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20 best Magento Templates for 2012

ECommerce continues to be a popular way to do business in the 21st century. It is fast, convenient and, given the international trends in businesses lately, the easiest way to send money back and forth between parties. ECommerce sites are certainly a growing trend in this field, and as such, site builders are looking at the varying ways they can appeal to potential buyers. Of course, because humans are a visual species, website designers are looking to leverage the most appealing visuals in order to draw the buyers in. There are several different web themes available; Magento is an open source eCommerce software package which offers a wide range which appeals to a broad audience.

The top 20 best Magento templates for 2012:

Fortis - Flexible Magento Theme
Fortis: Designed with fun in mind, Fortis is an eCommerce theme which is a standalone. It allows users to design their own sub-themes and edit the basic design right from the administration module. It boasts clean and readable product pages which are visually appealing; it also allows you to take advantage of customizable product options, sliders for related and up-sell products, among other features. Images are also merged into CSS sprites, which allows for faster page loading times.

Blanco - Magento Template
Blanco: This customizable Magento theme is also available in WordPress and offers compatibility across many web browsers, including Opera, Firefox, and, of course, Internet Explorer. There are countless other features to be taken advantage of as well to enhance the user’s experience of your website – it also offers such features as:

– Custom DropDown Menu
– Grid page for 4 and 3 product display
– Editable images sizes on the product page
– New block on product page
– Powerful admin module
– Related products slider
– Other menu type possibilities

Crisp and Clean - Magento Template
Crisp and Clean: This template is fully responsive; if you open a Crisp and Clean-themed site on your mobile device, the website size will automatically readjust for increased useability. The user interface is crisp and clean, as the theme name implies, and offers stylish simplicity and navigational clarity. This gives users a purchasing experience which is easy to use and very artistic. It provides the eCommerce owner the opportunity to tell a story with their product that can truly pull purchasers in to their experience.

It also offers:

– Homepage (Image gallery is included for free)
– Category Landing Page / Product Listing Page
– Product Page with free Lightbox gallery integration included
– Register / Sign In Page
– My Account Pages
– Shopping Cart Page
– Checkout Page
– Content Page Template
– Email Header

Layover magento theme
Layover: This integrates the feedback from the top-selling Magento themes to create a theme which offers the best of all Magento worlds.
There are other pages and features which allow you to set up your own online store in an interactive way. It’s business, redefined. It also includes a homepage featuring:

– Product Spotlight Flipcards
– Top Sellers
– Featured Items Galleries and Flipcards with Quickview
– Newsletter Signup Form
– Message Block

Celebrity - Magento Theme
Celebrity: As Brad Paisley said, we are talking about celebrity, folks, except this time, we’re talking web themes. This theme features unlimited color options and a “one-click” install option, which allows you to start using the theme immediately. There is also a products slideshow which allows users to see all possible products they may be interested in.

The theme is offered in two shades, light and dark, which allows site builders to take advantage of the best theme possible to highlight their business or products. A drop-down shopping cart, among other features, gives users a thoroughly interactive experience for their shopping pleasure.

Furniture Magento Theme
Furniture: This theme is optimized for use with an online furniture store, hitech store, electronic store, car store, accessories store, apparel, fashion store or other like-minded establishment. It is a template which is very easily customizable and gives builders an opportunity to design the site in the manner that works best for their store. It includes two menu variants and a powerful admin module, which allows users to adapt their sites easily and effectively for the sales purpose they need.

