20 new, beautiful and creative landing pages

The Internet is populated with tons of new websites daily, while the number of users is growing, but surely with a lower ratio. Taking into account that this situation has been valid for years, it becomes obvious that having and maintaining a website that is heavy visited isn’t an easy task. The harsh competition is […]

25 efficient landing page templates

Landing page is the term situated at the intersection of web design and marketing, therefore it’s an extremely important entity. Willing or not, the Internet is no more just a huge network of computers sharing information. Nowadays, it’s a real industry, a place where entrepreneurs invest money, the websites should bring profit and Internet users […]

Five tips to create a great landing page

Taking into consideration the fact that a great landing page could increase the number of people that access your website, it is quite understandable why you would like to get more tips on how to design it. Well, this article aims at exposing the secrets of a remarkable landing page, so if this is what […]