OpenHouse Real Estate - Automotive Car Dealership Theme

10 of the Best Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

WordPress has been around for just over a decade and, in that span of time, has managed to become the largest content management platform on the planet. The company’s success isn’t just in the consumer market, either, as it has become the top business communication platform currently in use around the world. More than 60 million corporate and consumer users employ WordPress to communicate with the wider public, and that has resulted in some of the richest and most robust corporate WordPress themes available anywhere. With advanced features and intricate programming, these are the ten best themes for corporate and business users who currently use WordPress to operate their web presence.

Display 3 in 1 - Business Portfolio WP Theme

10. Display 3 in 1

Perfect for businesses which needs to pair their corporate presence with a portfolio of past work, the Display 3 in 1 design comes with three distinct templates and eight custom administration panels that can be used to customize how the theme looks. All three designs are versatile enough to serve as both portfolio pages and business information pages, and the customization opens allow the themes to be primarily white or primarily dark in appearance, with large images throughout. Combined with the three included jQuery sliders, this is a really professional theme for corporate creatives.

OpenHouse Real Estate - Automotive Car Dealership Theme

9. Openhouse Real Estate & Automotive Car Dealership

The Openhouse theme is targeted to real estate professionals or those who own and operate their own car dealership. To that end, the theme includes a really great search tool which can be used to peruse listings of home or car listings; it also includes templates for those listings, allowing an extensive inventory to be brought online with the WordPress software pretty quickly. Loan calculators, a real estate MLS option, and plenty of back-end settings make this a great theme for consumer-facing businesses.

Those businesses will also enjoy all of the extensive features enabled by this theme that are maintained outside of custom fields. All too often, themes as extensive as this one rely on confusing custom fields when creating inventory and other listing pages. That’s not the case here, making the theme refreshingly easy to use for users of all experience levels.

Core - Minimalist Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

8. Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio WP Theme

The Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio theme is exactly what its name describes, with a preference for a pure white background and large, impressive photographs placed front and center. The theme comes with three base designs and six portfolio pages, ensuring that no photography professional will have to share their portfolio and business designs with a competitor. This photography business theme can be customized using a custom WordPress control panel which appears in the WordPress dashboard, and this allows further unique interfaces which will set the photographer apart from their competitors.

Dynamix - Premium WordPress Corporate Theme

7. DynamiX

The DynamiX theme is perhaps the single most comprehensive WordPress theme currently on the market for business owners. It employs its own entire dictionary of shortcodes, allowing virtually any of the template’s features to be inserted into a page or post at the user’s discretion. It combines those shortcodes with a complete overhaul of the WordPress Gallery feature, which is itself a pretty robust shortcode construction. The gallery can be further customized with more than 20 external templates, giving it a really great way to differentiate the site from competing businesses.

The look and feel of the site at large is controlled by 20 external skins which an be applied either in a universal fashion or on a page-by-page basis. This allows the site’s administrator to give every page a different look at their discretion, which is something that many other corporate themes unfortunately do not support. It’s refreshing that DynamiX is dedicated to custom implementations and a unique interface for each business, and that makes it a strong contender in this list of the ten best WordPress themes for businesses.

It is also important to note that Dynamix easily integrates with BuddyPress to allow social membership growth by allowing users to create a user profile, and socially interact with others site users. Members can further interact if a corporation employs a forum by integrating BB Press, a forum / bulletin board plug-in for WordPress. E-commerce business will love the fact that DynamiX is integrated with the WP plug-in WP e-commerce which is a full-blown cart system for WordPress.

Dandelion - Powerfully Elegant WordPress Theme

6. Dandelion

With three portfolio skins and three distinct jQuery slider implementations, Dandelion is one of the classiest-looking themes currently on the market for business owners. The template makes good use of the latest trends in web design, featuring an exceedingly large header area with a large photograph that’s designed to pull in new users. A robust and customizable navigation area is placed above the header, displaying links to virtually every page and archive that has been created within the WordPress dashboard interface.

