WordPress Photography Business in a Box – Photocrati

Check out Photocrati NowToday we talk with Scott Kivowitz of Photocrati, which is kind of a photography business in a WordPress box. Never heard of Photocrati? Photocrati makes one of the most popular WordPress photography themes available, but it isn’t just a pretty face – heck no. It not only is a kick-butt collection of 60 photography themes, but includes multiple photo gallery options, and you can sell directly from their theme with built-in e-commerce solutions. Scott relates,

Trusted by 12,000 photographers and visual artists.

Enjoy more photography-loving functionality than you’ll find anywhere else, including an all-in-one website solution with homepage, gallery management, blogging, ecommerce, iPhone/iPad compatibility, strong copyright protection, lots of customization possibilities (no coding needed), and a great community.

However, sometimes a video says it all:

1) What is your history in the development world?

Photocrati is made up of multiple developers, all with many years under their belts.

2) How did you get started in developing themes?

The Photocrati theme was first developed as means to fill a gap in the WordPress photography theme category. Since its birth, the Photocrati development team has changed and of course, grown.

3) Do you have any artistic training? (yes, crayons count)

Many on the Photocrati team are artistic. We have gamers, photographers, painters and 8-bit pixel loving geeks. It’s such such a fun group that our meetings are usually filled with a lot of laughter.

4) What was your first theme and when did you develop it?

We only make the Photocrati photography theme. Development started sometime in 2009, and the theme has evolved dramatically since then. Because the Photocrati theme consists of 60 preset styles included within the one theme, we each have our favorites. My personal favorite is the Lightbox preset, because I am a big fan of simplicity.

5) Do you focus mostly on theme sales or do you have other business interests you would like to mention?

There are a lot projects under the Photocrati name. In addition to our theme, we also host the Photocrati Fund, providing a humanitarian photographer with $5,000 to pursue their project. We recently acquired the NextGEN Gallery plugin and have a lot planned for the most popular WordPress gallery plugin.

6) What sort of challenges have you faced when designing themes “for anyone” versus a specific client?

The biggest challenge is trying to fulfill the requests of the majority of customers. Everyone has an opinion, including each of us within the team. It always comes down to what is necessary for the customer. We take in account what our customer’s request, what is the industry trend and what our competition is doing.

7) In your opinion what is the difference between a premium/paid theme and a “free theme”?

Premium themes can provide a big advantage over free themes. For example, a premium theme is usually under constant development and improvement. A premium theme is also more likely to undergo security audits regularly to check for possible vulnerabilities in the software. One of the most important, in my personal opinion, is the support you get from a premium theme. I have been involved with customer services for many companies, and have (of course), dealt with many customer service departments. I can honestly say that our support team is some of the best out there. The love helping our customers create their dream website.

8) What are some of your favorite new technologies that you use or are experimenting?

Now that we own NextGEN Gallery, we’re experimenting with new javascripts and CSS techniques for future features. I can’t give anything away, but it is really exciting!

9) If you have any superhero power what would it be and why?

One of our developers has a superhero power already. Seriously! He is immune to motion sickness. It’s freaky, but he is awesome, so we overlook it.

Are you seeking SEO advice for your photography site – look no further than the Photographers SEO community. If you have any questions about Photocrati they have a great QnA section. All this is available for one-low fee for lifetime access and support. Check out the amazing gallery of Photocrati example sites and testimonials: