20 beautiful WordPress themes for restaurants and cafe bars

It’s not a secret the fact that Internet evolved a lot and it influences our life style more and more. Ten years ago, e-commerce was a term very debated amongst entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t something common for the average Internet user. Anyway, people were still reticent about e-commerce solutions. Nowadays, an online store is something usual and it seems that the online commerce has the same financial value as the “classic” one.
It’s crystal clear that Internet influenced our lives and the best approach is to adapt to this new context. If you want another example to prove the influence of Internet, then take the situation of restaurants and cafe bars into consideration. A decade ago, only the top restaurants allowed themselves the luxury of having a website; in 2014 almost any restaurant has an online presence. Besides that, more and more mobile applications are specially designed to present restaurants and café bars.
Restaurants and cafe bars aren’t separated entities in the global context- almost every business has a presentation website. The entrepreneurs and businessmen can’t ignore the online environment and it determined an online revolution. This context is very advantageous for the users, but for the ones owning these businesses, the harsh competition is a real hell. Only the best ones survive, therefore it is vital to have a strong Internet activity.
Managing a business is a very time consuming activity and to save time for those needing a website or a new redesign, we have collected here 20 beautiful WordPress themes for restaurants and cafe bars. Enjoy them and use these with confidence. They are all high quality themes and the clients will be instantly attracted to their appealing design.


It’s practically impossible to determine which part of the website made me fall in love with it: the perfect design or the appetising images used? Also, the „powerful 3D paralax slider” is impressive and the effect created will attract the eyes of the users. Bordeaux is really a premium theme and any restaurant manager should take it into consideration for his or her business.


Usually, black and white aren’t suitable for restaurant websites, but in this case, the designer smartly uses the colours in his favour. Elegantia is targeted for selective restaurants and the black and white combination assures that dose of extreme elegance required in this kind of projects. Besides that, the entire design is created to express refinement, high quality services and elegance. Another plus of this WordPress theme for restaurants is its complexity. Practically you have everything you need.


If the previous theme was suitable mostly for very elegant restaurants, then this one is targeted for the modern restaurants. The design is fresh and dynamic while the fonts used are readable and modern. Other subtle features that contribute to the dynamic and modern approach are „Daily open” and „Get directions” from the header. But, would it have the same effect without these? I don’t think so…


Delicioso is another WordPress theme for restaurants that is perfectly designed. The big slider showcases very appetizing images and it’s almost impossible not to wish to pay this restaurant a visit. Supposing that someone resisted to these „temptations”, then this person surely won’t be able to resist to the menu sections. Am I right? Please visit it yourself and let me know your opinion.


Those needing more quality themes should focus on Magtruetitude. This is a 3 in 1 theme having different variants for restaurant, photography and magazine options. It’s a must see theme! (or maybe a must buy one!!!)


This theme is a wonderful paradox: its creators declared that it has a rustic influence and this fact is very visible, the handwritten font used being “the cherry on top”. In the same time, they say that the theme is suitable for modern restaurants. Paradoxically, it’s true: 30 minutes of customisation work would be enough to prepare this theme for a modern restaurant. I think that it’s a living example of what a “really customisable” theme supposes.


The content slider of this theme is the work of a developer with a great vision. The user has four options of customisation, but the Carousel one is the best one (according to my humble opinion). It showcases the products, therefore it has a visual role, but at the same time are visible the prices- the informative role. The interesting fact is that by clicking on the product, the slider offers a complete description of the respective product.


Foodlovers is special because it is designed for a long time relationship. The majority of themes are focused on presenting the most attractive images of delicious meals while this theme emphasizes more the team of chiefs and how the food is prepared. It’s a more familiar approach that will help very much in the long term strategy of branding.


Goodold is a WordPress theme for restaurants that is well designed and contains any webpage you can image- from 404 to blog ones. This theme is near perfection, still the fonts choice isn’t quite good, but it’s simple to correct this issue.


Bonjour is a theme dedicated to cafes or restaurants. It’s targeted for vintage and classy locations; no doubt, it has a special design that gives the impression of softness, luxury and exclusiveness.


Mataan is a good theme that has as the main advantages the almost unlimited possibilities of customisation and the simplicity of the design.


Eatery is an example of beautiful & clean responsive design and this WordPress theme for restaurants and cafes must be treated very carefully by the designers and businesses managers. Definitely, by tailoring this theme for the own business, the finality will be a great success.


It’s another WordPress theme for restaurants that is based on a clean and fresh design. Making a booking is a very attracting feature, but this theme incorporated tons of other cool ones as events manager, specials, various menus display etc. Check it and you won’t be disappointed!

Coffee shop

Coffee Shop is a theme suitable mostly for cafes or lounges. Despite of the dark colors used, it creates a welcoming atmosphere and this fact is extremely important in attracting visitors that ulterior, may be transformed into loyal clients.


I must recognize that I am a great lover of pizza, but this theme is in the same time well designed and appetizing. Did you know that yellow is a color that stimulates the appetite? Well, it seems that the theme creator knew it because he used a lot of yellow for this theme.


Cafemio is the perfect option for a nightclub website, but it may be easily customised for other similar purposes as restaurants or cafes. The theme creator fully manages to create an exciting atmosphere and any visitor would like to visit the place at least once. The dynamic background is another item that contributes for creating the cool party atmosphere.


Delizioso is my favourite WordPress theme for restaurants from this list and I am sure that other people are also sharing the same idea with me. The color combination is awesome, the fonts are very readable, the sliding effects are great and the navigational menu is a truly masterpiece.


Verona will impress any visitor from the start due to the „galactic” layer slider that creates cool 3D slideshows. In addition to cool images, it’s impossible to remain indifferent to this awesome theme!


This theme combines all the necessary „ingredients” of a good website and the result is wonderful. There aren’t fancy elements, but quality always will be remarked, isn’t it?

Le Maitre

Le Maitre is special- it’s a single page WordPress theme for restaurants and it’s focused for classical or vintage locations. It’s shouldn’t surprise you that it is a black and white theme. The fonts are superb and emphasize the classical aspect of the layout. No doubt, a must see theme!
I believe that it’s impossible not to fall in love with these stunning themes, but everyone has his/her own preferences that aren’t questionable. Anyway, it will be great to know which theme is your favorite!