In addition to its refined design and its varying pre-built template designs, Dandelion’s custom administration panel allows intricate and near-infinite customization of the design’s appearance. Whether it’s the background color of the page, the color of the text, or the content of the jQuery slider in the template’s header, there are plenty of options to please all levels of WordPress corporate users. The control panel even enables point-and-click customization of design elements, bringing novice users and time-crunched business owners into the template creation business.

King Size - Fullscreen Background WordPress Theme

5. King Size

The King Size theme is one of the most stunning WordPress themes available anywhere, for business or personal users. It features a portfolio design that uses each portfolio image itself serve as the website’s background image, creating one of the most amazing fullscreen WordPress themes available. With a simple “banner” drop-down navigation, that fullsize backgroun image gets to show off in all of its unobstructed glory for site users. Best of all, the image is displayed as part of a jQuery slider and will automatically rotate while the visitor peruses the website. The King Size design also comes with options for “blog” and “about us” pages, and support for custom pages. It’s a solid option for every kind of WordPress user, and its pure aesthetics alone will drive conversions.

inFocus - WordPress Professional Theme

4. inFocus

With more than 30 custom skins, over 100 shortcodes, and a vast selection of theme-specific widgets, inFocus is a great way to communicate with a company’s customers. The theme is less portfolio-driven than many competing options, instead featuring a way to post blog entries on the main page and communicate with a large header image or jQuery slider. The theme can be intricately customized, but it’s primarily a professional black-and-white interface that really lends an air of professionalism to the website. Anyone looking to be taken seriously by their visitors should give this theme a long look.

Karma - Clean and Modern WordPress Template

3. Karma

With 20 page layouts and 20 variations, Karma is easily one of the most versatile themes on the market for business and corporate customers. That, however, is just the beginning of the amazing functionality provided by this theme. In addition to it customization options, the Karma theme is fully three-dimensional and features some really neat and unique effects. Content jumps right off the screen with this theme, and it’s a sure way for businesses to grab a customer’s attention and make them click through for more information about products, services, and corporate philosophies.

For businesses looking to document prices or sell products, the Karma theme even comes with more than 20 pricing tables. That makes it great for real estate and automotive implementations, as well as larger e-commerce environments for entrepreneurial and larger corporate users of the WordPress software.

Striking - Premium Corporate and Portfolio WordPress Theme

2. Striking

The impactful thing about Striking is just how versatile and customizable it is. The theme comes with more than 700 fonts, unlimited color and layout customizations via a custom control panel interface, and sixteen custom widgets. Those widgets are paired with a number of shortcodes that allows website administrators to include them in posts and pages, vastly enhancing the site’s functionality. The Striking theme also comes optimized for SEO and has the WordPress Multisite feature, now known as WordPress Networks, already fully supported. That means the theme can be applied to multiple websites and WordPress installations with just a single click, right out of the box. If that isn’t striking, certainly nothing is.

uDesign - Best Selling WordPress Theme for Business and Corporations

1. U-Design

The U-Design theme is so named because it can be customized so vastly and easily in the WordPress dashboard when using its custom control panel pages. And, on top of that, it can be automatically adapted to a number of different languages. The theme can instantly be converted to English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and a number of other languages, with just the click of a button. It’s also fully optimized for excellent SEO performance, and comes with a fully widgetized homepage that can be dragged and dropped into the perfect configuration for any business.

In addition to these features, U-Design features six jQuery-based sliders for featured posts or images on portfolio pages. Those sliders can be customized and adapted just as easily as any other part of the design using custom control panel pages in the WordPress dashboard. Best of all, those sliders, and all other content, is fully responsive with a base size of 960 pixels. That means this one theme will display perfectly and functionally on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s easily the most impressive corporate or WordPress business theme currently on the market.

Lots of Great Options – find more in our Theme Gallery Showcase

From static XHTML designs to those that implement advanced jQuery sliders and custom-designed control panels, the market for versatile and premium WordPress themes is appropriately large and diverse. The world’s most popular content management platform long ago made the transition to a corporate communications platform, and that has benefited both theme designers and purchasers alike with amazing and beautiful compositions that can take business users to new heights.

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