20 top selling Joomla templates

We previously published an article exhibiting the best WordPress themes. Now it’s time to delight you with a fresh set of the best templates, this time Joomla templates.
Joomla is open source as WordPress is, but unlikely Joomla didn’t benefit from the same advertising campaigns. Definitely, WordPress is the best tool for blogging, but for other kind of website projects it has very serious competitors. Joomla seems to offer the best solutions for corporate websites, online magazines, government applications or community based portals. Altogether, a good developer and a talented designer can create any type of website having at its core the Joomla platform.
Joomla community is growing and is very active so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see more and more Joomla websites. The template creators work day and night to bring to the market awesome templates that will captivate the attention of the users. As a living prove of the Joomla templates beauty, please check these 20 examples. All of them are carefully picked up, but the markets are full of other templates looking extremely well.


Bloora is one of the oldest Joomla template, but it doesn’t mean that it’s outdated. The huge success of this templates is due to the beauty of the layouts, but also due to its complexity. There is no webpage to miss (from homepage to blog section and 404 page) and all of them are beautifully created. The sliders are very attractive, but Plus Slider is really very appealing and I strongly recommend to use it in your projects.

Mj Simple

Mj Simple is built on Bootstrap and this fact determined to look like a WordPress theme. This template is simple and discrete, the user having no items to be distracted. It’s responsive, fully customizable and mobile optimized. In conclusion, it fully deserves its place in this list.

JF Chrome

The design of this template isn’t necessarily the most interesting one, but the unlimited number of webpages and features “forced” me to add here. Each component is customizable, there are tons of sliders to select from and I guess that the single downside of this template is that there are so many interesting features that it’s impossible to make a selection!!!

New Business

Unfortunately, this theme isn’t responsive, but the number of sales, the testimonials and the impressive design determined to present this template as one of the best ones. I felt in love with the extensive use of white space, the layout is calming and expresses trust. It’s one of the best template for corporate websites.


If you want a totally original portfolio, then Block Creative is the perfect solution. The homepage consists in six huge submenus. Into a world with no or very discrete gradients, this template is standing apart. Definitely, you should visit yourself to make a better opinion!


Eos is another theme that will make people say “wow”! The design is very modern and sleek and the fonts used complement these features. The slider contributes to the modern atmosphere, but it also creates the idea of dynamism.

BT Travel

This template is best matching to a travel company, but it may be easily customized for corporate websites. It has incorporated a forum which is rarely seen. The design is fresh and joyful and the viewers will appreciate the positive energy of the layout.

BT E-commerce

BT E-commerce is a great Joomla template that is destined for selling goods for kids. The design is very attractive and specially created for the most demanding public target, the kids. You have four menus, 6 color versions so the template may be easily customized to the owner preferences.


Aquilo is a great responsive Joomla template. Any viewer will be fascinated by the clean and modern design. This template is suitable for various business purposed, but the white and green colors make me think that it is suitable for environmental purposes.


This Joomla template is responsive and retina ready so no matter the device used, the user will have a great experience. It was created for e-commerce purposes, the black and white color scheme making it suitable for tech selling area.


The Joomla templates with video background are very rare. Fashion is a very modern and good looking template with video background that is suitable, as the name is saying, for fashion projects. Anyway, the template obtains the best scores at the aesthetics and originality chapters.


GossipFX is a really multipurpose template that is extremely complex: Dark and Light menu variations, 10 different background styles, many custom modules, 3 sliders and many other features. I guess that I made you curious about!

Metro Rox

Metro style took by storm the design community and of course, the Joomla developers implemented this style into their works. Metro Rox is a wonderful Metro inspired multipurpose template. Its design is standing apart and the colors used are making a very good combination. If you want to have a modern website, then this template is for you!


Symba is very suitable for a website that must express freshness and joy. The vibrant colors and the clean design are the major entities responsible for this relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this template is responsive and retina ready.

App Rox

App Rox is a very modern responsive Joomla template that is created to satisfy any type of projects and people. It has tons of useful webpages and items as FAQ page, prices table, audio and video galleries that aren’t common to other templates. Definitely, App Rox is a complex and good looking template.


Flat design is the current favorite style of both designers and users. Under these circumstances, it’s obvious that the developers must have created stunning flat Joomla templates. Kintamani is one of the most elegant flat template that is suitable for a large variety of purposes.


Fontaine is a responsive template that is destined for business or corporation use. The strong points of this template are the clean and elegant design, the relaxed typography and the unlimited number of options to tailor the template according to the needs and preferences.


Some templates developers prefer creating multipurpose works while others prefer focusing on a specific target. Churchy is one of best templates created for church or nonprofit websites; it’s responsive, retina ready and the design is really calming. I highly recommend taking a closer look at it!


It’s another template that should be admired because the words aren’t enough in this case. I am impressed by the cleanliness and the simplicity of Hli. If you want to have a website expressing refinement and elegancy then Hli is the perfect choice.


In the eventuality that someone wants to add the features of the previous template to his online store, then I have the solution for him. It’s called BestShop, a wonderful online store template.

I hope that these Joomla templates inspired you. As usual, if we missed your favorite template, please let us know via comment form and it will be added into this list. Also, it will be great to have your opinion about continuing to publish this kind of articles.