WordPress Adding Two Data Centers in Asia

On the surface, adding two data centers in Asia might not seem like much of a story. After all, there are plenty of businesses that have focused on the Asian market and plenty of other businesses in Asia that are expanding leaps and bounds. So why, then, are we talking about data centers in Asia […]

WordPress Fires Back Against Mass Surveillance

In recent days, Paul Sieminski from WordPress.com posted a blog entitled “Reset the Net.” It rhymes, it’s catchy, and apparently it had quite a profound effect, as plenty of sites picked up on it, including ThemeSquirrel. The article’s thesis: “We’ll be serving pages only over SSL for all *.wordpress.com subdomains by the end of the […]

20 top selling WordPress themes

From its very beginning until nowadays Internet is continuously growing and much more than that, in the last several years this growth was faster and faster. That led to a migration of almost anything that surrounds us into online. No matter what you’re looking for, you will most likely find it online. There are many […]

Proof That WordPress Can Adapt to Any Industry

On this Memorial Day week, we ran across an article that appeared on TheMusicVoid.com advising band members and managers how to start their own WordPress sites. Yes, even rockers can get into the act on WordPress along with the rest of us, which was proof enough of how dynamic the content system we all know […]

Website Platform Pantheon Raises $21.5 Million

According to various sources, including Forbes and Venture Beat, the website platform Pantheon has raised $21.5 million in cash as part of a Series B funding effort. As Venture Beat put it, the reason for the latest round of fundraising is to “help Pantheon as it intends to maintain a larger portion of websites on […]

Why Laymen Choose WordPress

You use WordPress, but, hey, you’re a reader of ThemeSquirrel and know quite a bit about the industry. Why would a layman use WordPress of all of the options out there? How do WordPress and its themes appeal to the common man? Do you remember why you started using WordPress in the first place? For […]

WordPress Co-Founder: “We Still Have 70 Percent of the Web to Go”

You have to love ambitious entrepreneurs. The bottom line is that if you’re trying to grow a company, you can’t rest on your laurels. To the contrary, you need to keep scratching, fighting, and pushing your way to the top, even after you’ve succeeded. Take Automattic CEO and WordPress Co-Founder Matt Mullenweg, who told TechCrunch […]

20 fresh WordPress themes suitable for e-commerce projects

As wrong it may sound, the purpose of any website design is, in the end, the same – to sell. I don’t think that anybody in design community works just for pleasure. Of course, the pleasure of work is important in web design, but the clients are the ones that pay the bills of the […]

WordPress Parent Buys Scroll Kit, Shuts It Down

We have more business news for you here at ThemeSquirrel. This time, the parent company of WordPress.com, Automattic, has acquired Scroll Kit, according to a statement posted on the latter’s website. When you visit ScrollKit.com now, you’ll see a giant WordPress.com logo and a five-paragraph message bidding farewell. The statement read in part, “Our objective […]

Automattic Seeking Funding, $1 Billion Valuation

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Automattic, which runs WordPress.com and features WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg as its CEO, is seeking a value of more than $1 billion as part of a new round of funding. Think about that for a second: Automattic is seeking, and will likely get, a 10-figure valuation from would-be […]