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20 Best Selling OpenCart Themes 2012

OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system based on the MVC platform. In spite its many faults, OpenCart is a robust and popular e-commerce solution used by many Internet merchants around the world for many good reasons. The code is clean and intuitive and easy to modify especially if you are familiar with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technology. It offers a feature-rich, user-friendly, search engine optimized experience with a powerful administration panel and built-in payment processing. It is an excellent choice for businesses that need more control than is offered by most hosted solutions but do not need the complexity of a more fully featured e-commerce suite.

If your business website needs such a powerful e-commerce suite, but you do not have the knowledge nor the time to properly program the various PHP scripts, there are numerous professionally created themes out there for you to use. These themes make it easy for you to find and customize your cart’s theme based on your unique needs. So, if you are considering using OpenCart as your e-commerce suite, you may want to check out the best OpenCart themes of 2012. You may find the right solution for all your business needs.

Responsive - OpenCart Theme
#20 Responsive

Built on the Skeleton Framework, the Responsive OpenCart theme is a mobile-type theme that automatically tailors itself to its viewer screen size. Optimized for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, the theme re-adjusts content dynamically, in response to changes in browser size, to offer your customers the best display experience possible. Written in HTML5 and CSS3, this SEO-friendly, table-free OpenCart theme comes with a built-in captioned homepage slider, as well as product image magnification and zoom features. It is a great theme for all web stores and industries that do not need the power of the more feature-rich themes.

-Optimized for desktops, tablets, and smart phones
-Home slider with captions
-Product image magnifier
-SEO-friendly, optimized, table free HTL5 and CSS3 markup
-Well documented markup makes customizing painless

FancyCart - Premium OpenCart Template
#19 FancyCart

FancyCart is a clean and slick, SEO-friendly, responsive fixed two-column OpenCart theme suitable for a wide variety of products. Like most responsive OpenCart themes, FancyCart adjusts to optimize screen and display size for mobile devices. It is very easy to install and customize, and ships with five editable Photoshop image files containing the template’s design elements such as the main layout, slider, banners, and the product page. Under the hood, FancyCart utilizes jQuery libraries, CloudZoom, NivoSlider, jQuery Carousel, Google Web fonts and clean HTML and CSS provide an enjoyable and functional, exhaustive user experience.

-Clean and slick responsive design
-Clean SEO optimization cross browser compatible HTML
-Easy to install and customize
-Google Web Fonts, jQuery, CloudZoom, NivoSlider, and jQuery Carousel integrated
-Slider, category, and free shipping banners included

Black - OpenCart Theme
#18 Black

You can never go wrong with black. The classic Black OpenCart theme casts the default OpenCart theme in black backgrounds and white text. This theme comes with a three-column display layout and Photoshop design files for the homepage, categories, and product pages. Like all OpenCart themes, the Black theme comes with simple multiple currency and language support, product review scripts, support for an unlimited list of categories, products, and manufacturers, payment gateways, and several shipping methods. If you do not need a full-featured shopping cart suite for your store and your customers prefer things to be a bit on the darker side, then you should check out the Black OpenCart theme. It may be the key to your success.

-Three Photoshop files included
-Three-column display layout
-All black color scheme and background
-Clean simple minimalistic design
-Basic OpenCart features and optimization

Gecco Shop
#17 Gecco Shop

With a universal design, the Gecco Shop was made to be perfect for luxury items and digital goods. The fixed two-column, well-documented, SEO-friendly OpenCart theme allows any image or texture to serve as the header background image. Optimized to sell digital goods, the theme also has animated thumbnail captions, animated images, adjustable thumbnail size, and a drop down menu. It also has multi-currency support, over twenty styled pages, a sitemap generator, anti-spam features, and it integrates well with Google Analytics and the AddThis social media tool. Gecco Shop is the only theme in this list that uses different meta descriptions and keywords for each product and category in many multiple languages.

