20 extremely useful .psd resources to learn creating stunning websites

Learning web design isn’t simple at all. Studying web design in high school is very expensive and to amortize the student loan is required a long period of time. Altogether, the web evolves very rapidly and it’s no surprise that what you learn in the first year to be totally outdated immediately after graduation.
Learning by yourself is a way cheaper solution, but there is no diploma to guarantee the skills of the individual. Unfortunately, some design agencies consider primordial the existence of a diploma in order to hire a new member. It’s not so simple to be a designer, as so many people wrongly judged.
Crying and being pessimistic aren’t beneficial- the same circumstances are for everyone. The positive aspect is that many designers have managed to resist into this climate and some of them created amazing works. Therefore, why not keep working and try to become the best?
The matter of success is a very delicate subject and the overall conclusion is that the resolving equation of it is formed from way too many “x”s in order to have a clear answer. Still, passion and hard work seem to have a more serious contribution than other items. Passion is fully depending on each one mental, but working hard and wise is a matter that can be improved across time.
We know that the time of the web designers is very limited and we prepared for them a surprise. Into this post we will present 20 wonderful .psd resources created by very talented designers. There is no better way to learn than practicing, so you may replicate the files (of course, just for sharpening the skills and not for commercial purposes!!!). Enjoy these and don’t forget to let us know which your favourite was!

One Genius

This resource consists in 3 .psd files that are the backbone of a great website. The ones that buy it may use OneGenius to create a stunning website or for studying how a creative team imagined a wonderful portfolio. The design is very modern, flat based, so there are enough reasons to profit from this opportunity!


These .psd files are looking similar to the previous ones, but there are still major differences. It has a special color combination and definitely it has the power to attract the viewers. Still, both of them may be considered a living example of good aesthetics!


If you need a modern website template or to study how to create one, then Sweep is a good solution for you. It contains some amazing .psd resources- in fact the files of a modern flat website. Another strong point of this website template is the color scheme- the template is a joy of color!


I think that these .psd resources are very useful. The pack contains ten files, enough to build various types of websites. Probably, Secundo is the best for amateur web designers because the combinations of fonts, colors and shapes reveal the great experience and the talent of the team.

Flat pixel

It’s impossible as a designer not to be interested in the nice illustrations added into this .psd template. All of them are looking very cool and surely the template fully deserves the money invested.


If you need a 100% flat inspired website template, then Flatible is for you. Everything is created to respect the core values of flatness, but of course, these are integrated into a good looking format. No doubt, this .psd resource is a must have for anyone interested in flat design.


These .psd resources impress everyone due to elegance and the smart use of typography. I felt in love with the pricing tables and the buttons inserted. It’s a very good template that may be used to create a stunning website.


Translucent is an old item for sale, but the quality is timeless. The design isn’t flat based; it’s about how to creatively use the transparency of images to create stunning effects. Overall is a nice design and it’s a great opportunity to remember how the design was before flat has come into scene.


Yuri consists of two files that are the support of a good looking website. The files obtain a great mark at the originality chapter, the sci-fi font being probably the most original idea. No doubt, any designer may learn tons of tricks and best practices from these files.


Don’t consider me as an enemy of flat design, but a good designer should know to create layouts based on different design styles. Atlantica is a great collection of .psd resources revealing that the beauty of good design is timeless.


Of course, we are aware that clients need fresh and modern websites. This template is in opposition with the previous two items, but they have in common the high quality of the .psd files. Cobalt is an example of pure flat, it’s almost a must have resource for a designer.


I am in doubt about, but maybe some people don’t like the previous template. Well, if you need a great flat website template, then Miinus is another wonderful solution. It contains 14 files, only top quality design.


Gaming industry is perpetually growing and there is a constant need of websites for game lovers. These projects are extremely difficult to create because the designer must recreate the dynamism of a game. This template is the work of a great team because it looks very well and any game lovers will be captivated by it.


Angelicas is a black and white creation that compensates the lack of colors with a good looking layout. This is suitable for original creative agencies or for portfolios. By sure, it will stay apart from the competitors.


If you want an original template but at the same time, you love the colors, then Spaceman is the best choice. The website is built in origami style, the shapes are really impressive. I believe that you will learn a lot if you buy this template.


Mozart is a template that is based on flat design and the overall impression is that the designer took care for any pixel of it. Everything is well designed respecting the laws of beautiful design. Congratulations to the creator!

T Joy

T Joy is my favourite from this list; this template consists in tons of wonderfully created items and analysing each of them is a must if you bought it. It’s a very complex .psd file, but it’s well structured so studying the layers is very comfortable.

R Gen

The entrepreneurs are investing serious amounts of money in launching new online stores and as a consequence, the designers should create very attractive e-commerce layouts. This template will help very much because it has the psd. files of a well-crafted e-commerce presence.


Another kind of business that is very common on Internet is car renting. Of course, the designers are demanded to create websites to stay in front of the competitors and this template is undoubtedly, one the most good looking one.
I hope that these files will be useful to you. I tried to assure a variety of design approaches, but it was impossible not to give a special attention to flat design. If you create a stunning psd file, please submit it to us and we will gladly add here to delight our readers.