20 most popular and efficient WordPress plugins

A WordPress plugin is the perfect solution to extent the powers of this impressive content management system. If a theme is usually “responsible” for the design of the website, then a plugin is “responsible” for making it more suitable for various purposes or to cover some in the red aspects. By using various plugins, a […]

25 black and white Word Press themes

Nowadays, we benefit from HD images, very performant photo and video cameras, huge and accurate displays but many of us are still appreciating the “old” black and white photos. Which is the “power” of these images that apparently have nothing to do with the latest technologies? The photographers exposed many ideas, but quite probable, the […]

25 brilliant single page WordPress themes

WordPress themes creators are some of the most prolific designers and due to their ceaseless endeavors we have tons of new themes. The economy specialists state that every time when the offer is generous, the client (in our case, the user) is on the inside track. This idea is in accordance with the common sense, […]

30 amazing WordPress themes released in August

WordPress started as a simple and efficient content management system and nowadays it is the core of a real industry. We have practical unlimited modalities of enhancing a WordPress based website. Much more, people having some knowledge in web developing field can realize these customizations. In many previous cases, people very quickly became bored with […]

The complete guide of creating a selling WordPress theme

WordPress is just ten years old but it seems to be one of them most important entities of the Internet. There are so many websites based on this content management system (CMS) and so many themes available that the Internet may be considered as the realm of WordPress. The fascinating aspect is that its success […]