The Navigator - Premuim WordPress Location Guide and Blog

14 Unique WordPress Themes and Implementations

The Navigator - Premuim WordPress Location Guide and Blog

For the travel blogger, the Navigator theme is indispensable to maintaining a live guide to let your readers know where you’ll pop up next. With Google maps software operating underneath an attractive, globalization-friendly exterior, the layout could just as easily be used to list store locations or properties for sale. The Navigator offers the ultimate in smartphone-friendly design, and your readers will feel like they’re right there with you as they click through the slick map interface on the front page. The blog page, easy to reach from a header bar, is a cool scrolldown column whose background is a widescreen photo of the location of your choice.

WP Wiki Theme

Not an actual wiki, but a stylish, minimalistic platform to manage your frequently asked questions, the WordPressWiki is a great tool for anyone promoting an extremely technical startup or established company. The design features a classic blue-and-tan color scheme (adjustable) with a modern twist, with a multilayered wiki format that allows potential clients to inform themselves at their own pace with no confusion or hassle. The central gem of the WordPressWiki is the FAQs platform, which allows efficient interaction between the reader and the webmaster in a way that’s easy to use for both parties, as well as being fully searchable.

9 to 5 Premium WordPress Jobs Theme

Designed with jobs boards in mind, the 9 to 5 theme is adaptable to any currency and language, reinforced with a fully integrated Google Maps interface displaying job locations, a template for salaries and benefits, and a user-friendly system for coordinating paid job listings. The theme itself is attractive, smartphone-friendly, and immediately recognizable as a job platform, with orange accents, an easy-to-read white board section, and tabbed pages easily accessible in both a header and a sidebar. It balances hardware-store chic with an eye for function that makes it ideal for any WordPress jobs management hub.

Instant Question and Answer WordPress Theme

For those wishing to host an account-oriented website for asking and answering questions online, the Instant Q&A theme is designed with an eye for account management. With an easy-to-use signup and login process, the Instant Q&A theme also includes a built-in ratings system and an easy-to-use categorization system that will appeal to both webmasters and users. With an attractive, rounded design that provides a solid base for customization efforts, the Instant Q&A theme is a workhorse that will eliminate the hassle of managing a website that features user accounts. It’s perfect for communities, as well as for themed Q&A websites on almost any academic or technical subject. It can also be made into a game with a few minor adjustments. Instant Q&A is the perfect framework for getting some serious crowd sourcing going.

Luxuos - Premium WordPress Theme

Ideal for the artist or photographer putting together his or her portfolio website, Luxuos balances the aesthetics of photo placement with blog functionality. With an easy-to-navigate front page that provides a stunning first look at the portfolio it hosts while making recent posts immediately available just below, Luxuos favors clean lines, web 2.0 design, and an appealing click-through that will leave potential clients with a professional impression every time. It is also highly customizable, eliminating the risk of having a generic theme, and supports up to eight galleries, ensuring that the art takes center stage on your WordPress based photographic website.

Sofa OpnPress - Publishing Platform WP Theme

OpnPress is a submission based theme with a variety of possible uses, including classified ads, press releases, job listings, real estate, articles, links and more. A paid listing option is available through PayPal. It also has internal bookmarking and voting systems that make it extremely versatile. With a classic white background and customizable tan and yellow accents, it takes its design cues from the phone book, but without all the crowding – one of OpnPress’s main advantages is how easy it is to read the postings. Sofa OpnPress is perfect for aggregating user-submitted content in classic blog style. It’s perhaps designed for the slightly more advanced user, one who knows what he or she wants and isn’t afraid to tweak and consult others until the perfect product is achieved – but who said blogging was easy?

The Novelist - WordPress Writers Theme

Quirky and whimsical, but designed for readability, The Novelist is a theme for writers. Tablet and smartphone friendly, and made to showcase writing, especially short-form writing, in a smooth, easy-read portfolio, The Novelist provides the reader a comfortable and streamlined platform for flipping through writing samples at his or her own pace. With a subdued, customizable background photo and with easy-to-manage options for formatting text and including illustrations, The Novelist is classic and professional, with just enough bibliophile touches to make reading from it a warm and inviting prospect. Cutesy? Maybe on the surface. But it makes reading your work much more interesting than a mere scroll could ever hope to do, so it is perfect as a writer’s theme for WordPress.

