20 fresh and retina ready display website templates

Responsive design is no longer something extraordinary and daily tons of websites are converted for a better experience when browsing from handheld devices. It’s true that some aspects are not fully resolved, but the future seems bright as long as the entire design and development world is focused on resolving these.
One of the most important aspects to resolve is the implementation of retina ready display. We previously presented what a retina display supposes and how it influenced the designers and the modality of making websites. Anyway, a website that is adapted for retina display is a beautiful experience and I think that no user should be deprived of enjoying it.
I guess that in the current year more and more designers will create websites by taking into account the retina display and it will be a real delight for the users. If you need more inspiration or you need a retina ready display website template, then this post is for you. Here are collected 20 fresh and good looking templates that are optimised for retina display. It was a very difficult, but at the same time pleasant activity to select only 20 templates, because the Internet is full of wonderful creations. In the eventuality that I missed your favourite one, please add it in the comment form and I will gladly add it into a next post.


Szia is a wonderful retina ready website that is suitable for portfolios or creative agencies. It’s a single page website, using HD images and it’s flat based – all the attributes of a modern online presence. The user has three different homepage versions, some predefined colors and the code is based on HTML5 and CSS3. I guess that this template has all the “ingredients” to be considered an interesting item, isn’t it?


Ichi is a good looking and complete website template. It has three versions (parallax, video, slider) and ten color schemes. Much more, Ichi is based on two styles, Dark and Light. Taking into account these options it’s crystal clear that in fact here is more than a template. Adding that it’s responsive and build with Bootstrap 3 you have a complete idea about this template.


The template creators mentioned that it’s well coded and any advanced sequence is well explained using the comments; also, they claim to provide very detailed support. By judging after the design of the layout, it’s impossible not to observe the special care for details, it’s obvious their professionalism. A very good template, isn’t it?


No doubt, Blume is created to impress – everything was well-designed and all the small details were carefully analysed. It may be used for fashion projects, but also for creative agency. The jQuery effects are really cool and these are amplified by the cool images used. What do you think, it’s the most good looking template from here?


Slope is another must see retina ready website template. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the modern and bold style of the template. The strong points of it are the jQuery effects, the big and bold typography, the unusual format of the webpages and the possibility of the color customisation.


Basix may be defined as the prototype of the 2013 website. It’s ultra-responsive, both tablet and smartphone versions assure a great user experience and it’s flat design inspired. Also, it’s a retina ready construction and it’s eliminated any unnecessary clutter. Overall, the template is superb and it might be a solution for your future projects.


Newgate comes with tons of options, therefore there is a slight chance not to be satisfied with: the template may be full width or boxed, the portfolio may be displayed in three different layouts and the user has the possibility of selecting any color he wants.


For the ones that need an original and wonderful retina ready website, 3Angle is the perfect solution. The angular shapes are original and give a special look to the webpages. The design is very clean and modern, very suitable for creative agencies or portfolios. Definitely, it has five stars rating at the originality chapter!


Light is a clean lovely retina ready website template. It’s clean and simple and no matter which color skin you select, it looks awesome. If you love simplicity, then this template is for you!

Save the World

Charity websites must have two features: the homepage must be extremely appealing, it must convince the users to pay attention and the images used must create tension. This template successfully incorporates these two traits and the result is great.


Float isn’t a fully website template, it’s a great under construction template. It looks so cool, that simply forced me to add into this list. The template has three different versions and all of them are stunning. Maybe these are not very suitable for more serious projects, but undoubtedly, these will make curious any visitor!


Unlikely as the previous example, this one is very complex and suitable for multiple kinds of projects. The strong point of this one is constituted by the huge pallet of options to customise: 3 homepage variations (slider, video and parallax), multi or one page versions, five color skins, page transitions 3D effects (check the preview to make an idea, I fell in love with these) and many other useful features.


Corporative is a great template, it has six versions and all of them are very different. It is suitable for any kind of project, from corporate and creative agency to various shops. Corporative is a retina ready website template that shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in promoting on Internet his/her affairs.

Power Energy

By far, the jQuery sliding effect from the homepage is the most interesting aspect of this retina ready template. Of course, the cool design is another feature that made me to add it here.


Bouquets is a lovely template designed for online shops. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the simplicity of the flatness and the color combination used. Another big plus of this retina ready template is the boldness of the buttons that work fine for any type of device used.


This retina ready template has incorporated big and impressive images that will catch the attention of the viewers. It’s specially created for beauty projects and I think that is perfectly matching for exclusivist services and locations. Definitely, it wonderfully combines the beauty, discretion and refinement.


Smarty is a retina ready template based on latest HTML and CSS versions. It’s a joy of colors and in addition to a wonderful design, these assure the perfect mixture for a great website. It contains 11 webpages; therefore you have all the necessary “ingredients” of a huge success.


Spark is a great solution for a modern portfolio. The colors and the typography are well-chosen, the designers were really inspired. The standing apart item of this retina ready template is the navigational menu- it’s discrete and at the same time, complete and visually appealing!

Bearing 404

Anteriorly, it was showcased a coming soon template. It was unfair not to have here a 404 page; therefore we were forced to add into this list such a project. Bearing is a very creative and interesting 404 page that comes into 5 color versions.


Dignity is a retina ready template that is constituted from 12 different versions. All of these are built to satisfy the highest standards. The modernist approach is sustained by the flat design and the images used. It’s crystal clear that is way better to visit yourself this template to convince yourself about the quality of it!

I hope that these retina ready templates inspired you to create better projects. Congratulations to the creators because all look extremely well and such good masterworks required a colossal volume of work. Did you enjoyed the templates; do you have a favourite one? Please share your thoughts with us; the comment form is waiting for you!