20 amazing WordPress themes for entertainment projects

“Dreams won’t work unless you do.” Though I don’t remember the author of this statement I guided myself according to this. I’m quite sure that many of you agree and act accordingly. Work is an important part of our lives and no matter the area of activity, we follow pretty much the same patterns. The […]

20 beautiful WordPress themes for restaurants and cafe bars

It’s not a secret the fact that Internet evolved a lot and it influences our life style more and more. Ten years ago, e-commerce was a term very debated amongst entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t something common for the average Internet user. Anyway, people were still reticent about e-commerce solutions. Nowadays, an online store is something […]

New WordPress Themes for Weddings, Restaurants, or Bands

The Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme The Elegant Wedding WordPress theme that can serve as a hub for your guests and planners alike, and using WordPress makes it easy to set one up. Much like your invitations WordPress should be styled to your liking, and the Elegant Wedding WordPress Theme allows you to do this. The […]