Sofa QnA WP Theme

Another Q&A theme, SOFAQandA’s main virtue is that it is not self-contained, but is designed to be integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Customizable, with all the user ratings features expected from such a layout, SOFAQandA is a Q&A theme for the next generation. Reminiscent of sites like Reddit and Yahoo! Answers, SOFAQandA relies on time-tested cues for building readable posting boards. Solved questions and problems are marked and archived, with search function available at the top, and tags are available for perusal in the rightmost column. SOFAQandA avoids unnecessary gimmicks in favor of solid feature integration, and that is its beauty.

COMBAT WordPress Edition

The COMBAT theme is subdued and professional, making it perfect for portfolio management, corporate blogging, and products showcase. With four color schemes to choose from, COMBAT is also a respectable choice for personal blogging and small business website creation – the pictures you customize it with will go a long way to determine the blog’s “flavor.” It also offers 8 portfolio templates, six areas for widget placement, easy additional page creation, and hidden SEO functionality. COMBAT is a back-to-basics theme that provides an attractive and respectable foundation for almost any kind of website.

Built for user-published content, the Yellooh! interface has full account support, front-end publishing and editing of entries, PayPal and Google Maps support, and a fully integrated deposit system. It’s perfect for image and video posting, user-generated media review, and any website where users want to dish and receive the scoop on a film, video, website or location before anyone else. With an easy to read white background and an eye-catching header that recalls the best of WordPress, Yellooh! is the perfect starting point for any virtual hub.

Collection is built for content aggregation, serving the reader with its easy-access picture and media display. It’s perfect for sharing icons, brushes, Flash animations, audio, stock images, and even more themes, plus it comes with breadcrumbs that boost SEO for the buyer discreetly and effectively. While it’s been a while since most such collection websites experience regular traffic, the SEO feature reveals the primary use of this theme – people who do find themselves in need of what’s collected will come rushing in in no time. The layout is perfect for anyone who creates small stock items for digital media creation, from beats to brushes.

Domena - Domain for Sale WordPress Template

Designed for the seasoned domain flipper, Domena is designed for transparency, efficiently conveying domain information to potential buyers while maintaining an internal functionality for the seller that relieves many of the usual hassles of domain sale. The central attraction of the page is the constantly-updated statistics bar, showing visits, visitors, page views, and change over time. The sale itself takes an auction format, allowing visitors to immediately make an offer on the domain or view other domains. There’s also an optional “Buy Now” button that displays sales as they’re offered. Domena is the perfect tool for a no-fuss approach to trading in websites, introducing an honesty and transparency to the process that is sometimes lost in the pursuit of profit on the seller’s end.

AutoTrader - Car Classified WordPress Theme

Designed to facilitate the posting of car classifieds on a WordPress site, Autotrader’s functional sheen will appeal to the seasoned car salesperson. With PayPal integration, easy front-end ad submission, several search options, and a user dashboard that makes car transactions easy, Autotrader also boosts a limitless array of color schemes and customizations that makes putting your twist on the website easy. The site is minimalistic and geared toward functionality, with a retro-50s flair that will especially appeal to connoisseurs of high-end automobiles. The front page provides a drop-down menu listing makes, models, and locations, an efficient and much-needed alteration to the traditional integrated search engine. Autotrader’s clean exterior covers a huge database that will ensure transparency and ease for car buyers and sellers alike.

HyperGrid - WordPress Responsive Gallery Showcase

The Hypergrid theme is hip and retro, similar to many Tumblr layouts in its central conceit but designed to support full theme galleries. Hypergrid also encourages front-end theme submission, with an easy filtering system that allows new themes to be displayed with little delay. It has a customizable color scheme, typography and background platform that will appeal to seasoned theme designers as well as those new to the game, and the atmosphere it provides is that of a friendly, open, easy-to-use platform for creating, customizing and sharing blog themes. While basic, it fulfills a basic need that is under-met in the world of theme design, and its user-friendly surface tweaking features helps you get the most out of your Hypergrid.

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