20 amazing WordPress themes for entertainment projects

“Dreams won’t work unless you do.” Though I don’t remember the author of this statement I guided myself according to this. I’m quite sure that many of you agree and act accordingly.
Work is an important part of our lives and no matter the area of activity, we follow pretty much the same patterns. The evolution changed in many ways the work we do but it didn’t change the need itself for work. Either we like it or not, we have to work.
Another undeniable fact is that we are not robots. We can’t work 24/7. We have enough energy for a daily job, for daily jobs if there are many, we have energy for any freelance activity we might have but we always need a break. I began my idea saying that we are not robots but also the robots need maintenance.
There are many ways people choose to “recharge the batteries”. Listening to music, enjoying the good food in a quiet restaurant or simply a lunch break in a café are only a few choices people make in order to come back fresh and ready for work.
While some people enjoy their leisure time, other people must work in order to make this possible. Those involved in entertainment industry know this better than anyone else. The same rule applies in the design area too. When entrepreneurs need an astonishing online presence, designers must work hard to provide quality.
Creating websites related to entertainment is a pleasant job. Designers have the chance to be as creative they can. This job still requires a lot of work since people with various tastes will be the judges for their work.
I am afraid that too many words will keep you away from the true meaning of entertainment projects as seen online. Let’s get closer to it by analyzing some WordPress themes related to this.


For those willing to design a theme for a restaurant, Berg is a fine example. No need to say that is functional on many levels (any nowadays responsiveness is a mandatory condition for any website). With many other interesting features like blogs, galleries, booking section, Berg is a really tasty theme.


If I were into music industry my website would look pretty much like Angkloon. This is a complete theme for any music project. Shop, event list, photo and video galleries and blog sections cover all areas of a music project.


What I always loved in design was originality. There is no surprise as all those who benefit from this love the same thing. Smooth is a theme that shows a lot of originality. Great ideas are simple and this theme fully emphasizes this. It covers all areas of a music project in a simpler manner by highlighting the exact information needed to be offered.


The expression culinary art used to describe the food making process finds from time to time its true meaning. Extremely talented chefs transform an ordinary habit into an art. Triven is the theme that makes the design an art in the restaurant business. Although a multipurpose theme, it is perfect for a restaurant project.


Colette is a perfect WordPress theme for any restaurant, brasserie, pub, bar or any other restaurant business. This theme is focused both on interacting with the online audience and on products provided.

Night Rock

NightRock is another theme that would delight music fans and any other visitors. This is a complete theme focused on selling (WooCommerce support) but also it keeps all the other elements required for a competitive music website.


Munch is another tasty theme. Ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes this theme will sure attract any business owner and what’s more important the clients.


Unlike other themes designed as multipurpose themes, Kataleya is special designed for restaurants, pizza and coffee shops. The best part is that it contains 3 themes, one for each particular business. A delight, isn’t it?

Vocal Music Event

Music is in many occasions more than a hobby. Vocal fully highlights this statement. This is a complete theme for any music business you might be into. All elements are combined in such harmony that will make you wonder if it looks great or it sounds better.

The flavour

In any business seriousness is mandatory in order to attract clients. Restaurants have always applied this principle. The Flavour is a fine example of how a classy theme should look alike. Seriousness and hospitality are the two words inspired by this theme.


Just from first “steps” into Glamour Nightclub theme you get into party zone. No matter you own a nightclub, you want to go to a nightclub or you want to design a theme for. You will get inspired on every level to party.


As a music fan I was always in search for websites related to music. It is a real pleasure to find a theme built with this purpose in mind. Event is ideal for an event (who would have guessed?) planning website. Future and past events are brought to life by cool animation effects.


Another complete music-bands theme is Spikes. It offers you all the elements for a band or singer willing to be known worldwide. Worldwide becomes even easier to achieve with WPML feature. Your events, album releases will be read in over 40 languages.


Smart, modern, robust and amazingly customizable, Nosh is another mouth-watering theme. Any restaurant becomes more accessible and attractive with such a theme.


When you offer more is a sure thing that you’ll be noticed. Garnish is one of those themes that cover all demands. There is no requirement in restaurant businesses area not to be answered by this theme. Book your table now!


The many options that Clubix theme offers compel us to save a place in this list. It is a perfect theme to illustrate the nightlife – crowded, busy, offering and entertaining.


Beatheaven is another music WordPress theme that will delight both your eyes and ears. Built on a classic template, it shows its originality in multitude of features included.



When competition is harsh, originality is the key. Unik is a theme that gives a lesson on how should things be done the same but completely different. You will find all the needed features for a music website and more.

Good ol Wine

Good Ol’ Wine is a theme created for wine enthusiasts and wineries. It is of course built in a classy and elegant style that will make you see the glass half full.

Sweet Life

I don’t avoid using the word “minimal” but I prefer to use “smart” instead. Sweet Life theme is a theme that focuses entirely on presenting the products. This is a good theme for restaurants and ideal for cafés. It will sure sweeten your business.

Showcasing a list in design industry is always a challenging task because of the many possible choices. Unfortunately this list is more or less subjective. If there are themes that you find suited for this list, share with us your opinion. Also don’t forget to share this post with your friends via social media.