20 extremely useful .psd resources to learn creating stunning websites

Learning web design isn’t simple at all. Studying web design in high school is very expensive and to amortize the student loan is required a long period of time. Altogether, the web evolves very rapidly and it’s no surprise that what you learn in the first year to be totally outdated immediately after graduation. Learning […]

20 useful psd files to learn flat design

We mentioned many times that flat design is the expression of the year into the web design community. It has a special beauty and the huge majority of the users simply fell in love with this design approach. You shouldn’t be a designer to understand that there is a huge demand of flat based projects. […]

25 stunning PSD templates

Selling PSD templates is one of the most common types of passive income. It’s quite simple actually: a designer creates some files and sells these via various marketplaces and people interested in them have the possibility of achieving these by paying a very small amount of money. The files may be sold multiple times and […]