20 WordPress themes suitable for blogs or news magazines

A significant part of the web design & development community have criticized WordPress that it’s unable to provide a good environment for e-commerce activities. Another part isn’t satisfied because WordPress isn’t the best solution for corporate projects. No matter how far WordPress will evolve, there will always be people that won’t be satisfied with it. In spite of this context, WordPress has its major importance in the Internet evolution that can’t be denied.
People often forget that WordPress was built for sharing ideas and thoughts. The blogs were the main target of WordPress, which is why bloggers want this content management system to remain fully focused only on this aspect. I doubt very much that this thing will be possible, but the WordPress plugins and themes for blogs and news websites must remain a predilection for developers.
Anyway, the ones interested in wonderful WordPress themes for blogs have a large pool of good solutions. If you don’t have enough time or enough patience, we are glad to help you by presenting you a collection of 20 beautiful WordPress themes for blogs and news magazines.


I purposely started with a classic WordPress theme for blogs: Anatomia is a simple theme that will allow the reader to fully focus on the written content. The design is discrete, but at the same time extremely helpful for the reader. For example I was impressed with the filtering options from the main navigational menu (filter by tag, date or category).


Semantic is a very modern theme, based on Bootstrap 3 that may be perfectly enjoyed no matter the devices used. It has three wonderful homepages and many customization options, including five different font pairs.


Spraymag is a very complex theme that integrates into a blog/magazine news a forum and a shop, so practically it may be used for multiple purposes. It’s WordPress 4.0 ready, it has 12 inbuilt styles, 12 custom widgets, 4 page templates, 3 featured content design and many other features that will convince you to give heed to it, in the eventuality that you want to achieve a WordPress theme.


Harmony is a wisely selected name for this theme. The white space and the cleanliness inspire harmony and quietism and I believe that this format is perfect for reading. Still this theme is very modern and it may be used for almost any blogging field.


The previous theme was a very clean one, but it can’t be named minimalist. Well, iBloggo is the perfect theme for those who appreciate the minimalistic style.


Playmag is a theme that fully deserves its place into this honoring list. It has 7 versions of homepage, it is SEO optimized and the blogger may add any types of blog posts. Another plus is the slider from the header; its effects are really eye-catching.


The blogosphere and social media are deeply connected, therefore any blogger should take into consideration adding social media buttons into the layout of his/her blog. This theme is an example of strong social media integration; obviously, it’s an example of good design, too.


If you are in need of a simple WordPress theme for a personal blog, then Bloom seems to be the right option. It may be considered as a classic theme for a blog format.


I believe that this theme is better used for news magazines because in a very small area there are displayed many posts titles without annoying the potential reader. It’s based on the new Google design approach, Material, so it may be a winning theme on the medium term perspective.


Paradeigm is a masonry inspired WordPress theme for blogs and it will impress the viewers with its modern design and the lack of adornments. I think that it’s suitable for urban or lifestyle blog topics.


If you believe that the colors may negatively affect the focus of the readers, then Readolog is another solution for you. It’s simple, but extremely appealing and the blogger has tons of features and tools to create the most engaging posts.


Bettermag is a blog theme that could offer its users a wide range of options. It has unlimited colors, sidebars and fonts and in this context it is impossible for a blogger not to be able to create the desired design of the blog. The developers created 11 different versions of this theme and I think that this says a lot about the complexity of this theme.


Gauge is a theme that is very suitable for gaming reviews. The color scheme and the entire design are created having the preferences of the avid gamers in mind. The review system and the video headers are two options almost indispensable for this kind of projects.


Medium was created as a viable alternative for WordPress and no doubt, it has some features that considerable improve the readability. Vienna is a theme suited for any kind of blog and it is a nice mixture of WordPress and Medium. In conclusion, Vienna is a theme that shouldn’t be neglected if you want to improve your blog.


Blogbox isn’t suitable for news magazine, but it’s the perfect choice for a personal blog. It’s very personal and it gives the impression of warmness, which clearly shows that the lecture would be a pleasure. The centered design and the lack of sidebars give me the impression that it was influenced by the Medium, too.


We often associate blogs with written content which isn’t totally true. Nowadays, there are many blogs that contain video posts and Snaptube is a great theme for such projects. The design is very elegant and the white background is wisely selected because in this way, the eyes of the viewers are better focused on the videos.


Unlike the previous one, this theme perfectly matches a news magazine or a professional blog. The layout allows the viewer to see many blog posts and check out his / her favorite ones. Of course, it’s responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized- these features having a capital importance for a magazine news.


Typist is a theme for bloggers that focuses 100% of their endeavors only on writing, the design being neglected. It doesn’t mean that the theme is poor designed; on the contrary, it’s beautiful, but extremely discrete and lacking unnecessary elements.


Margot is a theme that is suitable for news magazine; it impresses with the nice design and extensive use of images. I guess that the potential readers would be satisfied to read the latest news from a Margot based website.


I purposely added this theme the last, since it represents the inner essence of WordPress: a good user experience, no distraction and typography perfection. Do you agree with me?
Do you have a favorite theme that hasn’t been added here that you like more? In this case, please add it in the comment form, in order for us to be able to insert it in a future collection.