25 stunning responsive website templates

Our loyal readers noticed that this week we presented many articles about responsive web design. We presented what this actually stands for, some tips about how to create such a web page and 25 impressive responsive WordPress themes. Undoubtedly, WordPress is very common, but there are websites that are not based on this amazing CMS […]

25 beautiful responsive WordPress themes

Building responsive websites is something normal and common. The web designers that brag about creating only responsive web pages shouldn’t show off because they impress nobody- it’s their task to design responsive creations. Even the sceptics are convinced that responsiveness is the single viable solution in order to have a website that is well rendered […]

Useful tips for responsive web design

We are all aware of the manner in which technology has evolved in the past few years. As a result the fact that people are more and more connected to their mobile devices it comes as no surprise at all. Well, taking these things into consideration you, the web designer, will have to think of […]