25 creative WordPress themes suitable for music bands websites

The modern human society devours music – everyone listens to music daily. People working in front of a computer listen to music, others enjoy it while working out, when other individuals listen to their favourite songs just to relax. Willing or not, music is part of our lives. This situation determined more and more people […]

Case study: free vs. premium themes for a WordPress based website

Handling a WordPress based website is no longer a secret for an average Internet user. The easiness of maintaining these websites determined many people to adopt this CMS (content management system) as a solution for their online presence. Nowadays, we have tons of WordPress websites and the specialists’ predictions convinced us that people will use […]

25 beautiful responsive WordPress themes

Building responsive websites is something normal and common. The web designers that brag about creating only responsive web pages shouldn’t show off because they impress nobody- it’s their task to design responsive creations. Even the sceptics are convinced that responsiveness is the single viable solution in order to have a website that is well rendered […]

25 wonderful WordPress themes designed for photographers’ portfolios

A portfolio is as important for an artist as a driving license is for a driver; more exactly, unless you have a portfolio, you don’t exist. However, having a portfolio isn’t equivalent to receiving the consideration of others and to being assaulted by clients. Nowadays, the Internet is full of amazing portfolios and people have […]

25 stunning flat WordPress themes

Few months ago, web design community was divided in two parts: the skeuomorphic adepts vs. flat design ones. Each one of these parts was disputing the supremacy in web design. It seems that, for now, the lovers of flat design won this battle. No matter the context, the question remains: is any of these two […]

How to select the proper WordPress theme for your next project

The websites number is constantly growing and one of the factors that contributed to this situation is WordPress. The easiness of creating a website using this CMS is amazing and many people were fascinated by the fact that without being designers, they were able to launch and manage an online presence. Obviously, this situation was […]

25 black and white Word Press themes

Nowadays, we benefit from HD images, very performant photo and video cameras, huge and accurate displays but many of us are still appreciating the “old” black and white photos. Which is the “power” of these images that apparently have nothing to do with the latest technologies? The photographers exposed many ideas, but quite probable, the […]

25 brilliant single page WordPress themes

WordPress themes creators are some of the most prolific designers and due to their ceaseless endeavors we have tons of new themes. The economy specialists state that every time when the offer is generous, the client (in our case, the user) is on the inside track. This idea is in accordance with the common sense, […]

30 amazing WordPress themes released in August

WordPress started as a simple and efficient content management system and nowadays it is the core of a real industry. We have practical unlimited modalities of enhancing a WordPress based website. Much more, people having some knowledge in web developing field can realize these customizations. In many previous cases, people very quickly became bored with […]

With 60 Million Websites, WordPress Is All Set to Rule CMS

Image from here. One word that can describes WordPress is “evolution.” WordPress has evolved from being a mere blogging tool to a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) leaving behind its so-called, sophisticated counterparts like Drupal and Joomla. You might be shocked to know the fact WordPress powers nearly 60+ million websites across the globe and […]