Teleportation with Qode Interactive

1) If you don’t mind sharing, what is your real name, and where do you live?

My name is Darko Stefanovic, I live in Belgrade (Serbia) and here I represent Qode Interactive team as co-founder and CTO.

qode interactive

2) How did you get started in developing themes?

Thanks to Ivan Paunovic other co-founder & CCO who brought that idea to table, we decided to try our luck on ThemeForest, as strategy of our company from beginning was to focus on interactive web projects with main intention to move front-end development to highest level. Also, we have in our team excellent front-end developer which we know can turn our vision into reality.

3) Do you have any artistic training? (yes, crayons count)

Our designer is college educated designer with great talent. We are so happy to have him on board.

4) How did you get starting with programming in general?

This talent is something I got from my father, I had first PC at home in 1986 and also my father was software developer. I started working on web sites in 1997. I’ve met Ivan in 2000 when he hired me to do develop first community web site in Serbia. 11 years later, we founded Qode Interactive.

5) What was your first theme and when did you develop it?

Our first and only public theme at this point is MINIMUM Professional WP. We started its development in November and we got it approved on ThemeForest on February 26.

MiniMUM WP Theme

6) What is the favorite theme you have developed and why?

MINIMUM Professional WP is our first theme and we are very proud of it. It brought some unique features to ThemeForest: 3 different AJAX transitions between page with ability to turn it ON/OFF at page or at global level, unlimited Parallax pages as bonus feature, unique design and many others. We are developing 2 new themes and we expect one to be ready in next 7 days. I hope new ones become our favorites.


7) Do you focus mostly on theme sales or do you have other business interests you would like to mention? (Give a chance to plug your own website, etc)

Qode Interactive now is team of 9 people, we have designer, 6 developers and Ivan who is CCO and me as CTO. 2 developers are focused 100% on themes, while others are focused on different type of projects we do for our customers and helping with the themes if needed.

8) What sort of challenges have you faced when designing themes “for anyone” versus a specific client?

To design themes for specific client is much less complicated task, as we have a list of client’s requirements we need to meet. When we design a premium theme, we need always to make sure our design is unique, main features are unique, theme is highly customizable so it can be applied to many different businesses.

9) In your opinion what is the difference between a premium/paid theme and a “free theme”?

From our point of view, main difference is in unique design and features premium theme offers and in customer support.

10) What have been the biggest surprises to you developing themes? Or what have you enjoyed the most about designing great themes?

I believed in our team and I knew that we will make success with the themes, but as MINIMUM is our first theme, after it started selling and after we got feedback from clients, I was impressed how hard work and learning process last couple of years is turning so fast into success. I am so proud of our team…


11) When creating a new theme what are your priorities, or do those come after “creating something cool and new”?

Qode Interactive priority in general and that also applies to themes design & development is to create unique interactive web sites and projects, mainly focusing on unique front-end features, bringing user experience to highest level.

12) What is your normal process for creating a theme? Do you start with a pencil, PhotoShop, or dive right into coding?

Ivan and our designer are creative team of our company. Before even starting with design, there are hundreds of hours of research and brainstorming, so new design can bring amazing new features.

13) What are some of your favorite new technologies that you use or are experimenting?

We are experimenting a lot with different AJAX transitions. This is our unique feature at ThemeForest and we want to get it to the level of perfection

14) Any side projects you would like to discuss?

Here are some or ours most featured projects we did for our customers:

15) Where do you seek inspiration for your work? Any particular designers, artists, or sites that you use?

Definitely, awwwards, we all love it

16) If you have any superhero power what would it be and why?

I would like to be able to teleport to any place on Earth. Wouldn’t be cool to get there for an interview and then have a coffee in Rome?

coffee in rome