-Animated thumbnail captions and image loader
-Built-in anti-spam controls
-Complete search engine optimization on every page.
-Integrated with AddThis and Google Analytics
-Multi-Currency support

Uni-Store - Universal Opencart Theme
#16 Uni-Store

If you sell tools, sporting goods, jewelry, fashion, or products for kids, you may find Uni-Store very useful. The OpenCart theme comes with six different pre-set color schemes designed for these specific industries including a black and a white scheme for jewelry. With color gradients, an unlimited color palette, customizable background textures and images, and Google Web Fonts you can create your dream shop in few minutes. You can set Uni-Store up as a single column or a full-page website with a stylish unique modern design. The theme comes with ten Photoshop design files and a well-documented installation guide to assist you in making your unique e-commerce platform.

-Ten Photoshop design files
-Six default color schemes for tools, sporting goods, jewelry, fashion, and merchandise for kids
-Custom footer, background textures and images
-Unlimited colors and gradients available
-Attractive and unique design

Basico - Premium OpenCart Template
#15 Basico

The Basico premium e-commerce OpenCart theme specializes in product display slideshows. The theme comes with 5 pre-set sideshow schemes: two featuring Nivo Slider, two HTML /Javascript sliders and the OpenCart default; each with configurable transition effects and speeds. Basico also comes with support for Cyrillic, Greek and Chinese characters making the theme a requirement if you are selling to those markets. The theme also includes a transparent background color scheme for sites without backgrounds. There is also a large collection of add-on modules that let you customize every component of the theme.

-Transparent background included for sites with no background images.
-Collection of custom modules such as custom text boxed and bestseller widgets
-5 pre-set product image slideshows
-Horizontal navigation with unlimited subcategory levels
-Font Support for Cyrillic, Greek and Chinese characters

Vasco eCommerce OpenCart Theme
#14 Vasco

Vasco is a slideshow-style OpenCart e-commerce theme. It uses the Nivo Slider to present your featured products on the home page to decrease user clicks while increasing your sales. The cheapest of the OpenCart themes, Vasco uses warm and elegant colors with an attractive modern design and includes a step-by-step installation guide that can get your store online in less than ten minutes. Vasco’s simple and intuitive module design is completely customizable through the robust admin panel and does not require any HTML or PHP programming knowledge to use.

-Home page slideshow controlled through admin panel, no HTML / PHP editing required
-Nice, attractive and modern design with warm colors and wounded corners
-Well commented and semantically edited Open Cart code that is easy to understand
-Easy ten-minute installation with an easy to read step-by-step guide
-Least expensive OpenCart theme

RetailUniverse - Ultimate OpenCart Template
#13 RetailUniverse

RetailUniverse is an advanced universal e-commerce theme suitable for many online industries and markets. Built with modern e-commerce tendencies and search engine optimization in mind, the theme comes with a completely reworked layout and JavaScript visual effects designed around enhancing user experience and SEO best practices. RetailUniverse is a highly customizable theme with a large collection of unique OpenCart features such as three different sliders, three different menu types, three skins, two product image preview schemes, a roundabout feature slider, and social media integration. Whether you’re looking for a new skin for your existing OpenCart-based store or a template to modify for your client, RetailUniverse is the great choice for your e-commerce website.

-Three customizable sliders, menus, and skins
-Two product image preview schemes
-Integrated social features including Skype
-Six editable areas
-Boxed and full page layouts available

MyStock Image Shope - OC Template
#12 My Stock Image Shop

My Stock Image Shop is a simple theme specifically optimized to sell stock online content such as images, e-books, music, and videos. My Stock Image uses a fixed two-column layout design with limited customizable options. There are no special code modifications or custom modules included with the theme other than the features that come with OpenCart itself. It does come with a layered Photoshop file of the theme’s design, a help file, and well commented code for those that need a bit more than what comes standard with this theme. If you are selling stock content and do not need a lot of features, My Stock Image Shop may be right for you.

-Specially optimized for stock content such as images, e-books, and videos
-Two-column fixed layout
-Simple minimalistic design
-Well commented code and help file included
-Limited set of customizable options

Fashionista - Premium Opencart Theme
#11 Fashionista

If your store specializes in fashion, then the Fashionista premium OpenCart e-commerce theme maybe the theme for you. The Fashionista theme is a stylishly modern, SEO-friendly design that is specially optimized for clothing stores but can be modified to meet the needs other industries as needed. This SEO optimized theme offers several animated customizable carousel product sliders set in a one or two-column fixed-width grid display layout, and lets you choose the number of products it will display per row. It has an unlimited color palette, configurable introductory slideshow, custom payment icons, customizable footer, and an animated search box. Built for precision and utility, the theme can be installed in under five minutes.

