Not Getting Results? 2 Tweaks To Make Your Website Better

You’re disappointed. You had high hopes of building a flourishing site, but things didn’t pan out as expected. It’s confusing too. After all, you followed the playbook on how to set up a successful site, content, and business model. You should have success because your research shows that your idea should do well. You also […]

20 wedding website templates

Weddings are ones of the most pleasant events in our lives and everything must look perfect. A new trend raised since some years ago and it seems that people won’t abandon it. It’s about weddings’ websites. This kind of website has multiple meanings- from letting people know the story of the bride and groom to […]

How to impress your clients with a grunge design

If you think of creating a grunge design, then it means that you are a fan of those elements that really impress and wow the audience. In fact, grunge designs are quite popular these days, precisely because of these elements which not only amaze people but also manage to bring a sense of reality to […]

How to use the black color in your projects

Black is something that definitely creates controversies, and as a result some find it hard even to give a definition to it. However, the general opinion is that black represents the absence of color, which actually means that it is not a shade. Well, when something makes a wave, then you should totally consider inserting […]

20 new, beautiful and creative landing pages

The Internet is populated with tons of new websites daily, while the number of users is growing, but surely with a lower ratio. Taking into account that this situation has been valid for years, it becomes obvious that having and maintaining a website that is heavy visited isn’t an easy task. The harsh competition is […]

Six Great Mistakes to Avoid when Managing a WordPress Website

WordPress was created with the purpose of making very facile the launch and the maintenance of a website for everyone, even for people that don’t have web design or coding skills. Fortunately, this desire was transformed into reality and nowadays everyone is able to create a website. This content management system (CMS) is “guilty” for […]

How to Make Your Website More Accessible

People are reticent about the human race progress and many really believe that we are heading in the wrong direction. The truth is that there are still some human beings whose actions are inacceptable- we still have wars, slavery and sexual or racial discriminations. I strongly recommend you to access Facebook, visit the official page […]