Goodnews - Internationalized/Mobile WordPress Magazine News Theme

10 Best WordPress Themes for Publishing News

WordPress has become the top platform for publishing blogs due to its wide array of customization options, user-friendliness, and the whole slew of widgets available for webmasters. Those in the news and magazine niche are also riding the WordPress bandwagon and discovering its benefits for themselves. What would otherwise be a disorganized website can quickly turn into a great one with WordPress, and many serious bloggers use the platform for their needs. While there are many factors that affect the success of a news or magazine style website, the theme is one key component that is often overlooked.

Themes play an important role in websites using the WordPress platform. Whereas content provides the value your site offers to its readers, the right theme helps create an enjoyable experience that encourages repeat visits. Attractive colors and design coupled with easy-to-read font styles and quick navigation menus provide the extra oomph that could mean the difference between a satisfied visitor and increased bounce rate. If you own a magazine or news website, you owe it to yourself to select the best theme to make your blog run on all cylinders. Let’s go through the list and check out the top ten best newspaper WordPress themes specialized for content delivery:

Black Aperture - WP News Theme

10: Black Aperture

Created by elite theme author, Matt Brett, Black Aperture is a sleek and classy black-and-white theme packed with features and customizations. The theme can be used for any type of blog, but it works extremely well with video game news and reviews. The main navigation bar allows you to showcase your categories and pages, and a vertical list of featured posts with their corresponding thumbnail pictures guide your readers accordingly. The distinguishing feature of Black Aperture is an editable description box just below every post title. This allows you to write quick facts about the video game in question including its name, platform, publisher, developer, genre, release date, and ESRB rating. Black Aperture also includes a graphic rating system of one to five stars and allows you to incorporate a small cover picture of the game.


* Publish posts together with thumbnail pictures

* Customizable menus

* 2 widgetized sidebars

* Custom reviews module

• Nivo slider included

• 2 to 3-column layout

Gadgetine - Premium Magazine Theme for WordPress

9: Gadgetine

Gadgetine is specifically geared for magazine or newspaper-type WordPress blogs that also function as an affiliate and monetization website. The theme contains three columns and eight sections to highlight and categorize news items. Gadgetine is notable for its liberal allowance for banner and ad space, which are all strategically located in specific areas in order to entice visitors to click on them. It also allows for the creation of customizable landing pages and the promotion of specific posts. This theme is ideal for publishing news while earning income on the side.


• Adsense and affiliate banner-ready publishing

• Automatic image resizing system

• Multiple widget support

• One-page scrolling layout

Volt - Magazine and Editorial WP Theme

8: Volt

Volt is a theme that focuses specifically on readability and the positioning of elements on the screen in a manner that is visually pleasing for visitors. The theme is distinguishable in its layout swapping option that allows webmasters to reposition content to test out their ideal locations. It also provides ample space for advertising and monetization. Volt is one of the best themes for those concerned with news presentation and finding the best ways to set up page elements.


• Multi-column layout

• Layout swapping

• Unlimited sliders

• Visual short codes

• Exclusive widget areas

• Built-in social sharing

• 15 custom templates

• RTL + SmartPhone CSS

• Language localization

Ares - WordPress Magazine and Newspaper Template

7: Ares

Ares is a clean and stylish theme perfect for magazine styled blogs. There is a standard featured-posts slider that greets visitors with the latest and most important content on the site, and all recent posts are laid out in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It mimics the panache of websites for high-end magazine publications and has sufficient customization options for menus, widgets, and social media profiles. Overall, Ares is an elegant theme that does not leave any clutter onscreen.


• Responsive design

• 6 customizable skins

• 2 post page layouts

• Social media sharing

• Facebook and Twitter widgets

• Customizable page colors

LeetPress - Gaming Theme for WordPress

6: LeetPress

LeetPress is another awesome theme specifically geared for video game reviews. The theme contains a stunning full-width slider to introduce featured video games on the site. The two-column layout neatly segregates the most recent reviews, posts, and videos together with banner space for advertising. LeetPress also contains a customizable rating system to highlight the pros, cons, and overall score of the game, as well as a handy drop-down box that contains information such as the game’s publisher, platform, genre, and release date.