Exdress-Medusa - Fashion Store Magento Theme
Exdress-Medusa Luxury Fashion Store: This is a theme designed for relaxation, not in-your-face product promotion. Sometimes, a customer doesn’t want to be pushed too hard into a sale. Exdress is designed to help the customer feel relaxed about their shopping experience. With features ranging from one-click installation to a custom megamenu, offering flexible menu features which allow your customers to customize their shopping experience (to an extent), Exdress is truly a theme which has the customer in mind. Other features include, but aren’t limited to:

– Big Frontpage Slideshow – with various effects and caption
– Frontpage Brands Slider – show up top brands on homepage
– Frontpage Products Slider – flexible featured products slider
– Frontpage Top Product – show top product on homepage
– Frontpage Sales Product – show sales product on homepage
– New- and Sales Products Tab – show new- and sales on category-view
– One-Page Product Navigation – user experience product navigation on product-view page
– Product Image Zoom – zoomify product image feature

Tribeca Magento Themes
Tribeca: This is a theme which is cohesive and offers you all the tools you need to develop your own online store front efficiently and easily. It is a minimalist theme which doesn’t get bogged down with the bells and whistles of other sites. Tribeca is a theme designed for shopping, not for the “pretty factor”, though it is a sleek, well-planned theme. It is designed to sell your products effectively and appeal to a broad range of clients.

Santana Fashion Store
Santana Fashion Store: This a theme which works with any product or any store. It fits with any type of accessories, electronics, fashion, or virtually any sort of product sale; with the 28 featured backgrounds, there are a variety of images and colors which can work really well with your eCommerce site. It also has many features like product zoom, which allows you to see any product up close and personal – certainly, a boon when you are doing any online shopping. Some of the highlights also include:

– Ajax Quick Cart
– Product page size Chart
– Product Images Zoom (Setting from Admin Panel)
– Super DropDown Menu
– Custom Slideshow to View Prospective Purchases
– Back to Top Button

DecoStore Magento Template
DecoStore: DecoStore boasts a powerful admin module, as do all the Magento themes, but it also has a variety of languages and currencies for the international appeal of a 21st century storefront. DecoStore is designed to easily change color and backgrounds, so if you so desire, you can customize it for seasonal sales or other special events. It also offers:

– Custom DropDown Menu
– New Block on Product Page
– Powerful Admin Module
– Possibility of Another Menu Type
– Additional Navigation Link
– FrontPage New Products Slider
– Optimized for Fast Loading
– Slide-show designed perfectly for touch screens
– Background uploading facility thorough admin panel

It is also a theme which is compatible across web browser platforms, which means it is accessible from virtually any OS or web browser, which includes Internet Explorer or Firefox. It is a powerful theme which is highly adaptable across both smaller and heavy store types.

Accessories Car Magento Theme
Accessories Car: This theme is truly designed for car stores, hi-tech shops, or any other mall-oriented store which can be adapted as a heavy store and is accessible in multiple languages. As with all Magento themes, there is a powerful admin module at play but it is easily customizable for your store’s purpose and brand appeal. This theme’s highlights include but aren’t limited to:

– Slide show banner with admin panel with multiple effects of your choosing
– 2 menu variants (wide menu, fish menu) with admin panel
– Featured Product Slider Extension
– New Product in home page
– BestSeller Product Vertical Scroller where you can effectively demonstrate your top sellers
– Three vertical menu options: dropdown menu, accordion menu or tree menu
– Scroller thumbnail images in product page
– Cloud zoom images with Lightbox
– Editable product images sizes

T-short Store Magento Template
T-Shirt: This minimalist Magento theme offers all the best features of the other Magento templates while keeping the site crisp and tidy. This, in turn, offers your clientele a simplistic eCommerce experience that will leave them wanting to return for more. With one-click access to all facets of the site, this is a simplistic way to navigate which allows even the least technologically comfortable user to feel at ease.

