matter which version you will use, the viewers will be totally impressed. This theme may be used for any type of projects that require an elegant and modern approach.

Online Sale

A nice slider effect has a great impact over the viewers, it is the element that brings that shade of modernity very necessary for e-commerce presences. You will understand better my idea once you visit Online Sale, a great multipurpose OpenCart theme.

Pav Furniture

Another example to sustain my idea regarding the use of cool slider is Pav Furniture theme. Almost sure, it will make the viewers say “wow”- everything looks very appealing, modern, fresh and … flat. Of course, the images are HD so the potential buyer will be satisfied with the user experience. Another interesting fact is that the theme is fully customisable; there is no item not to may be modified.


Still some people prefer simplicity, even when it’s about online commerce. Polarized is a very simple theme that aims the viewer to focus on the products exposed. Being simple doesn’t mean that it’s not attractive; I believe that is better to visit yourself and please share your opinion with us.


Masonry grid is very suitable for e-commerce solutions and we couldn’t miss from our list such an item. Matrix is a very cool OpenCart theme, responsive and SEO optimised and due to its Masonry structure, it will look awesome no matter the device used.


The administrators of stores exhibiting many items encounter issues about how to improve the navigational menu in order to help the user to find easier the products wished. Lexus Megashop is a good looking e-commerce template that seems to have inserted a good solution for this situation- the Megamenu module.


The details always matter and many people don’t make online purchasing because they don’t have the possibility of noticing the details of a product. The difference between a good watch and an exceptional one is made by the details so the ones selling these kinds of products must find a solution for this inconvenient. Crescent theme offers two good solutions for zooming (Cloud and Colobox) and in addition to high quality images, the details of any products may be easily observed.

Project Store

Project Store is a clean OpenCart theme suitable for a large pool of projects. The most important features of this theme are the layout cleanliness and the multiple possibilities of customisation. Project Store is fully responsive and retina ready, therefore it’s a real pleasure to visit it using any type of devices.


Arcu is a great OpenCart theme that is multipurpose and it’s recommended to use it when selling many products due to the infinite scrolling. This theme is SEO optimised and it includes a sitemap generator which is pretty important because a “good relationship” with the search engines is mandatory for any online store.

Pav Dress Store

Pav Dress Store is one of the most complex themes from this list. It’s suitable for fashion stores, it includes MegaMenu module, so finding any kind of products is a matter of two clicks. A feature rarely seen for OpenCart themes is the integration of a blog and Pav Dress Store is a cool exception, the blog being very attractive.


Crypto is changing the idea of customisation: this OpenCart theme is made up from 8 versions adapted for different online stores (fashion, medical, toy, book, food, furniture, beauty, sport). In this case, the ones that buy this theme in fact gain 8 themes! These versions are looking great, are responsive and retina ready…are these enough reasons to look closer to this theme, isn’t it?

Right Choice

Right Choice is an Open Cart theme that is really the right choice if you want a modern layout of your online store. I am sure that that potential clients will be delighted by this design…am I wrong?


Dynamism is a feature that attracts the viewers, but it’s extremely difficult to achieve it in an online store. Altogether, Insignia is a theme that is very dynamic due to the great slider effects and due to the navigational menu. Overall, a theme that is impressive and fully deserves a place into this list!


Moderns is an OpenCart theme that is very targeted for women. The layout is very modern and attractive no matter which version you select (there are two versions- Dark or Light skins).Fullscreen Slider Background feature is well implemented and surely, the clients will appreciate it.

Clear Shop

Clearshop is a very elegant theme for any type of online store. It impresses due to its simple elegance and due to the cleanliness- there is a lot of white space, but it doesn’t negatively affects the usability of the website. Definitely, a must see OpenCart theme!


Madame, as the name itself is saying, is dedicated to the women, but it may be very easily customised for a man targeted online store. The layout is simple and lets the user to focus on the images of the products which is a great feature.


I think that this theme is multipurpose, but it’s recommended to use it in summer because it’s extremely fresh, clean and joyful. In this way, shopping isn’t only a pleasure; it’s also a relaxation activity.


Serenity is the latest theme from this collection, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look good. Its structure is simple, discrete but visually appealing. In conclusion, Serenity is a theme that will impress your visitors.

The above themes should convince anyone that OpenCart is a viable solution for anyone willing to launch an online store. If you are convinced about, please share the post with you friends and let us know your favourite theme from this list is!