-Animated carousel product image sliders
-Single and double column fixed display layout
-Two-column and one-column schemes
-Install in less than five minutes
-Social media integration

Teez - Oopencart Template
#10 Teez

Teez is an OpenCart e-commerce theme specifically designed to sell t-shirts and other apparel. The theme is simple and minimalistic offering only a few extra customizations beyond the base OpenCart selection. These extras include a moveable sidebar, sideshows, color palette, and product size selectors. The theme also comes with “latest feature” and welcome modules as well as three-layer PNG files for the homepage, category page, and product page. If you deal with t-shirts and apparel, but don’t need the benefits of the more robust themes, you may want to take a long look at Teez.

-Custom page color schemes and product image sizes
-Optimized for t-shirts and apparel
-Theme comes with Slideshow, latest featured, and welcome modules
-Single-column fixed display layout
-Simple minimalistic design that is easy to install

Vanity Shop - Opencart Theme
#9 Vanity Shop

For those looking to be more creative with their e-commerce site, there is the Vanity Shop theme. This universal OpenCart theme comes optimized to handle four different types of digital goods: tickets, photos, videos, and music. It has multi-currency support, anti-spam features, a built-in blog system, an animated image preloader, product reviews and comments, and it integrates well with AddThis, WordPress, Nivo Slider, Contact Farm, Google Analytics, and Piecemaker. However, it only comes with a two-column fixed-width grid layout, and three product thumbnail sizes, but if you sell digital goods, and you use the WordPress blogging system along with OpenCart, check out the Vanity Shop for your online store.

-Display any image, texture as background
-Optimized to sell digital goods
-WordPress and AddThis Integration
-Product reviews and comments
-Multi-Currency support

Phantom Shop
#8 Phantom Shop

The Phantom Shop comes optimized for selling jewelry, cosmetic, the latest fashions, and digital goods such as images and e-books. This is probably the most glamorous of the themes for OpenCart here on Theme Squirrel with its dark colors and flashy graphics. This universal theme comes with multi-currency support, twenty styled pages, SEO-friendly URLS, a sitemap generator, and translator support for several languages. Easy to install and customize, Phantom Shop comes with animated background and product image preloaders, a drop down menu, Nivo Slider, anti-spam features, and support for about three hundred social networks. With some quick customizations, you can change it into anything you want. Phantom Shop is an excellent choice for luxury and digital stores and e-commerce websites.

-Two-column fixed width layout
-Contact form with anti-spam features
-Multi-currency support
-Language translation feature
-Customizable empty PNG buttons

SimpleCart - OpenCart Template 12 styles
#7 SimpleCart

SimpleCart is another minimalistic e-commerce theme for OpenCart. Designed to be a very simple theme, SimpleCart comes with twelve different styles with four different color schemes in fixed and fluid two-column layouts. SimpleCart only has short product descriptions, carousels, menus with active status buttons, and a descriptive footer, but if you are looking for a quick simple design, SimpleCart may fill your e-commerce needs.

-Twelve different styles with four color schemes: black slate, blue, orange, and brown wood
-Fixed and fluid two-column display layout
-Simple minimalistic design
-Short product descriptions
-Carousel product sliders

SportStore - OpenCart Premium Theme
#6 SportStore

Especially optimized and designed to sell sporting goods, the SportStore is a colorful, advanced, and unique two-column e-commerce theme for OpenCart. SportStore can be installed in minutes with gradients, an unlimited color palette, Google Web Fonts, and a custom footer. It comes preloaded with three basic preset color schemes, three different types of menus: horizontal, vertical, and vertical columns, seven Photoshop files, and an unlimited color palette. It is a fixed two-column shopping cart solution designed to make every sports retailer proud. It is an excellent shopping cart solution for any store selling sporting goods and related merchandise.

-Three customizable default color schemes
-Three types of menus plus horizontal submenus
-Optimized for sporting goods and related merchandise
-Great documentation and installation guide included
-Fixed two-column design with a customizable footer

Simple - OpenCare Template
#5 Simple

The Simple OpenCart theme lives up to its name. It is a very simple design that can be modifiable to serve as the shopping cart for any type of store or e-commerce website. It is a one-column template with only a few extra features. It uses only few image files to make it easier and quicker to customize and to achieve faster load times. If you are looking for a simple and clean e-commerce suite, the Simple OpenCart theme may be the right solution for you.

