20 stunning corporate WordPress themes

Entrepreneurship is a very trendy word and more and more people, especially the young ones are very attracted by the core values of the entrepreneurial spirit. The main idea of capitalism is to let people make profit from their business. In my humble opinion, entrepreneurship is the modern shape of the “old” capitalism. Altogether, we […]

25 of the newest WordPress Corporate Themes

1. Davrack The Davrack WordPress theme is versatile enough to be used for a variety of blog-publishing purposes ranging from a personal blog to a corporate WordPress blog. Furthermore, the valid HTML5 code used to create it makes it viewable on all major browsers. Want your site to be viewable to mobile audiences as well? […]

10 of the Best Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

WordPress has been around for just over a decade and, in that span of time, has managed to become the largest content management platform on the planet. The company’s success isn’t just in the consumer market, either, as it has become the top business communication platform currently in use around the world. More than 60 […]