12 Best WordPress Blog Themes 2013

Who doesn’t love WordPress? It is one of the most customization-friendly content management systems online. One of the main attractions of it is the many themes that you can opt for to create your own online presence. Here we showcase 12 Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2013 – perhaps you’ll find just the right one for your blogging […]

Best WordPress Blog Themes for 2013

1. Fixed – WordPress Blog Theme One the best WordPress blog themes of 2013 comes in the form of a simple and elegant photo blog, one that is ideal for sharing images and videos as well as articles, quotes and notes. Fixed is a responsive theme that works well on all mobile devices, including the […]

20 new cool WordPress blogging themes for 2012

One should take the time to research the newest and most popular themes available in order to find one that suits their needs. No matter what the intent of a theme, it should be easy to customize by any level blogger. Some themes are ideal for bloggers who plan to upload many photography, others themes […]