Dropshipper Magento Template
Dropshipper: Like the wholesale experience? Dropshipper is the site for you! There is no static block involved in the site and it comes prepackaged with its own admin module to easily install and update the site. The latest products are featured on the home page and it allows users the opportunity to see the newest products the second you upload it to your site. It also offers features such as:

– Homepage banner configured from the admin panel. From here you can upload your images, add links and image descriptions. Block width and heights can be edited here if featured products are disabled.
– Built-in featured products on Homepage and Category pages. The Featured products can be disabled from the admin panel. You can also edit the number of Featured products to display.
– Main categories search. Categories can be excluded from the admin panel.
– The latest products can be displayed on the home page and are sorted by latest first. Products can be added easily and the block will update automatically. The number of latest products to display can be set from the custom module.
– Callout Images. You can upload, add links and/or add a description from the admin panel.
– Dynamic link for cms pages on top and footer area.
– Facebook Like button and Twitter button on product page.
– Red and Blue styles included.

Organic Magento Theme
Organic: This is a cohesive website theme design which allows users and site builders to establish a smooth eCommerce experience. It offers a shopping cart page, a product page and a checkout page for ease of shopping. It also offers:

– Home Page (Image gallery is included for free)
– Category Landing Page / Product Listing Page
– Register / Sign In Page
– My Account Pages
– Content Page Template
– Email Header

All of these integrate into a user-friendly shopping experience which gives both client and site builder a positive eCommerce relationship.

Chocolate - Responsive Magento Theme
Chocolate: This is an elegant and clean Magento theme which offers a great deal of flexibility to users. There is a customizable slideshow, a variety of colors to choose from and integration with Cloud Zoom to enlarge product images. Shoppers can also access the customizable grid so that they can display products in 3, 4, or 5 rows. There are also multiple static CMS blocks which allow site builders the opportunity to display their own custom content.

There is also:

– Drop-down shopping cart in header
– Best sellers block in sidebar
– Tabbed product data and reviews on the Product Page
– Added “Sign Up” link in the Top Links block. This helps new customers to find the registration form.
– There is also the ability to display a custom link in the top Links block. You can set the path, anchor and title text to optimize the user’s experience.
– Product labels (“new” and “sale”) on the Product Page, in categories and on other product listings. This is a feature which is editable from admin panel.

The Chocolate theme is using SEO Friendly Design and Layout Structure. It fully supports all Magento SEO features.

wStore: The wStore does not necessarily mean that the design is strictly for women, though it certainly offers an appeal to female consumers. With 5 color schemes to choose from and border animation on product images, this theme offers a beauty unparalleled by other website themes. Like many other Magento themes, this also is compatible with several web browsers, which certainly allows it to appeal to a broader market.

It also offers features such as:

– My Cart block is in the header
– Sidebar tabs access
– Vertical menu (categories list) in the sidebar
– Fancybox, which is also accessible at
– Cufon text replacement.

Apparel Store - Magento Theme
Apparel Store: This is a theme which clearly lives up to its name; it is best used for clothing and fashion stores. It has its own admin module prepackaged with the software which, in turn, allows builders to easily edit the site. There are also a variety of other features familiar to other Magento packages, though this directly targets fashion stores. Other features include but may not be limited to:

– Homepage slider with admin panel configuration. Images can be uploaded or plain html can be added. The slider can also be disabled.
– Featured products on Homepage. Admin Options allows you to set the number of featured products to display.
– Latest products get featured on the home page and are sorted by latest first. Products can be added and the block updates automatically. From there, the number of latest products to display can be set.
– Callout Images which can be uploaded, with links and descriptions added from the admin panel.
– Dynamic link for CMS pages on top.
– Product view page: Custom selection for color and size. This works for custom options only.
– Facebook Like button and Twitter button on product page.

