Why the WP Sidebar is Your #1 Conversion Tool

WordPress, started in 2003, began as a simple self-hosted blogging tool. Since then it has grown into so much more. It is now a content management system with many large websites such as Forbes and Tech Crunch running entirely on the platform. The company was quite accurate when they said, “WordPress is limited only by […]

Going Gaga over Google Analytics Plugins – Six Greats for Your WP Site

Today, Google Analytics (GA) is one of the most commonly used tools to monitor your website statistics. WordPress, the most popular content-publishing software, offers several plugins to integrate Google Analytics into your webpage. WordPress Google Analytics plugins range from simply adding the GA tracking code to customizing the WordPress administrator panel. Here are six great […]

WordPress SEO 101: Tips, Tricks and Tactics You Should Know

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in existence for good reason: It’s easy to install on a web hosting server to create a website online, it’s easy to customize, and it’s easy to optimize for search engines in order to attract more traffic. With that said, many fail at the […]