Nico - Fullscreen OpenCart Theme

15 Newest OpenCart Themes for 2013

Sellya - OpenCart Themes for 2013
1. Sellya – Responsive OpenCart Theme

Sellya is one of the latest OpenCart themesĀ on Theme Squirrel for 2013, featuring a fully responsive design that works for just about any store. Sellya utilizes the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 to create a clean and versatile design that allows for a remarkable degree of customization. It also features an admin panel with over 300 custom build options, many of which give you the opportunity to customize your new theme without needing any knowledge of HTML or CSS. Other features include the ability to change the colors of over 130 elements, choose between 500 Google Fonts and select over 275 background patterns. Sellya looks fantastic on any browser or mobile device.

Shoploop - HTML5 OpenCart Theme
2. Shoploop: Responsive HTML5 OpenCart Theme

Shoploop is another relatively new OpenCart theme that offers a clean and professional look for any store. Shoploop features a responsive design that works on any browser or mobile device. Created using HTML5 and CSS3, this OpenCart theme features clean code that works flawlessly, providing users and admins with plenty of trouble free service. Features include the featured product slider module, which produces a sliding showcase of current products. This way, admins can do away with having to design banners. Shoploop is compatible with OpenCart 1.5 and features plenty of documentation.

Nico - Fullscreen OpenCart Theme
3. Nico Fullscreen Responsive OpenCart Theme

With mobile phones and tablets quickly becoming the premier devices for browsing online content, it’s little wonder why the latest OpenCart themes must feature responsive designs that work with all devices. Nico provides just that and much more, offering a slick and feature-rich browsing experience for users. Nico features a modern full-screen slider that offers mouse wheel support and transition effects, along with fully editable text thanks to the theme panel. It also features an extraordinarily elegant cloud zoom feature, allowing users to get a closer look at product images. With powerful panel settings, unlimited customization features and excellent documentation, Nico is the ideal OpenCart theme for any store.

Cart Maniac - HTML5 Responsive Theme for OpenCart
4. Cart Maniac – HTML5 Responsive Theme

Cart Maniac features a smart and casual look that fits in well with just about any store. It also adapts well to all device resolutions and screen sizes thanks to its responsive architecture. Cart Maniac allows you to customize colors, Google fonts, backgrounds and much more. You also have access to advanced modules, including content banners, inbuilt price and attribute filters and slideshows, just to name a few. SEO optimized and designed for cross-browser support, Cart Maniac offers everything you’d want in an OpenCart theme.

Shoppa - OpenCart Theme
5. Shoppa – Multi-Purpose OpenCart Theme

Shoppa features everything you’d want in an e-commerce theme. Shoppa offers a responsive HTML5 design that’s not only compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions, but it can also be turned on or off in the admin backend. It also features a responsive product carousel for displaying an unlimited number of featured products, as well as a plugin for responsive banner slideshows. Cloud zoom integration insures that users get a good glimpse at your product images, while a featured Pinterest button helps generate buzz for your products. With Google fonts integration, cross-browser compatibility and much more, Shoppa makes for an ideal OpenCart theme.

Bridal - OpenCart Wedding Theme
6. Bridal – Responsive OpenCart Theme

The Bridal OpenCart theme caters mostly to websites that specialize in selling wedding apparel. Nevertheless, it offers an outstanding design and layout that makes it easy for visitors to browse and buy. A responsive design makes it possible for users to view products no matter what device they use. It also features unlimited color options, over 200 Google fonts to choose from, product image zoom courtesy of the Cloud Zoom plugin and much more. Social media integration lets your products speak for themselves over a vast array of social media outlets. Best of all, Bridal offers complete compatibility with OpenCart 1.5.3 and 1.5.4.

MyShop - Premium OpenCart Theme of 2013
7. MyShop – Premium OpenCart Themes

MyShop is yet another new OpenCart theme that offers excellent customization along with a sharp, no-nonsense design that’s compatible with most versions of OpenCart. It also features a responsive design that looks great on a variety of mobile devices. Other features include access to over 200 Google fonts, Cloud Zoom and Colorbox Zoom plugins, available social media integration and much more. MyShop is an Open Source design that comes with plenty of documentation for designers and developers. It’s also SEO optimized to help admins get the most out of their new OpenCart theme.

