ThemeSquirrel gets a DMCA request?

Today, we talk with another website template author, Jelena P, who we were “introduced” via a DMCA request. For those of you that don’t know that’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) which generally gets filed when someone feels there copyrighted work is violated. Imagine my surprise when I logged into Google Webmaster Tools with an email from Google saying they have removed a URL due to a DMCA request.

Well, it has all worked out – after contacting Jelena, a female theme developer on ThemeForest and elsewhere, we quickly figured it was slight error. Jelena was filling a DMCA request against every URL she discovered displaying her work covered under copyright without investigating if ThemeSquirrel was legitimately promoting her work, which we were of course. Anyhow, she merely had to alert Google the DMCA request was in error, and all was good. So here is Jelena:

tflogo300300My name is Jelena and I live in South Eastern Europe. Yes, funny about DMCA – sometimes I file DMCA but it is not possible to beat piracy completely. At least I feel better to do that occasionally as many theme authors do. But this was the first time I’ve made “collateral damage”. 🙂

I started developing themes recently, few months ago. Maybe that is not usual but before that I was complete beginner in web design and creating premium themes was my first goal to achieve when I started to learn web design. I don’t have formal education in design and before this I had completely different job but then I changed my profession… As a female author – I don’t have any specific challenges in design world just sometimes I have an impression that people are positively surprised and I suppose that it is common in every business where men are majority of colleagues.

I’m self taught person and everything I know about design I learned on the Internet. Before web design I had some experience in graphic design and photography. When developing a theme for WordPress or in general I still just design and code ( PSD/HTML/CSS/JS ) but I have a plan to learn basic programming, probably for Word Press. I just need to find a time for that.

Wedding - Premium HTML5 and CSS3 Template

My first premium template was the wedding template you see above and it was developed 5 months ago. My favorite template is “Light” business template below. This template is my greatest achievement in design and front end development for now based on knowledge I currently have. But as I said that is just for now. 🙂

Light - Facebook Business Retina Template

Beside developing premium themes I work as a freelancer and portfolio that I have on Themeforest helps me a lot in finding jobs as a freelancer. Designing premium themes ( themes “for anyone” ) often requires very generic work though themes are often rejected for “lack of uniqueness” by theme reviewers. Author needs to find good balance between not to be too generic and not to be too unique because customers comes there to buy a template, and template is something generic in it’s definition. Working for specific client is sometimes easier if client doesn’t bothers you much and don’t have 1000 “small changes” to try when design is almost over. But there are difficult clients also. In that case developing themes is way to be free in designing. Premium themes, especially ones on Themeforest :), always follow latest trends and standard in design and developing. That can’t be said for free themes.

What do I most enjoy about developing themes? I have most enjoyed the knowledge that I got from designing premium themes because competition makes you always try to work harder and to learn more. My priority when creating themes is to achieve standards that my competition creates and these days competition is really tough.

When I get an idea I usually draw a sketch on paper and later try to put it in Photoshop as some basic sketch but
very fast I start coding and then once in PSD format – usually rapidly changes. In the end I just do some graphics in Photoshop if it is needed and all design completely finish develop it in code. Responsive design is a must these days so I use responsive CSS framework for that, mostly Foundation framework. Also high resolution design is becoming more of a requirement with more retina displays appearing. I love jQuery and CSS3 effects. Too bad that CSS3 is not supported in older browsers. It’s much easier then jQuery, at least for me.

I get inspiration from checking my competition, finding information about latest trends, mixing it all together in my head, waiting for images to start to pop-up in front of my eyes and try to make something nice and fine from that. Would I want to be a super-hero? I just checked list of super(hero) powers and I think that would be something like mind-control, telepathy, invisibility etc. But it is interesting as an idea just for a moment, if it would happen to be present all the time I’ll probably regret. Conclusion – I don’t really need superpowers. 🙂