Shmotki: Not only does the name appeal because of how it sounds, this is a unique web theme which allows site builders to take advantage of a variety of design features, such as the floating toolbar, different kinds of header menus and footer menus, and an editable custom block for social networking links. Other features are also offered, such as:

– 4 Colors to choose from
– a fully-compatible Magento ver. template
– Compatibility with a variety of web browsers, including: Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome
– Editable sizes of product images where you can change sizes easily and use the sizes that work best for you
– Cufon replacement, which allows you to change a font easily through the admin panel. The three included fonts are: Segan, Myriad Pro and standard font Georgia
– Price hiding from non-logged in users
– Two custom banners which allow you to upload image, set a small description and a link
– Ability to use hover effect (another uploaded image) for products on the products listings
– Vertical tabs for the essential product list offer a creative, non-standard view for the product page
– Two positions for newsletter form: sidebar and footer
– Categories list on the sidebar which can be disabled

There are also two kinds of header menus offered, including Ordinary menu (Superfish) and Wide menu. The My Cart block is also in the header, and users can also upload a custom logo. Of course, these are not the only Shmotki features, but they go a long way in helping your site become more user-friendly and appealing.

HighTech Magento Template
High Tech Store: This is another internationally-flavored web theme for eCommerce users. Designed for use with heavy stores which appeal to a variety of languages, the High Tech Store template gives Magento users another option when it comes to setting up their eCommerce site. In addition to its appeal across multiple web browsers, there is also support offered for multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, of course. The 100 per cent table-less design offers a new angle on the web site design process, and the template itself offers other features such as:

– A Featured Product Slider extension
– All new products displayed in the home page
– Brand slider logo, where top seller products can be easily displayed
– Three types of vertical menus: dropdown menu, accordion menu or tree menu
– Scroller Thumbnail images in product page
– Cloud zoom Images with lightbox
– Product images sizes are editable
– Powerful Admin Module – a common trait across all Magento platforms

These are only a few of the features available in the High Tech Store template, and it fits extremely well with virtually any store type, including: camera stores, computer stores, furniture stores, hitech stores, electronic stores, mobile phone or device stores, accessories stores, or fashion stores.

Fashion Magento Theme
Fashion: As the name implies, this template is best used for fashion, clothes, or accessories stores. It is a very SEO-friendly theme with multi-store and multilingual operations. It also features a JQuery based Javascript, as well as having a well-structured HTML and CSS for easy customization. It is also optimized for fast loading; this helps as in this incredibly busy world we live in, we don’t necessarily have the time to spend waiting for a site to load in order to make purchases.

Akihabara Magento Ecommerce Theme
Akihabara: This is a sleek and modern theme which is named after the famed Tokyo electronics shopping district. The theme features three levels of product presentation: a main image slider, a featured products section and a secondary products section. The theme may seem minimalist in appearance at first, because it is images-focused. It is designed to sell any sort of high-tech product, ranging from cameras to medical equipment. As such, users are able to navigate through images easily to obtain a clear picture of the products for sale. High legibility is the key; without it, users will struggle and you may lose a sale.

Features include:

– Ultra modern, clean and clear layout
– Tabbed product page puts your important info near the purchase area
– A cutting edge design which looks and works great yet doesn’t interfere with showcasing your products

Response - Responsive Magento Theme
Responsive: This is a fully responsive Magento theme which allows its users to apply it to any sort of Magento project. As such, it can also be used for virtually any type of store front. As part of its responsiveness, it adjusts quickly and easily for use on both mobile devices and desktop computers or tablets. Its features include but aren’t limited to:

– HTML5 template
– Based on 16 columns skeleton from
– 6px Baseline grid
– Complete semantic markup with SEO in mind
– Single and Multi column support
– Flexslider static block
– Customized static blocks
– Custom useable navigation on mobile devices
– Multi level navigation
– Grid / List view options
– Customizable footer blocks
– Newsletter integration
– Rewritten template base for cleaner code and easy use as Magento Responsive boilerplate
– PSD files included
– 1280 wide screen option
– Back-end control panel for theme customization
– Horizontal or vertical crosssell products
– Dynamic getskeleton grid

In short, the Magento eCommerce templates packages offer a wide range of appeal throughout all its themes. The themes themselves are designed to remove the guesswork from website building and offer customers an eye-catching and generally appealing eCommerce experience. With the continuing advances in commerce, it is small wonder that these premium Magento templates of 2012 offered continue to adapt and grow with the business world.

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