20 video background WordPress themes and website templates

A year and a half ago a new technique was embraced by more and more web designers. It’s about using video backgrounds and nowadays this has become something common. The clients and Internet users were impressed by them, which is why today we have a constant rise of this kind of websites. Using videos seems […]

20 amazing WordPress themes for travelling projects

Our presence in the online environment is mostly related to work. That is a fact no one can deny. There are aspects in this work that refer to creativity, fun and entertainment but this isn’t a rule or the main reason for us being here. Sometimes though, being a designer, no matter if you work […]

20 top selling WordPress themes

From its very beginning until nowadays Internet is continuously growing and much more than that, in the last several years this growth was faster and faster. That led to a migration of almost anything that surrounds us into online. No matter what you’re looking for, you will most likely find it online. There are many […]

20 fresh WordPress themes suitable for e-commerce projects

As wrong it may sound, the purpose of any website design is, in the end, the same – to sell. I don’t think that anybody in design community works just for pleasure. Of course, the pleasure of work is important in web design, but the clients are the ones that pay the bills of the […]

20 beautiful WordPress themes for restaurants and cafe bars

It’s not a secret the fact that Internet evolved a lot and it influences our life style more and more. Ten years ago, e-commerce was a term very debated amongst entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t something common for the average Internet user. Anyway, people were still reticent about e-commerce solutions. Nowadays, an online store is something […]

20 stunning fresh retina ready WordPress themes

Retina display was a term used by Apple to describe the screens that have a specific pixel density that does not allow pixilation at a standard viewing distance. Leaving aside the mathematical details, for the average user, retina display is synonymous with the highest display quality. The latest versions of Apple devices are retina display, […]

How to Create a WordPress Theme for Artists’ Portfolios

Working for an artist is definitely a difficult endeavor. However, regardless of this difficulty web designers should not neglect this segment. It goes without saying that if the artist is pleased with his or her work this person will get famous, will get hired by more and more people and little by little will manage […]

25 best themes released in September for WordPress websites

A month ago we announced that from now on we will showcase the best themes for WordPress websites released in the previous month. Therefore, now it’s time for the best themes released in September. We consider that these posts are extremely useful for the ones interested in buying a new theme and the good news […]

25 creative WordPress themes suitable for music bands websites

The modern human society devours music – everyone listens to music daily. People working in front of a computer listen to music, others enjoy it while working out, when other individuals listen to their favourite songs just to relax. Willing or not, music is part of our lives. This situation determined more and more people […]

25 stunning flat WordPress themes

Few months ago, web design community was divided in two parts: the skeuomorphic adepts vs. flat design ones. Each one of these parts was disputing the supremacy in web design. It seems that, for now, the lovers of flat design won this battle. No matter the context, the question remains: is any of these two […]