20 very creative Joomla templates

Everyones agree that Joomla is a very reliable content management system. Tons of Joomla based websites were simple to maintain and the users didn’t encounter major bugs. Each new Joomla version brought new improvements and people expect more from the versions to come. Obviously, Joomla isn’t perfect and it must be corrected accordingly. One of […]

20 top selling Joomla templates

We previously published an article exhibiting the best WordPress themes. Now it’s time to delight you with a fresh set of the best templates, this time Joomla templates. Joomla is open source as WordPress is, but unlikely Joomla didn’t benefit from the same advertising campaigns. Definitely, WordPress is the best tool for blogging, but for […]

25 fresh and responsive Joomla templates

Joomla templates are the most used modalities of enhancing a website based on this content management system (CMS). Joomla is the second most famous CMS and lots of people are using this for their online presences. Just like WordPress, it is free, highly customisable and easy to use. The paradox of these CMSs is that […]