20 fresh and good looking Adobe Muse themes

The dream of any “pure” designer is to create complex and stunning websites without having to code…just design and nothing more. Many software solutions promise to fully resolve this aspect, but until now the reality proved that no cool website can be realized without working at least on a single line of code. Moreover, in […]

25 creative Adobe Muse templates

Adobe Muse is a very young Adobe product which very few people have heard about. The first beta version was released on August 15, 2011 while the actual product was officially launched on May 7, 2012. The purpose of this software is to replace the work of a coder. This way, the designer has no […]

4 Reasons Why Long Shadow Design is Trending

Long shadow is throwing shade at other design styles. The hype is real. This simple, flat design with a blocky, diagonal shadow extending from its main focal points is making rounds in multiple design genres. But, what makes long shadow design so trendy? Perhaps it’s just easy to replicate or maybe it’ll come and go […]