• 4 customizable skins colored blue, red, orange, and green

• Full-width slider

• Contains a review, video, slider, and screenshots post type

• Rating effect for showcasing verdict

Repro - Premium WordPress News and Magazine Theme

5: Repro

Repro was created by influential author Orman Clark and is an excellent theme for a magazine website. It has space for up to ten widget areas, including custom widgets for ads, photos, videos, RSS, and Twitter. Repro also sports a modifiable home page with a featured-posts slider and content arranged into categories or tags. It contains two columns that neatly outline the pages and posts of your online magazine, together with monetization and social media options to provide maximum value for your visitors.


• Unlimited color schemes

• 10 widget areas

• 8 custom widgets

• Content appearance customization

• Page templates

• jQuery support

• Custom default images

Goodnews - Internationalized/Mobile WordPress Magazine News Theme

4: Goodnews

Goodnews is a bright, predominantly white-colored theme built for news blogs. There is a standard navigation menu to categorize your pages accordingly, as well as a featured-posts slider to guide visitors to the most important content. It has two columns that separate news items to the left and social media, selected video, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, comments, images, and most popular content widgets to the right. Goodnews also allocates space for banner advertising. It’s a simple and clean theme, expertly built for a professional finish and presentation.


• Unlimited colors

• RTL full support

• Full localization support

• WPML support

• Responsive theme

• 20 custom widgets

• Extensive theme options

Periodic - WP Premium Magazine Theme

3: Periodic

Periodic is a premium theme for news and magazine sites. The overall look provides a sleek and stylish design without disregarding readability. This user-friendly theme contains a navigation bar, featured posts slider, banner and ad space, eleven custom widgets, and a plethora of modifiable elements. The fixed two-column layout leaves ample room for content, social media, and monetization options that allow the webmaster to take his or her blog to the next level.


• 2 custom menus

• 6 widget areas

• 11 custom widgets

• Built-in breadcrumbs

• Featured post slider

• Built in Fancybox support

London Live - 3 in 1 News and Magazine Blog Template for WP

2: London Live

Few themes can match the classic visual appeal of London Live. Its black-and-white design resembles a classic printed newspaper, and the two-column layout neatly organizes everything onscreen. London Live contains a standard navigation menu, a featured-posts slider, video widget, banner space, search bar, and a Flickr photostream. This theme is geared more toward the serious content provider who wants a simple magazine finish without any clutter. London Live is always an excellent choice for any news blog and probably has perhaps the most professional look overall.


• Easy options

• Allows you to embed videos

• 2 navigation colors

• Custom options panel

• Psd included

Deadline  - Premium News and Magazine Theme for WordPress

1: Deadline

For the ultimate newspaper and magazine publishing theme, look no further than Deadline. Deadline is a powerful theme that features plenty of customization options combined with the elegance of readability and ease of navigation. It allows webmasters to arrange the site’s layout, place banners and ads for monetization, display the latest Tweets, feature a video, exhibit important photos, and much more. The theme uses a standard two-column layout that can be tweaked and edited to match the personality of the blog. By changing the color schemes and design of your blog with Deadline, you can come up with a website that truly stands out. It doesn’t get any better than this when publishing content.


• 5 color schemes

• 7 widget areas

• 7 custom widgets

• Extensive theme options

• Custom menus

• Localization support

• Latest-posts slider can be optionally set

• Content configuration


If you want to compete with the best blogs today, the theme you choose can make or break your chances of reaching the top. A shoddy, unreadable, or otherwise badly created theme will come across as largely unappealing to your visitors, who won’t hesitate to click on the “back” button and leave your website. However, if you select an attractive theme that was made with the utmost care – such as any of the ten themes mentioned – your newspaper and magazine blog will shine above the rest and will continue to pull in new visitors and loyal readers daily.

The top themes mentioned above are only a fraction of the choices available to you out there. You should take your time and select the perfect theme that will enhance the identity of your website, deliver the news you report, and give your brand that unique flavor your readers will find irresistible. A theme is one aspect of a website that shouldn’t be taken for granted, and you owe it to yourself and your readers to select the best.

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