20 amazing WordPress themes suited for education projects

It was approximately 358 BC when Plato founded the Akademia, first institution of higher learning. It’s useless to say that at that time education wasn’t attainable for all the people. The world evolved in the next 2300 years and education became approachable for anyone interested. Education became a universal right and society progressed along with […]

25 stunning flat WordPress themes

Few months ago, web design community was divided in two parts: the skeuomorphic adepts vs. flat design ones. Each one of these parts was disputing the supremacy in web design. It seems that, for now, the lovers of flat design won this battle. No matter the context, the question remains: is any of these two […]

How to select the proper WordPress theme for your next project

The websites number is constantly growing and one of the factors that contributed to this situation is WordPress. The easiness of creating a website using this CMS is amazing and many people were fascinated by the fact that without being designers, they were able to launch and manage an online presence. Obviously, this situation was […]