-Stylized pages
-Minimal image use for easy customization
-Well documented, easy to install
-Minimalistic design and layout
-Two-layer PNG file for home and product pages

Gentle - Theme OpenCart
#4 Gentle

The Gentle OpenCart e-commerce theme works as advertised. This very powerful, aesthetically-pleasing theme includes full support for all OpenCart features such as Reward Points System, RMA System, Grid, List Product listings, Gift Voucher System, Credit System, Reorder System, Wish List System, Affliate System, Option Text Fields, Banner Manager, One-Page Checkout and many others. The Gentle Theme comes fully customizable. You can edit just about everything from the colors to the fonts to the display layout. The installation process is very easy and the theme comes with an easy to follow, step-by-step instruction guide. This theme is optimized to sell fashion, electronics, furniture, accessories, computers, and other gadgets, but can be easily modified for other types of stores as needed.

-Full support for OpenCart features
-Unlimited color palette
-Custom Footer with six editable columns.
-Two-column display layout
-An easy to follow, step by step installation guide

ShopCart - Powerful OpenCart Template
#3 ShopCart

ShopCart was designed with both store owners and developers in mind. Store owners will find ShopCart to be nice looking and easy to customize. Developers will get a powerful customizable e-commerce solution for their customers. ShopCart’s settings can be adjusted via HTML or through its robust admin panel that can modify everything from the colors to the backgrounds to the six-column customizable footer. For those that need more power, ShopCart has about two hundred Google fonts, social media integration, an unlimited color palette, and SEO-friendly product sale ribbons. This two-column theme comes with an easy to follow, step-by-step installation guide which will walk you through the fifteen minute installation.

-Unlimited color palette with color picker in the admin panel
-Clean, beautiful design with a powerful admin panel
-Search engine optimized design
-Social media integration
-Six-column customizable footer

Sellegance - Responsive OpenCart Theme
#2 Sellegance

If you need an e-commerce suite that works well for everything from laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and desktops, you are going to love Sellegance. Sellegance is a self-adjusting responsive OpenCart theme designed for mobile development. With Sellegance, you get to choose your own colors, backgrounds, and fonts from a clean and intuitive admin panel. Perfect for any web shop, the theme comes equipped with a product and category accordion slider, Cloud Zoom and social media integration, and custom homepage sliders to deliver the ultimate experience to your customers. Highly customizable with its clean design and lots of features, you will have a very profitable online shop in no time.

-Elegant and responsive design
-Social media integration
-Cloud Zoom Integrated
-SEO-friendly, Semantic, clean code (no tables)
-Pure HTML version included

Shoppica - Premium Open Cart Theme
#1 Shoppica

Stylish, SEO-friendly, and powerful, Shoppica is a fully responsive OpenCart theme designed for professional e-commerce websites. Clean and modern looking, the theme works well with every type of online shop and performs great on any device. With an unlimited color palette and fonts, every component of the theme is fully customizable. For instance each of your categories and subcategories can have their own color scheme. On top of that, Shoppica is designed to run multiple stores from the same admin panel. You can split your products into departments with each department having its own settings, color scheme, and design. Fully localized, Shoppica is excellent choice if you do business in multiple languages. By far the most popular OpenCart e-commerce theme, Shoppica is the choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes that are serious about selling merchandise online.

-Stylish, SEO-friendly, powerful, and responsive deign
-Fully localized language support including right-to-left (RTL) languages
-Multi-store support to run multiple stores from the same admin panel
-Unlimited color schemes and background textures and images
-Custom product slider

OpenCart is one powerful e-commerce shopping cart solution. It is easy to use and highly customizable to fit any business need. Having the right theme installed can make this powerful suite make miracles for your online business. While there are many good free OpenCart themes out there, very few of them have the features and customization options offered by the premium OpenCart themes above. So if you want to take your OpenCart store to the next level, use any of the above best themes and you are good to go. You are bound to find the right solution for your e-commerce site and your customers, by utilizing of these best selling OpenCart templates.

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