Fashopper - Premium 2013 OpenCart Theme
8. Fashopper – Premium OpenCart Theme

Fashopper is another OpenCart theme that’s geared towards fashion apparel. Compatible with all OpenCart versions from 1.5.0 to, Fashopper offers a variety of excellent features that make it a joy for both visitors and admins to use. Not only does it have support for multiple languages, it also features an unbranded options panel, social media integration and SEO optimization, making it easier for customers to find your site. The clean design and display comes with plenty of customization features, including unlimited color options and skins, boxed and full-width layouts and the ability to disable or enable the “Add to Cart” button on modules.

AvantShop - Premium OpenCart Template
9. AvantShop – Premium OpenCart Template

Designed to work with a variety of products, from electronics to clothing, AvantShop is a stylish and modern OpenCart template that comes with easy installation and customization. AvantShop is coded in clean HTML5 and CSS3 for greater versatility and robustness. Other features include product ratings and reviews, support for multiple languages and currency, compatibility for most current OpenCart installations and much more. Developers will enjoy the excellent support and documentation that AvantShop offers. If you’re looking for an excellent premium OpenCart theme to use for your frontend, this is the one you should consider.

eCart - OpenCart Template
10. eCart – Premium OpenCart Theme

eCart is an excellent premium OpenCart template that offers a great design for just about any use. eCart’s biggest feature is the eCart Control Panel, which places complete control of the theme’s many features in the palm of your hand. With this control panel, you can change colors, fonts, background textures and icons for a variety of theme elements. You can even change payment icons, security seals and much more. eCart is an Open Source product that offers plenty of detailed documentation, along with support for multiple currency and languages, downloadable products and unlimited categories. This theme does not modify any OpenCart themes, making it much easier for developers and admins to customize and update eCart.

BeautyShop - Premium OpenCart Template
11. BeautyShop – Premium OpenCart template

Thanks to a clean and succinct design, BeautyShop stands out from countless other OpenCart themes. BeautyShop offers a responsive design, along with multiple theme layouts for a variety of customization options. Speaking of customization, developers have access to a powerful theme admin panel that allows for even deeper customization options – unlimited colors and themes, over 200 Google fonts to choose from and much more. BeautyShop is built on HTML5 and CSS3, making it exceptionally robust and easy to modify. It also gives the theme plenty of responsiveness for viewing on a variety of mobile devices. No matter what device you use or its screen size, you’ll get the same user experience every time.

T-shirts - OpenCart Template
12. T-shirts – OpenCart Theme

The new T-shirts theme isn’t just for selling T-shirts – it’s also a great OpenCart theme for selling a variety of other products. This well-documented theme features plenty of useful options, including a featured products carousel with adjustable slideshow speeds, customizable color scheme options and much more. It even features layered PNG files for easier advanced customization. The T-shirts theme is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Firefox 4 and Chrome.

WOSSY - Responsive OpenCart Theme
13. WOSSY – Responsive OpenCart Theme 2in1

Designed to offer two themes in a single package, WOSSY offers plenty of excellent features that both users and developers will appreciate. This OpenCart theme also features a responsive design that makes it compatible with all types of mobile devices and screen sizes featuring a minimum resolution of 320px. It also features eight preset colors, a bootstrap tooltip, camera slideshow, Cloud Zoom feature for close-up product images and much more. WOSSY does not modify important OpenCart files, making it extraordinarily easy to customize and update the theme.

Thunderbolt - Premium OpenCart Theme
14. Thunderbolt – premium OpenCart theme

Thunderbolt is striking in more ways than one. This OpenCart theme features a simple, yet powerful template for selling just about any item. Thunderbolt features a custom three-level drop-down category menu, self-adjustable featured sliders, Cloud Zoom and social media integration. It even offers a direct chat and call to Skype feature, making it easier for users to get in contact with sales and support. Thunderbolt is compatible with most current browsers and mobile devices.

BigOne - Premium OpenCart Template
15. BigOne – responsive premium OpenCart theme

Optimized for SEO, BigOne offers a vibrant and unique OpenCart theme for a wide variety of uses. It features a built-in news system, along with a countdown timer, background slideshow, customizable labels and much more. You also get two menu types – a mega menu and a classic drop-down menu. Built with major e-commerce in mind, it’s no wonder that BigOne has all of these modern features. That concludes our roundup of 15 of the newest OpenCart themes for 2013, with many great ones yet to be released.