20 very creative Joomla templates

Everyones agree that Joomla is a very reliable content management system. Tons of Joomla based websites were simple to maintain and the users didn’t encounter major bugs. Each new Joomla version brought new improvements and people expect more from the versions to come. Obviously, Joomla isn’t perfect and it must be corrected accordingly. One of […]

20 amazing creative Muse templates

Adobe Muse is one of the latest products released by Adobe. The main aim of Muse is to allow full liberty to the designers. The coding part of a website works as a huge obstacle for the most creative designers. Also, a lot of time and resources are wasted in creating the code and correct […]

20 top selling Joomla templates

We previously published an article exhibiting the best WordPress themes. Now it’s time to delight you with a fresh set of the best templates, this time Joomla templates. Joomla is open source as WordPress is, but unlikely Joomla didn’t benefit from the same advertising campaigns. Definitely, WordPress is the best tool for blogging, but for […]

20 impressive email templates

Nowadays, there are multiple possibilities for a commercial entity to keep in touch with the past customers and with other potential ones. Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, seem to be the most famous channels of maintaining the relationship with the clients. Altogether, many marketing experts ignore an old, but golden method of enhancing the […]

25 fresh and responsive Joomla templates

Joomla templates are the most used modalities of enhancing a website based on this content management system (CMS). Joomla is the second most famous CMS and lots of people are using this for their online presences. Just like WordPress, it is free, highly customisable and easy to use. The paradox of these CMSs is that […]

25 creative Adobe Muse templates

Adobe Muse is a very young Adobe product which very few people have heard about. The first beta version was released on August 15, 2011 while the actual product was officially launched on May 7, 2012. The purpose of this software is to replace the work of a coder. This way, the designer has no […]

25 stunning PSD templates

Selling PSD templates is one of the most common types of passive income. It’s quite simple actually: a designer creates some files and sells these via various marketplaces and people interested in them have the possibility of achieving these by paying a very small amount of money. The files may be sold multiple times and […]

25 efficient landing page templates

Landing page is the term situated at the intersection of web design and marketing, therefore it’s an extremely important entity. Willing or not, the Internet is no more just a huge network of computers sharing information. Nowadays, it’s a real industry, a place where entrepreneurs invest money, the websites should bring profit and Internet users […]

25 amazing HTML5 website templates

At its beginnings, web design was a primitive form of making websites. It designated just a simple modality of adding information into a huge network. Across time, it evolved and in just few years, the web creators implied their aesthetic touch into how the websites were looking. Anyway, people were reticent about it, the common […]